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  1. How far have you gotten?

    I did the easter egg with 4 people in round 14, after round 20 we started to lag but not because the connection, it was the map/zombies itself, when the round starts & zombies come out it starts lagging, when there was only a zombie left the lag stops... I ended up freezing at round 36 and didnt registered on the leaderboards so im pretty f***ing pissed, wasted 9hours playing this sh*t in like slow motion, and im not playing again until 3arc fix it, which means never. I will upload a video today showing the lag at round 35/36...
  2. Highest Round on Call Of The Dead?

    Just got to Round 30 with 2 people and 6 perks My friend went down and said "WTF I went down and my screen wasn't even red!!" then I start blasting all the zombies with ray gun I get like 1 hit then another in the back and died!! Without my fu**king screen red -_-