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  1. This is probably just dreaming, but since they were able to get some good name actors for Call of the Dead on their 2nd DLC last time, maybe they could get some killer badass ones this time around... Involving some of the Walking Dead cast members anyone? Would be sweet to see actors who play Rick, Daryl, Michonne, and either Merle (Rooker), Glenn, or Tyrese. Some of the other Cast members would be fine as well, but anyone of those would be great. I'm sure there would have been scheduling conflicts with some of them, but none the less I would love it.
  2. I remember seeing a lot of hate for the double tap perk on many forums, but honestly I think it doesn't get the love it deserves. It also depends on what style of play you are doing. For Kiting the Doubletap perk is not as essential. It does help some in later rounds but not necessary for kiting the zombies around. If you are camping with a group then the doubletap perk is extremely useful in very late rounds such as 25+. You will notice that when you start hitting mid 20s in rounds even the heavy machine guns take to long to kill oncoming zombies and you find yourself constantly backing up or whipping out your ray gun. If your gun is packapunched it will save you until probably rounds in the late 20s, but you will again find yourself backing up due to your machine gun taking to long to kill the oncoming zombies. So in late rounds Doubletap really helps to kill the zombies quicker. Some people say it just wastes your ammo, but if you can get the zombies to come at you in a straight line and you are accurate at head shooting then Doubletap is well worth it for campers.

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