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  1. ~The Old-School Gaming Thread~

    I do know about the sun's song but this was before I got the song. Those redeads look like raping Link when they attack and you hear strange noises while getting attacked. :shock:
  2. ~The Old-School Gaming Thread~

    Speaking of Zelda Ocarina of time game, I remember there was a graveyard the you fall into the hole and end up in a strange creepy underground dungeon. Then you see those thin brown standing creatures. When you get near them, they grab you quickly and eat the shit out of you. I remember getting scared shitless when I was little. :?
  3. ~The Old-School Gaming Thread~

    My first time experience with video game was when I was little, I first played Pitfall on Atari 2600 system. This was only almost 15 years ago, the atari is out of my generation time. But it was my first experience playing a video game. My favorite three classic games: DOOM PC Perfect Dark N64 Bad Dudes NES
  4. favorite video game soundtrack?

    My favorite Video Game soundtrack is from DOOM Series. BSsfjHCFosw 43aj3ag3H1c
  5. List of my biggest fears 1. lot of small maps 2. No perk cap increase by 2 or more 3. Classic maps might be not back 4. Maybe no more WaW guns ever again 5. underpowered weapons 6. Nova 6 zombies might be back 7. Maybe more type of enemies like George Romero or astronaut might be back in a different form. I hated them for ruining the gameplay. 8. No more WWII based zombie maps with WaW guns. :(
  6. Thank you for clearing that out about 4 player will be back on black ops 2 to everyone who thinks it will not be back. Is there any reason why 4 player would not come back? No, it will come back! There is no way why 4 player would not be back on black ops 2. Just rephrasing for everyone. ;)
  7. Black Ops 2 Official site & Trailer Discussion!

    Looks good to me, but in the future. I knew this was going to happen! Looks refreshing, maybe the game mechanics are different or the same. Treyarch did something new in a long time! :D

    Wow, No one likes double tap? except me, Double tap doesn't waste your ammo. Because you did not use it correctly! It is useful in later rounds, kills zombies faster before they get you surrounded or downed. I mean any gun with double tap does work. I hope the perk returns to black ops 2. Pro Perk idea can will save space for maps, I have a feeling that would be in black ops 2. Maybe, few more perks. There should be perks like Stopping Power, Canoilder, and something that improves your perception. I hope deadshot will not be back to black ops 2.
  9. Does anyone still remember VCR?

    I do like the VHS tape quality than youtube quality. I remember seeing sears selling a VCR that records VHS tapes in 1080p and 720p. It did not last in the market for long. But the quality was amazing for the same technology. But those tapes were expensive! Compare to Blu ray disc prices. DVR recording has one biggest flaw for myself. Lack of space and unable to put on disc with captions! I watch movies with captions. But some i don't need to. I assume VHS is the one of only older formats that you can record your tv shows and store them long as you want with captions.
  10. Does anyone still remember VCR?

    I was looking for something in my room. And i found a full sized VHS camcorder *I mean the one is over your shoulder.* in my closet. It is very dusty, many years since last time i made movies with it. Just reminded me of the good ole days of VCR and VHS tapes. That you can just record your TV shows with it. I miss those crappy quality videos from the tape and you can just record your video gameplay cheaply without buying complicated video game recorder that plugs to your computer. Does anyone still remember about the good ole days of VCR? Tell 'em the story that how was it back in the day. :)
  11. Experiment No. 2: Storing Data on Audio Cassette tape

    *Update* Now, I figured a way to increase memory than 1320 KB on audio cassette. The previous experiment, i did use stereo to store and play back. But in Mono, its twice amount as the original amount. It is 2640 KB which it is 2.57 MB! Almost twice amount of memory on the floppy disk! Which it was 1.44 MB of the disk. Wow, it would been better if they kept the cassette as a standard for computers. There would be less problems with amount of memory back in the day. Anyways, IBM originally made a larger floppy disk memory but the same as 3.5 inch disk which it was twice as memory as 2.88 MB. But it was not popular and died out of the market in few years. It's very rare nowadays to have 2.88 MB disk drive and the disk too.
  12. You're Banned!

    You're banned for having a loading screen that takes forever to load endless on your avatar.
  13. You're Banned!

    You're banned for having an avatar that MOVES! :shock: You're banned for having one that doesn't move. You're banned for not having the pimp pony avatar anymore.
  14. You're Banned!

    You're banned for stealing my "You're bans ideas".
  15. You're Banned!

    You're banned for duck diving over a C4!