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  1. Worst evening ever. I go to two restaurants, and they FORGET my meal twice (me leavng after each one) THEN at a 3rd restaurant, after waiting an hour to be seated, I wait another hour after ordering JUST TO BE ASKED WHAT I WANT TO EAT! I leave, and go to taco-bell, where I get a meal deal, and they FORGET MY DAMN DORRITOS! Pissed I go to burger king, AND THEY FORGET MY DAMN CHICKEN FRIES! WTF CAN ANYONE ON THIS ISLAND SERVE FOOD PROPERLY?!?!?

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    2. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      They completely dropped our order both times. The worst we did was take up a table and over-dose on lemon-water.

    3. BennetsGreen


      i never eat out, cook everything myself... or make my girlfriend do it