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  1. Can you pack-a-punch

    before you do that, you have to use all three lunar landers! Before you do that you have to turn on the power!

    Thats what I tried the first time and it did not seems to change anything. Some one needs to post the continuation of the code. In the code that was posted here already the lines that check for HYENA and HITSAM don't do anything at all. But there is a line that suggests the events are continued in another segment of code. Anyone who is able to get that code should post it.

    I'm fluent with C++ and Java, makes looking for answers easier, but I feel like it's cheating lol.

    The only time I tried it I did HYENA, nothing happened. Then we tried HITSAM, nothing happened. Then we tried LUNA, and the usual stuff happened. Me and my friends are pretty burnt out after playing for almost 2 days straight cracking this easter egg so we probably won't play for a few days lol.

    Some one else on here said one of the lines in the code suggests that it is continued in another file. I think it was 'clientnotify'. level clientnotify( "sia" ); is what it was. I don't know what some of the code in there is, I should take a look through these files some time.

    There is an if statement in the code for each of the secrets, but the code inside the brackets is empty...so unless it's continued in another file I don't see anything else it could do.
  7. Yea the ending to Ascension is like a setup to a sequel in a movie. My guess is we try to find where Gersch took off to in the next map.
  8. I agree with that. It would have been great if the boss zombie people have speculated showed up. Big demon Samantha shows up and you and your team gun her down with Death Machines? Sounds good to me.
  9. From the code it looks like they do nothing, or at least nothing upon activation. I tried spelling Hyena, then Hitsam, then Luna and nothing happened until I spelled Luna, and everything continued as normal.
  10. I tried the other words but nothing seemed to happen, any one else try them?
  11. The death machines are normal, they seem to have a longer time limit though. I'm going to try the other words mentioned in the code later today.
  12. The above post worked for the last node, me and my friends just did it. I am quite disappointed if thats all there is though. Death machines is all we get?