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  1. Bad choice, Treyarch.

    I do not understand why people keep saying that if you got the Hardened/Prestige editions, you get MP4/Rezurrection for free. Think about what you are saying for a second, people who bought the hardened/Prestige editions Technically already bought MP4/Rezurrection as you dished out that extra money to get the exclusive maps so please explain to me how MP4/Rezurrection is free? I am very happy with Treyarch's decision to bring the old maps back because now I have people to play with instead of seeing about maybe 100 people playing the classic zombies lobbies.
  2. Moon Base theory?

    I do agree that the Moon base was most likely made by the Nazi's and whatever is on that moon that Richtofen needs must be "BIG" because He needed the Golden Rod and the Focusing Stone to complete his master plan which I feel is the Quantum Entanglement Device (maybe some type of giant ray gun or some type of satellite dish).
  3. Moon Base theory?

    Hello everyone, I am new here and hope to make a good first impression. Enough of my introduction and lets get down to business. What got me intrigued with the zombie map "Moon" is what timeline does the "Moon" take place in? I know that the original cast have been teleporting from place to place in different time periods. Lets say that the "Moon" takes place during the space race, how did the Moon base get there if they really did not have that type of technology at that time to build one (even if they did manage to build a base on the moon, wouldn't take YEARS to build something like that) or the Nazi's already were able to achieve space travel, keep't it hidden from the world and managed to build a base on the Moon which they placed teleporters there to get back and forth much easier. Once the Nazi's lost the war both the U.S. and Russia found out about the moon base and what it contained and tried to retrieve it for themselves which would of created the "Space Race" and why the Moon was so important to them. Think about it like this, if Richtofen is collecting things (spacesuit, Golden Rod, Focusing Stone) to achieve his master plan then he would have already known that the Moon base existed and what he needs there (It will not be element 115 as he already has the Focusing Stone which is made of the same material, so it is something very important that was left by the Nazi's but was never found because the only person who would of known about it at this time would be Richtofen himself). Thank you everyone for reading and hope to get some positive feedback.