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  1. Unless the 34 is for days & that would put it at May 29th.
  2. I don't think we have everything we need to move on yet b/c if that was the case. The TACITUS In the April 24th box wouldn't still have static & would be clear, maybe even give us a video or link to something else like they did with the FPSRussia video when we got Quadrotor. Also, I believe the Static & how the Static fluctuates has importance.
  3. dfinest1

    Would you like to thank Treyarch?

    whatever you guys decide, let me know, i'm down
  4. dfinest1

    Number of Prestige levels is 15

    david vonderhaar just tweeted the answer: "Number of Prestige levels explained. http://tinyurl.com/27drnwh. Requires COD HQ membership. The answer is 15."
  5. dfinest1

    GT TV Video HERE: olny a single zomb

    yeah i enjoyed the content they gave out on the GTTV. i've seen some new gameplay(someone recording the screen with a camera/camera phone) and i notice you actually call the dogs in somewhere(meaning like an airstrike)which is something i didn't know and WAW dogs were not like that but for having to get 4 extra kills this might be an upgrade of the original dogs of WAW. edit: here it is if you want to see it before it gets taken down(low quality but hey its better then nothing) Xawn7kEdDNs there is also a part 2 and 3(just click on the link on the video for parts 2 and 3)which isn't that good either but like i said better then nothing
  6. dfinest1

    GT TV Video HERE: olny a single zomb

    http://www.gametrailers.com/video/episo ... mments_top look guys its the teaser for tonight new multiplayer map in Cuba, im excited especially since im cuban, so be careful with your cuban words cuz not all cubans are commies...lol
  7. dfinest1


    someone posted the video version of the update on youtube, so we can pause/play and download or whatever. maFu7ENYBeA
  8. dfinest1


    lol i told my wife too, she knows what zombies is but definitely is not as excited as me. i guess, when i told her, i expected her to be as excited as i was.
  9. dfinest1


    can someone put this in a video format so we can take a look at this in detail. thanx
  10. dfinest1

    Official Black Ops Multiplayer Reveal Topic.

    i need to find out how i can stream the event to my station... if not i just might do a live show during the event and update everyone live... i wish i had enough time this year to go and broadcast the even live for everyone but hey maybe next COD game that treyarch makes i will...
  11. dfinest1

    Boosting = Starting Over?

    yeah sometimes i actually do use tactical insertions for headquarters and different things like that but thats only when im using OMA so i would be able to switch back to an actual useful equipment... maybe they can set some type of limitation on it or radius...
  12. dfinest1

    Boosting = Starting Over?

    it definitely isn't winning... you guys should check out that mw2 video called booster justice... he goes around killing all these different type of boosters... its great and at the end some little kid sends him a message yelling and sounds like he's crying its hillarious.... im gonna try to look for it and add it under this... if not just look it up the videos called booster justice but the xbl gamertag of the guy is akimbo slice...
  13. dfinest1

    Boosting = Starting Over?

    i'll wait for confirmation but that sounds great... it'll definitely keep the casual booster away... but the hardcore boosters will always find away around it... i never boosted, im very anti-boost but i do like to change my gamertag to my website so i can promote it, i hope they don't consider that boosting and make someone go back to 1 for that...
  14. dfinest1

    More info from Woodys Gamertag

    i dislike jug, except for in zombies... but the only way they could make this right if they put them in the same category no matter what... like if their perks they would both be in tier 2.... and if their gonna be equipment or whatever then have them both there... like sp as in a bullet (fmj or whatever) and jug as a vest.... and that would solve that so that they cant use it together even with bling... it would get greyed out and you cant select it... like they do with holographic and acog or akimbo and tac knife.... but if they decide to put them separate or take one out and not the other.... mark my words... all hell will break loose

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