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  1. Zombie Suggestions

    extension the mystery of the lake will revolve around an object that fell into the lake, and every so many years the object emits a a (beam, frequency, light?) that causes the dead to rise from the lake, the 4 individuals who are the players are a group of friends that rent a lake house for a party, but before they can get the place ready the power goes out(a power switch is located in each house, when all on the pap appears in center of lake or in a house maybe?) anyway the friends must break out of the original house and run to next (as this is a lake the zombies come from the center point and walk up from beach. ) in the next home (break into) there is a hidden room with files if read they lead to clues to the next houses "SAFE ROOM" , inside the safe room is the next clue and so on ect, different rooms and different homes(as players find the clues the box moves to next locked home ) when all homes unlocked the box warps randomly between homes. anyway the object can either be : a nazi satalite : a meteor : alien object / craft : spudnik and the whole point is that those who have lived on this lake have known all along about the zombies, but basically lock themselves up in a safe room and wait it out. except this time they were to slow or somehting....
  2. Zombie Suggestions

    ideas for zombies Maps size: Large Basis: An abandoned amusement park which has been Dead for years, the heroes appear in it and the park slowly come to life, as they explore and search the park zombies start to burst from the ground, walls and rides. this area is broken into sub parts of the park which the heros can use to escape zombies or use against the zombies. area 1:: aquarium : has fish and other animals and maybe an undead shark. player can jump into tank to get a rare weapon but must escape from shark. or a zombie mermaid(like the show mermaid used in some parks), this will have the chest spawn point and maybe the juggernaug area 2:: circus a Circus tent located in the center of park, has PAP and box spawn, and the zombies that spawn are clowns , special weapon that replaces knife is throwing knifes (can pick up ones that are thrown in ZOMBIES) area 3:: Roller coaster a large themed coaster ride(no clue what theme , zombies maybe?) players can climb into car and ride the ride (splatting zombies on the track and shooting them) this ride allows you to get a high vantage point and there are times that car stops and players can jump out to get high vantage point area 4:: fun house: basically all sorts of weird stuff you find in fun house, weapons and like are hidden in it, maybe some secret passage as well(used by employees originally) area 5:: rocket tower:: the type of ride that shoots up fats and high, players can use ladder to get up it or ride and shoot zombies(every time it shoots up it does a blast wave that stuns or kills zombies), if you ride it you will be trapped until it over. ladder guy is stuck because zombies can use ladder. area 6:: ferris wheel: high vantage point but over its a timed ride and you must escape once your time is done area 7: tunnel of love: players go in 2 or 1 at a time in a swan ,if you go in solo , it plays sad song or makes fun of you at specific points and tries to pair you with a zombie at beginning and during the ride(basically a zombie in water tries to board the swan ) the ones in pairs get lovey dovey theme song and zombies come out of scenery to kill you type :large basis: a lake that is surrounded by cabins and forest. users can start in serperate or same cabin (later mainly) , and zombies come out of lake, and the players must solve the mystery of the lake to open path to PAP, the must break into cabins and find the clues hidden in each while dodging zombies type:large a Japanese themed dojo/home with special knife replacement the katana, anyway the zombies come out of every where (koi pond, stone garden , ect) , the zombies of the map start out as wwII officers but then as game progresses the ancestors (being disturbed by undead) awaken and older zombies start poping up (ninja, samurai and finally shogun) these zombies actually have weapons and can attack players with brutal efficiency (if you have katana when fighting samurai a dramatic fight scene engages and other zombies wont attack you(if you win match against samurai zombie you are left alone and will be repeatedly challenged by the samurai zombie(s)), ninjas pop out of walls, ceiling , floor, and throw shuriken and smoke bombs at layer(if you win u get shuriken weapon) players will use a mix of old and new weapons to combat the dead,all weapons on map are japanese type during wars (bow and arrows even) so there are my maps i came up with, any ideas or suggestions would be great
  3. Your emblem

    heres mine
  4. The True identity of the Thief!

    personally commander, earth has a point you've repeatedly made attempts to argue your view on the subject but in all truth ... we dont care. now if you would provide evidence to another theory as to who the thief could be you'd be a welcome argument but as you keep up with doubts and misconcepting themes it just lags the topic from really getting anywhere, i am not saying earth is right in the argument but at least he has sources to back his theory, spouting off nonsense and biased thoughts will get this nowhere -sighs- now do you have any ideas as to who the thief could be ? maybe give us a history of them and their background and how it could pertail to all the evidence earth has brought and im not just picking commander this goes for alot of the people who are posting. now i like to remain neutral untill i have a good idea of the topic but this is getting ridiculous. your arguements hold little ground now earth could real back on the attitude and he'd also get less replys on it (or maybe thats his plan...?) no my opinion is it is a reused character but thats just me, if the story has an validity it would be nice to think who the thief is and what his background is because so far its vicarious -cough- im sorry for the rant but its just been bugging me throughout this argument, how some people come up with posts that they haven't considered other ideas or they post to be argumentative without a cause or info so PLEASE get a counter theory to earth's with some data and I'd be happy back you up
  5. The True identity of the Thief!

    :shock: :shock: this topic seems to rattle all of your cages its not a factual theory and i dont have an opinion on it, its a working theory not a set in stone or as a law, all hes done is hypothesize the theifs identity and if you dont have any factual evidence to show an opposing side its kinda lame to just base it off your beliefs and ideology, because this makes a weak argument and is why he keeps shutting you down every-time you post , show some factual counter data to his side then i personally would take you more seriously (for those who have i apologize) do some research , set up a theory and present it with data and im sure that he'd be a lot more laxed toward your ideas
  6. First Strike Map Pack!

    oh nice im lovin it but why .... February D:
  7. The True identity of the Thief!

    ya but we are the conspiracy theory types and love to over complicate issues XD
  8. The True identity of the Thief!

    indeed -nods- so we have established he teleports in no can we establish from were? i see in vids on the pc version that people get out of the map in kino can we see it on five? this could help us identify the thiefs place of entry
  9. The True identity of the Thief!

    well what if like in kino were densi and the others warp in. the thief uses a outside teleporter and was warped into the pentagon??? or like how the dogs warp in that could be a probable idea, the dogs warp in like teleporters but without a teleporter to be relocated to, when they appear on the map. or such as like when we warp into the pap on kino there is no teleporter just a destination and we are later warped else were. he warps in steals guns and he warps out so i think the last theory seems more probable. or could he be using a teleporter not made by the nazi's??? due to having the trail of numbers he could be using soviet made teleporter that was meant to infiltrate the pentagon i dont have any real idea how but using logic it seems like these are some realistic theories
  10. The True identity of the Thief!

    to make a statement the thief teleports in so.. cant he have use a teleporter like we can? cause the other zombies can use them in 5 as well :|
  11. The True identity of the Thief!

    yet again no data.. le sigh
  12. The True identity of the Thief!

    actually to again smack down the zombie brain thing yet again , in roud 30 kino der toten ive had 5 zombies without heads run around (sprinting) and not die even after the couple of seconds they usually do, they functioned fully without the use of the head and proceeded to kill 3 people of my team , i had to shoot a PAP ray to kill them due to my PAP Famas had no effect , these are tuff suckers so again sorry can buy the (eventually die) part i am not dissing your arguments as earth is but you need more facts than you personal judgment because in a logical argument that's a fallacy and as such makes an argument fail please post facts and data to back your statement and id be happy to view it , otherwise .... your just wasting my time and yours
  13. The True identity of the Thief!

    to throw out a verbal argument, zombies dont need their brains to be fully intact such as when we blow heads off online they can still run around without said head or brain, and in all zombie issues corpses brains are clinically dead when they are zombified, also brains are usually decayed and badly damaged in older zombie resurrections so i can belive he is a zombie/ undead even if shot
  14. The True identity of the Thief!

    Well Done sir i salute you enthusiasm and efforts im not going to say i believe it but at least you did some homework on the subject, and those who are arguing his finds please post data and resources to back up your idea cause id like to view all possible facts at hand
  15. BIG secret on Kino???

    lawl should look at my xbox post on kino and 5 in 360 forum may help