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  1. Just saw Gotham's "Red Hood" episode, honestly one of the most beautiful origin stories of the joker ever... Of course this isn't the joker exactly, it's 5 guys with a red mask... That would later lead to a group of thugs requiring a man to put on a red hood and steal from the Aces Chemical factory, where batman will scare him, he will fall in and mutate, and become the joker.

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    2. Boom115


      Really? I thought it fell right in line with the show's not so subtle introduction of villains. In an interview the show's producers said that he would change the origin story of the Joker.I don't know another fill in whose personality would fit this character.

    3. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      There is only one thing in the comics: He was a failed comedian, down on his luck, and was forced by the mob to do something which made him the joker, which this storyline is sticking to, they're blending different origins stories, like the penguin might encounter a very unpleasant insident with a bottle sooner then later, or he may not.

      Back on topic, the Joker actually has been teased sense day one with the comedian in the club. Furthermore, the fact that the red hood was even brought up eludes to the idea of the "red hood" story being the most cannon. (In which the joker wears a red hood in the Aces chemical lab and falls in when batman arrives. Due to this, I don't think that kid is going to grow up to be the Joker. I find it most likely this kid will become someone a little less important like Jarvis Tech (the mad hatter) or maybe he'll even grow up to become bane if he gets involved with the league of shadows and venom...

    4. Boom115


      The red hood origin is one of many. There have been several hints throughout the series. I don't think a single origin can be pinned down at this point. I mean the Riddler is working for the gcpd..