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    So I'm not sure if I am ever going to play moon again after what happened tonight. I finally sat down and told myself I was going to do the easter egg part to get the death machines and see how far I could get. So I spend forever doing all of the steps, finally get enough points to get all of the weapons and unlock all of the necessary doors, wait for the excavator to destroy tunnel 6, EVERYTHING!! The egg is in the pyramid and the vial popped up. I have jug, mule, speed cola, and quick revive, an empty galil, full ray gun, and decently full zap gun. I figure I'm good to go. I slash my final two crawlers. 2 down. 23 to go. The next round begins and I start killing the first few zombies that spawn. I have about ten or so down when all of a sudden I get whipped around and greeted by an astronaut that just spawned behind me from out of nowhere. He takes my Mule perk and transports me to a room full of zombies and i get slapped down before i can move, when I revive myself all I have is my depleted ray gun and my zap gun. I try to make it back out to the biodome to fight but i got slapped down on the way and lost. I was so close to finishing it and now I don't think I ever want to play moon again.