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  1. Live countdown timer + more info on early download

    Just thought I'd add, this is where they'll be first -- http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-GB/Produ ... noSplash=1
  2. In Depth Moon Loading Screen Analysis *UPDATED*

    Its not, she's holding it by the arm and the head and body is drooping over, its an old teddy so its raggy
  3. In Depth Moon Loading Screen Analysis *UPDATED*

    Thread Updated with Blue Numbers
  4. In Depth Moon Loading Screen Analysis *UPDATED*

    Thanks for the info, I'll add this on and update it tomorrow at some time, and I'll credit all of the ideas and such
  5. In Depth Moon Loading Screen Analysis *UPDATED*

    The dream idea wasn't mine, I just read it on another thread, but yeah, some parts make sense in that theory but others don't, but unless treyarch release a definitive story, I guess we'll never know the truth, everything people have been saying so far might be complete BS, but yeah, I hope they do release a story, it would be a very interesting read :D
  6. In Depth Moon Loading Screen Analysis *UPDATED*

    Oh I thought it would be like on other forums with a button to open it, but thanks :)
  7. In Depth Moon Loading Screen Analysis *UPDATED*

    No it wasn't, but thanks, I'll credit you in the original post :)
  8. In Depth Moon Loading Screen Analysis *UPDATED*

    Ahhh, well I'll add that in tomorrow, and one more thing, how do I add spoilers? I added the tags but it didn't work? :/ EDIT: I wanted to hide the huge picture at the top, and the theory, just to clean it up :)
  9. In Depth Moon Loading Screen Analysis *UPDATED*

    Thanks, and wikipedia told me about "The Coming Race" and how its a type of energy form, and how the golden rod/vril device is like a motor maybe, is that correct?
  10. In Depth Moon Loading Screen Analysis *UPDATED*

    Thanks and Yeah If you have a higher quality picture that would be greatly appreciated, and also, is the golden rod a vril device then? and what does a vril device do? I googled it and a pciture of a UFO came up? EDIT: If you give me a higher quality picture I will add the chart in and do some research on it and I'll add the SnD bomb in too.
  11. In Depth Moon Loading Screen Analysis *UPDATED*

    Thanks, it took me a while. :)
  12. This is my analysis of the loading screen. It has ideas from others aswell as some of my own. I hope you find this very informative IT also contains things people have noticed. What they mean:- RED LETTERS A=This is the control from the Ascension Landers as here in this picture:- (notice the 4 circular dials at the bottom.) B=This is an item from the trailer for moon, maybe it has some signficance? Seeing as its "Sensational!" (Credit:jjharrison) C=It is a Monkey Bomb D=Pack a Punch machine. E=Shrink ray, maybe from Shangri La, but the person in his hand isn't the same. F=Gun Mule. Contains three guns next to it, maybe it might be the name of the next perk? It sounds like it could be. G=Directors chair, probably reference to George Romero in Call of the Dead. H=Xenon belt, used in searchlights during the war, has glowing properies, also zombies in the picture for Moon seem to have the place where the belt would be destroyed, maybe a side effect? I=Page from another map maybe? Refer to V for more. J=Speed Cola, shown twice in the Loading Screen, maybe has some use as reloading in six times less gravity would be slower? K=Maybe the focusing stone, writing is too blurred to read. L=Thunder Gun M=Ordering form for the comic has been ripped away and you can see writing on the form, so stuff has been intended to be ordered. Writing isn't high enough quality to read. N=The idols which spin on Shangri La, used to gain access to PaP O=The second time Speed Cola is on the Screen. P=Golden Rod, referred to as a "V Device" standing for Vril Device. Q=X-ray Glasses, maybe ones wore by Scientist in Five, or maybe used for part of easter egg? R=Used data tapes, maybe something needed to be collected for easter egg, maybe first step? S=HUGE shadow of small girl holding a teddy bear, probably Samantha as she is known for her teddy bears. Could be a boss or maybe final part of easter egg, to free her? T=Temple from Shangri La loading screen, maybe taken too the moon by the tornado on the Shangri La loading screen? Or the people who built Shangri La had some kind of link with the moon? U=Part of destroyed moon base, maybe on Earth as there is a moon in the sky, maybe part of the map involves the Earth? V=Meanwhile suggests this is happening at the same time as another page in the comic, maybe the page referred to in I, maybe area 51 or somewhere on Earth? BLUE NUMBERS 1=Its a small picture of the boar/pigs from the minecart on Shangri La, maybe they are the new hell hounds or some other special round? (if anyone has a better picture, could they send it to me?) 2=Free $50,000 cash, maybe the reward from the easter egg is 50,000 points? It seems like a suitable amount? or maybe part of it needs 50,000 to unlock, but that seems hard, the most I've ever had at once is 25,000 :/ 3=Bomb from SnD/Other Bomb gametypes, you type 115, 115, 115 into it, maybe other part of easter egg?( (Credit:distilledoreo) 4=Brine shrimp, AKA Sea Monkeys, eggs can be kept in stasis for up to 2 years, during this time they can withstand extreme temperatures and lack of oxygen, then they are brought out of stasis by the addition of salt water. Also, used in early space tests to see the effect of UV radiation on living cells.(Credit:WhosOnFirst|jjharrison) 5=Standard Model of Particle Physics diagram. (Credit:Fu453|WhosOnFirst) 6=I just noticed this while updating the thread, is that the Shangri La temple falling to the moon? It looks the same? Theory for this map:- It's 05:15 where I am and I'm rather tired but I saw lots of threads on this and I thought I would collect it into one, I will add more as I find it, If any of the ideas are originally yours, I will be happy to credit you, just mention in a reply. I will make it neater tomorrow, for now, this is my first post and I'm tired. Please let me know what you think, I'm open to all other ideas, and I will include the in the original post if I think they make a fair point Thanks for reading!