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  1. 31-79 JGb215 name solved??

    or a counter spy plane! wait... what? jk
  2. 31-79 JGb215 name solved??

    AAAGGGGHH! my bad that's wat i meant lol seriously my bad
  3. 31-79 JGb215 name solved??

    sorry its been a while and i still haven't answered anything, well here goes... so yep i think that's it, if you have anything else, please respond. and thanks for the brains!
  4. 31-79 JGb215 name solved??

    this makes more sense, [brains] to u!
  5. 31-79 JGb215 name solved??

    man i was like, just brain dead thinking about this and my friend is like, oh well... imma gonna watch snoopy try to be a pilot. and i'm like, wait... could it have to be with something about... JG! and i go on about it... anyways, my friend wasn't excited as much, he was angry tht i took the computer from his while he was watching charlie brown :lol:
  6. 31-79 JGb215 name solved??

    Well, this is just my guess so here goes. You do know who the character Richtofen is based off of rite? Manfred von Richthofen, A.K.A. the Red Baron. Richthofen had a few things named in his honour, these all start with "Jagdgeschwader", and is abbreviated JG (ok got JG done). These all end with "Richthofen", A.K.A. Baron or "b" (JG"b") the Jagdgeschwader 79 "Richthofen" was the only one in World War 2 (Richtofen was introduced in World At War, which took place at World War 2) and 79 was the end of the JG, and the JG2 was created from the remnants of the JG131 or "31" so start to end (31-79). I have a few ideas of 215. There is an aircraft called the JG2 so "2"15, and there is also another aircraft called JG51, so maybe it was written backwards? Another is that the Red Baron died on the 21st of April and that there were 5 people who were thought to be the person that shot down Richthofen. Next, Richthofen was fatally wounded and had to step down from the JG1, but later took regained command on the 25th. Finally, my best idea, the Jagdgeschwader 2 was created on the 1st of May (5th month of the year), so take all the numbers and they make 2-1-5 (215). Put it all together, 31-79 JGb215. Idk if this is 100% correct, i'm only 15, and I'm no AlphaSnake so I'm just gonna take this for now.
  7. *** Call Of The Dead Trailer Anaylsis ***

    also the dual wielding sawed-off shotguns
  8. Treyarch killed off nazi zombies

    Is everything about the storyline? Zombies is about the fun gameplay, the hard work that Treyarch has put in just for us, and more importantly, all of the time you've spent with your friends & family playing this game. This new map pack is about the new experiences given to us gamers, this map pack is entirely different from all the others. If you play zombies just to figure out the storyline and not to give some memories of your life before your 30 and old, it's like sitting down to pee, not because you are a girl, but because you want to see if you can poo and pee at the same time. Just have fun with this new addition, it doesn't have to be originating from the storyline, not everything has to originate from something else; why if it did, where would Nazi Zombies originate from? There was no Zombies in World at World's campain or multiplayer. What part of World at War did it originate from Mister Poo and Pee at the same time? I'm not flaming or anything, just saying that you should have fun with your life, play zombies for the heck of it, hang with your friends, kiss a girl, do something. Have fun with the new map pack everyone.
  9. Next wonder weapon idea

    melee weapon... so like the chainsaw paddle in dead rising 2?