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  1. well i only manege to get to the 2nd part didnt think would need all 4 people on the perk machines if any1 needs help on this add my gt i will gladly help its in my sig
  2. NEW Me and my Team's Finding !!! 6 RADIOS AND MORE !

    with the genarotor fixing me and my friend and trying to solve this we only done the first one outside the map so far we have not found any other parts but we found out tht there 4components all together are needed to fix the genarotor thanks to tank and his big mouth for telling me but any little info helps here the theroy we have came up with basicly after u find all the parts the guy on the speaker con sends the 4th platform to you which takes you to him but when you get there you are to late you find his dead body but the dg-2 (wunderwaffle) is near him just a theroy but could be true