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  1. The True identity of the Thief!

    It's not Clarke. /End thread.
  2. The True identity of the Thief!

    I'll just copy and paste what I said before: That's funny, Doctor Clarke is now the Pentagon Thief, that would be somewhat believable if you know, you didn't personally see the bullet enter Clarke's head, splattering his brains downward onto the streets of Kowloon, and dropping his body downward onto a sign crashing the sign and tumbling down at least 50 - 100 ft, not to mention the Pentagon Thief is WAY over age for it to be Clarke. Even if all that didn't happen - how did he get from Kowloon into the Pentagon? Even if he did - Clarke is AGAINST Capitalism, why would he help them create weapons?
  3. First Strike Map Pack!

    Discovery is being based on the Project Nova mission in the campaign, where you find Nova 6 in the German Ship in Antarctica. Berlin Wall is where Americans and Russians fight at Checkpoint Charlie. Ascension means ascending, or going up, and it's also the first English Nazi Zombie map, "although technically "Five" would be the first english one, Five isn't Nazi Zombies. I believe we have two choices of the next map, either the Eiffel Tower or the English Coast with the wrecked ship and Lighthouse. I think it's either one of those because there are two pictures of those areas in Der Riese, as well as a picture of Kino Der Toten, which was the next Nazi Zombie map. So I think we have to look forward to either Eiffel Tower (Fail) or hopefully an English Coast.
  4. Ghost. (formally I am done thread)

    I don't mean to be rude, but are you really going to complain about it? I mean honestly, this just shows that people on Call of Duty can never be satisfied. Modern Warfare 2 was the most broken game ever, there were hackers and modders in every lobby, prestiges were being hacked, glitches on every map, leaderboards hacked, the guns were so un-even, the perks were retarded and you could shoot a riot shield directly without the person holding it dying, you could sprint across half the map with commando and knife someone from 50 feet away, the game was such a fail compared to the past Call of Duties, and people gave InfinityWard hell about it, but the point is Treyarch FIXED All of that, like 96% of the game is just outstanding and amazing, the only 4% wrong would be Ghost (You can use a blackbird by the way) and the combat training glitch, Treyarch has done such a good job at this and done a way better job than IW at their game, and here you are... still complaining about ONE thing in the game you don't agree with, when Treyarch just fixed the other 5,000 problems that IW wouldn't. Congratulations, you don't deserve your copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops.

    the 27 pic was posted like 2 weeks before and he we also had to answer 27 riddles. dont say he updated as soon as he saw the video cuz he didnt Nooo dude it's FAKE. Time to MOVE ON. Anyone can say anything.

    Shut the fuck up about Henry Langham you idiots, he saw the update, told you you would receive something then someone noticed it and you think he has something to do with it. Sorry, but there's NO ties to Henry Langham, this is a idiot free zone so please go to another website if you want to talk about "doves" and "crows" you morons. On the positive side: Holy shit. YES! Zombies!
  7. More To Solve On Der Riese

    This may not mean anything but I was in a game yesterday, four people but one person bailed so three, and we got to wave 28 and my two other team mates had no weapons due to dying, and I didn't have any ammo. The dogs came and we took out all of the dogs that had spawned, god a nuke grabbed it, and took out the rest of the dogs. Then it just stopped, we were on wave 28 for at least 30 minutes, looking for the last dog, teleporting, shooting everything, activating everything, the fog was still there and everything, no last dog, no max ammo. Just fog. I ended up spending like 90,000 points teleporting and activating stuff trying to end the round but it didn't work so we just held grenades in the end.
  8. More To Solve On Der Riese

    There is no bear on the moon, it's a small set of about six stars, red.
  9. More To Solve On Der Riese

    LimbSoup you obviously don't know anything about Der Riese if you think it's a waste of time. Even after the "majority" of the easter eggs were found, they said on the Inside Xbox video that they are watching and seeing that everyone thinks they've found them but they're not even close to finding all of the easter eggs.
  10. More To Solve On Der Riese

    cj how did you get that blimp photo?
  11. More info from Woodys Gamertag

    They bring back Juggernaut but not Stopping Power? Logical. Pave Lows and Chopper Gunners? Cheapest Kill Streaks around? Great. :'( Thanks Treyarch, your game is already sounding amazing.
  12. the question marks on the map

    This has absolutely nothing to do with Henry Langham or the packages, this is a no hoax zone.
  13. the question marks on the map

    Those question marks boggled my mind for ages, buggers. I'll be able to play this game for PC soon and when I do I'll noclip, to all these locations, and take a video of it and tell you what I think. I know they're not main spawns, and the burning stuff is all over the map, it's the tiles that they burned, the tiles received too much radiation so they had to burn them.
  14. More To Solve On Der Riese

    What do you mean you found Mythos Giant coding? 1. What is Mythos Giant 2. What did you find?
  15. More To Solve On Der Riese

    carbon, I think you're right. I think there is still a lot of stuff we haven't solved, I actually did noclip with my cousin last weekend on the computer, not just looking for obvious stuff, but hidden stuff, and even going back over the stuff people have already discovered and things people know about but don't think have any relevance to the story line. One thing I noticed is, the panel that you shoot at the fly trap is the same panel that's at the main frame, the only difference is the one at the main frame is broken, could this have been the easier way of activating the Fly Trap before someone broke it? Anyways, I took a TON of pictures, I'll post some here. Several more things I noticed, there is a man in the boiler area in Teleporter B, but he's not wearing a german soldier uniform, it's something different. Molotov AND Grenade You can barely see the molotov on the Xbox 360. I have tons more, just let me know and I'll post. Der Riese was definitely not complete. Outside of the main area, near the "Teddy is a liar" mark, you can find several power boxes, exact same type as the ones you can find on the walls near the teleporters, as well as in a room across the juggernog and courtyard, there is a wall inside a room, but the wall is the exact type of all in Nacht Der Untoten and Verruckt where the zombies break through.