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  1. Funny Zombies Quotes

    my favourite quotes are from ricktofen: "eenie, meenie, mineie SHOTGUN"- gets me every time "given time, i could make a small generator with left over parts.... why is it black and white now...." "i see one, two, thr- oh shit" "maybe they are trying to comunicate... oh wait their just having sex" "hey zombie got the time haha doubt it"- when shooting an arm off "you have all the power in the world and you need MORE..... i like the way you think"
  2. NEW Me and my Team's Finding !!! 6 RADIOS AND MORE !

    that would explain the poster with tank having the dg-2
  3. Halloween Playdate - PS3 Only!

    i have to cancel i've been nominated to hand out candy.... :cry: sorry for any inconvienance
  4. Halloween Playdate - PS3 Only!

    what team will i be on????? or am i reading all this wrongly???? *EDIT* nevermind
  5. Halloween Playdate - PS3 Only!

    codz: zombiekilla psn: girldozer12 im in the the greater toronto area so.... est standard time for me can't wait to mow down some zombags :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: