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    Any advice on bomb defuse part?

    Its pretty easy. If you are Solo you can just pause the game after each lit up location and write it down. In Coop just write down the first letter of each location really quickly. For Dragon Command you write down DC since there is also the Department store starting with D.
  2. ​I dont think something important comes up every time you play and if that is the case you never play a full game anyways so it would be ok if you get in the same matchmaking as all the other leavers who also dont play the game until the end.
  3. Hi, I hope there are many new and innovative gameplay features in the new BO3 Zombies. But the most important thing Treyarch needs to implement is a system, which deals with all the leavers in public games. Because in mostly all the the public games people just leave whenever they bleed out. This is very frustrating when you just want to play with 4 people. So there should be a system which punishes leavers. For example a lower priority matchmaking where leavers get matched together or you simply lose xp whenever you leave a game. I really hope tryarch implements something against all the leaver.

    New Hidden Perk? Perk without power.

    The perk does work, its not just lit up.

    New Hidden Perk? Perk without power.

    Hm. But for me it only works for the second perk.

    New Hidden Perk? Perk without power.

    Hello, i played solo a couple of times and i first go to the bank before turning on power. Then I buy Stamin-up and Juggernog with the turbine. But the second perk u buy of these two gets active even if I take away my turbine . I dont know if it is a glitch or maybe another Perma-Perk. This also works if I buy Juggernog first. But then i get Stamin-Up without power. I didnt turn on the power. And there is no turbin powering Juggernog. Is this a Perma-Perk or just a bug?

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