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    Der Riese Server Exploration

    This is a list of all possible users, passwords, commands, and files in the terminal mail_body1.txt _mail_body2.txt _mail_body3.txt _motd.txt bin alicia cat cd clear cls decode dir doa encode foobar hello help login ls mail more print rlogin type who zork home roppen Giant1.txt Giant2.txt Giant3.txt Giant4.txt Giant5.txt Giant6.txt Giant7.txt Giant8.txt Giant9.txt Hai1.txt Hai2.txt Hai5.txt Radiance.txt z_eng1 engineeruntoten.pic twalker ServantA00001.txt ServantA00115.txt ServantA00359.txt ServantA02977.txt ServantA91374.txt ServantB04130.txt ServantB67129.txt ServantB70001.txt ServantB70326.txt ServerOrigin.txt Swamp1.txt Update.txt vbush z_dr1 derriese1.pic 716 z_pent1 govtafterhours.pic z_theater3 kinoalley.pic z_theater1 kinofoyer.pic z_theater4 kinolobby.pic z_theater2 kinoscreen.pic fwoods jbowman jfkennedy rmcnamara rnixon drmaxis edward erichtofen nbelinksi peter samantha sophia tdempsey tmasaki _mail_body10.txt _mail_body11.txt _mail_body12.txt _mail_body13.txt _mail_body14.txt _mail_body15.txt _mail_body16.txt _mail_body17.txt _mail_body18.txt _mail_body19.txt _mail_body4.txt _mail_body5.txt _mail_body6.txt _mail_body7.txt _mail_body8.txt _mail_body9.txt _mail_dreamland.txt amason BattleBerlin.txt Dad-Letter1.txt Dad-Letter2.txt Dad-Letter3.txt GK-NovaMemo.txt Mackers1.txt NoteX.txt NoteX2.txt Ozy.txt Sis-Letter1.txt TA1.txt mus_anvil_trippy anvil.snd sp_bop1 barhavana.pic sp_pay1 cage.pic mus_sr71_hard_target hardtarget.snd sp_khe3 khesanh3.pic sp_khe4 khesanh4.pic mus_melville_hangar_fight melville.snd 41 sp_river1 mnk1.pic sp_river2 mnk2.pic mus_reznov_fight reznov.snd sp_slau1 tet1.pic 35 reznov1 thewolf.pic 44 sp_vork1 vorkuta1.pic 45 sp_vork2 vorkuta2.pic 36 reznov2 wolfinchains.pic 61 asmith 62 5E21C038 DearDiary.txt 64 BC60EFC4 MCS-DID.txt 63 75B0D8DB MasonBio.txt 65 F2EEADEF NoteTB.txt 66 9012BC09 PsychicDriving.txt 67 reznov3 oldwolf.pic 73 bharris 74 sp_wmd4 Yamantau4.pic 75 sp_wmd5 Yamantau5.pic 77 sp_uwb4 moonpool.pic 76 sp_uwb3 uwb1.pic 82 dking Hai10.txt Hai11.txt Hai12.txt Hai13.txt Hai14.txt Hai15.txt Hai16.txt Hai17.txt Hai18.txt Hai19.txt Hai20.txt Hai21.txt Hai22.txt Hai23.txt Hai24.txt Hai25.txt Hai3.txt Hai4.txt Hai6.txt Hai7.txt Hai8.txt Hai9.txt storm storm.pic sp_bop2 castrosmansion.pic sp_pay2 clearing.pic sp_sog1 meanbush.pic sp_river3 mnk3.pic sp_river4 mnk4.pic sp_river5 mnk5.pic sp_slau2 tet2.pic gweaver Ham-Cyc.txt NoteX-K.txt sp_wmd1 Yamantau1.pic sp_wmd2 Yamantau2.pic mus_beheaded_vox_castro castro.snd mus_enschtal_guitars enschtal.snd sp_flash1 eo1.pic sp_flash2 eo2.pic mason1 eyesonmason.pic sp_kow1 kc1.pic sp_kow2 kc2.pic mus_kowloon_intro_stg kowloon.snd mus_metal_1_stg metal.snd hkissinger jehoover OXCART.txt sp_reb1 Vozrozhdeniya1.pic sp_reb2 Vozrozhdeniya2.pic sp_reb3 Vozrozhdeniya3.pic sp_wmd3 Yamantau3.pic sp_wmd6 Yamantau6.pic sp_full1 arctic1.pic berlin berlin.pic sp_uwb2 buoys.pic mp_cracked1 cracked1.pic mp_cracked2 cracked2.pic reznov4 filereznov.pic sp_uwb1 freighter.pic sp_kowclarksb getclarke.pic sp_full2 gkn6found.pic sp_khe1 khesanh1.pic sp_khe2 khesanh2.pic mp_cosmo1 launch1.pic mp_cosmo2 launch2.pic memoGK.txt sp_inter2 morgue.pic plantint river2.pic sp_inter1 thechair.pic sp_uwb5 victory.pic sp_vork3 vorkuta3.pic sp_vork4 vorkuta4.pic sp_vork5 vorkuta5.pic sp_pent1 warroom.pic jhudson FromA.txt Hypnotism.txt NoteX-DK.txt OxcartOperations.txt cross cross.pic mus_eagleclaw_bike eagleclaw.snd mus_pentagon_extraction extraction.snd mus_group15_post_zipline_stg group15.snd mus_anvil_train train.snd jmccone jturner lbjohnson rhelms rjackson BioKristina.txt rkain AoW.txt Ascension.txt DraftMK.txt MemoMK.txt MsDoe.txt mus_crash_c130 crash.snd mus_meetreznov meetreznov.snd mus_rapture_intro_radio rapture.snd mus_sr71_runway_scripted runway.snd sagnew tbrooks NoteAS.txt Copied from the youtube link posted earlier
  2. ajones19802

    Der Riese Server Exploration

    well now all we need to do is choose a login, and try all the passwords that haven't been used on the other users. So close!
  3. ajones19802

    Der Riese Server Exploration

    I went and checked out snipers tip about the note and heres what I found http://i52.tinypic.com/2e3zcxj.jpg sorry about the terrible quality, I don't have a capture card:/ it seems to say derriese Got RHO like sniper said
  4. ajones19802

    Der Riese Server Exploration

    Would you mind posting where you found that on the level? Thanks a bunch:)
  5. ajones19802

    Der Riese Server Exploration

    Has anyone gone through the terminal files on the PC?
  6. ajones19802

    Der Riese Server Exploration

    Slightly off topic, but a heads up to 360 users, you can plug in a USB keyboard to use in the terminal, hope this helps someone:)
  7. ajones19802

    Der Riese Server Exploration

    I asked before but never recieved a response, are we even sure that it is a valid login? I'm pretty sure you can use any login, but it just will say invalid password.
  8. ajones19802

    Der Riese Server Exploration

    maybe aether? also are we sure that lmaxis is a valid login, sorry if its been asked before.
  9. ajones19802


    So did we figure out the username?
  10. ajones19802

    Surprize Attack is live!

    I won as well, no clue what though. Anyone know when we find out what we won?
  11. ajones19802

    We need your ideas for zombie shirts!

    I want a shirt with Dempsey downing some juggernog, and below him it says "I'm always into juggernog" And on the back an over the shoulder-ish shot of a flaming zombie, and in the Background Nikolai Shielding something and It says "keep that fire away from my vodka!"
  12. ajones19802

    Video for CoDz

    Not to thread jack, but if we are gonna make a movie, lets look at making it a bit more community orriented. I have adobe after effects, vegas and all that jazz, and a decent bit of knowledge to their use and workflow. Maybe we could have people upload clips to youtube(plus keep raw footage in a specified format) they could post the clips, and everyone could vote on the best ones, to then create a video. Also, vote on a song to use with it, something that screams zombies, but isn't the standard Lullaby or anything. Whadda ya think?
  13. ajones19802


    Sorry don't mean to spam, but i figured this should go in the official thread instead of the offshoot ones. Here is the pic from running a TFA, dosen't seem to be anything much. http://i52.tinypic.com/2vs58jk.jpg
  14. ajones19802


    Hey if someone grabs the audio, I will run a TFA on it :)
  15. I can host on xBox if there are too many ppl, my Gamertag is spyder1980

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