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  1. Black Ops 2 Official site & Trailer Discussion!

    Lets not kid ourselves, we are all in it for the horses(and jets).
  2. Or most likely talking about taking a grenade or two to the body :P
  3. Also, guys remember Treyarch wouldn't ever let their fans down. Only Activision would do that. ... Treyarch is essentially ATVI. Aside form that, BlackOpsTiger, I like your idea (or more of a prediction) of how the game will start out.
  4. For some people (Australia I believe) the timer has ran out but nothing happened. So my best guess is that a trailer will be uploaded/made public about half an hour before the TV reveal in the United States.
  5. By god I think you have it!
  6. I LOVE BRITISH PEOPLE!!!! Ok, creepiness over... I still think it's the HK45c. Nah, the HK is way too small, the gun in the picture seems to be the size of a Desert Eagle.
  7. I see a US flag patch and that's it. Looks like a Colt but I'm probably wrong. It's an HK45. The HK45 started development in 2001, which gives us a more accurate date. Not an HK. rails on the bottom are too small compared to the picture.
  8. Not blotches of blood. It is just color correction at it's finest.
  9. I was thinking this as well.
  10. Its was an example it looks like a construction map or piece of an unfinished rocket or crane or something. Just not a gun, I have never seen a gun with a gate type looking piece connecting it. Neither have I, all I am saying that it is most likely a smaller piece of equipment due to the small materials being used.
  11. There is almost no chance of it being a form of piping or anything large mainly because of one thing that stands out to me, the screw. Screws are only used for smaller object, I don't believe anyone here myself included) has ever seen a sewer or tubing use a screw that holds them together. So what is seems to be is a smaller object, maybe the SMG on the quadrotor, who knows.
  12. The image certainly looks like a gun to me. You can see the scope on the right.
  13. What the "Future" quote actually means

    Area 51 anyone? The stuff they have testing there is YEARS ahead of anything we would see today. I am willing to bet that they had technology as capable as we have today 20-30 years ago, but they never released it because we were not ready for it.
  14. I would like to note on the newest quote is that what is shown is not the entire thing. "The future is not as far off as most people think" 19:09-19:19 "-We're not ready for it." -20:03 So there is just a brief amount of text missing from today's quote.