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  1. Der Eisendrachen

    (my repost from reddit) * Map design is very similar to Wolfenstein style and color palette like in Origins * Looks like setting be in the 1940s, Nazi zombies, many occult themes - some ancient excavations of Nazi, artifacts, etc. * Map name hints O4 is back (Shadows of Evil was like a Call of the Dead/Mob of the Dead). But as we know each Black Ops had 3 teams (BO1 - O4, presidents, celebrities. BO2 new team, celebrities, O4). So, some next map will be with celebrities or characters from BO2. * On the tower with cannon will be plenty of space for zombie train, likely to be a lot of secret passages, corridors, catacombs and spiral staircases. * Big cannon hints at a major enemy which we can shoot (giant robots from Origins?) * In the distance you can see the space rocket, similar with on Ascention map (or that tower/rock?) * Only 1 zombies map in each map pack (but maybe new modes and new cool guns, who knows)
  2. GAMEPLAY FROM COD ONLINE ZOMBIE MAPS: Verruckt: Shi No Numa: Nacht Der Untoten:
  3. Call of Duty Online Zombies

    Guys i'm so happy and i downloading game right now! I'm live on far east in Russia and China so close with us. Well, i'm wanna play and show you screens if i see something unteresting and tell you about mode! Btw i was know about that idea with cyberg zombies and tell you about that before. I was just thinking conception with zombie cyborgs will be in ladt DLC for BO2. I am glad that my ideas coincided with the developers ideas!
  4. Denizens of the Forest theory.

    I noticed when denizens attack Samuel, he said something this: "I am not surprised. I know all about these creatures. I read how THEY (???) spread THEM (mean denizens) everywhere"
  5. Denizens of the Forest theory.

    Btw, why they called "Denizens of the Forest"? Logical to call them "Denizens of the Fog" (but actually that not fog - it dust, so then "Denizens of the Dust") :roll:
  6. I think horses can be in zombie mode (and that awesome!) like a scene with bus from singleplayer devs may doing it with horses:
  7. Large number of “Leaked” Black Ops 2 Screenshots appear Fake http://www.charlieintel.com/2012/05/08/large-number-of-leaked-bo2-screenshots-appear-fake/
  8. Letting go.

    Shit Idea. I don't wana old maps in Black Ops 2. But i wana 3 new maps in classic zombie mode...
  9. The Official PlayStation Magazine [France] featured Black Ops 2 in their newest issue. All of the details are in French, but you can see some new screenshots.
  10. "Call of Duty: Black Ops II has been announced, and you may have scoured the net for every last detail, but you haven't heard everything yet. OXM had exclusive access to the game before any other outlet, and we emerged from Treyarch with eight pages worth of new info on 2012's biggest gun. Inside, we cover everything from the multiplayer details known so far, branching storylines, how drones will figure into gameplay, and the varying timelines within the campaign — as well as insight from the folks at Treyarch, themselves on all of the above. In addition, the newest issue packs in a full 8-page feature on Halo 4. Our July 2012 issue hits newsstands on May 22, but subscribers will begin receiving their copies within the next few days."
  11. Shoreyo Its fake picture :lol:
  12. How far have you gotten?

  13. Secret Achievement

    Its called: Big Bang Theory - In Moon, gain sweet, sweet, revenge. 100G
  14. In Depth Moon Loading Screen Analysis *UPDATED*

    TescoFresco you forgotten write what means "H" sign Guys, do you think monkeys is back? I think our heroes are teleported to the moon with the pyramid of Shangri-La (or in pyramid). Because zombie can't builds pyramids. The third thing - they builds UFO Maybe it's Samantha? This may be not only the "Focusing Stone", but pieces of meteorites that activates the song on map It looks like on effect that i see in DLC trailer. It same effect when we're some time in the water on the map "Call of The Dead". Could it be that the black figure, which was mentioned in this topic? http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=72&t=15538