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  1. It's probably: "BETTER TOMORROW" or "LETTER TOMORROW" If it's better tomorrow it might be referring to technology that makes the future better which might have something to do with the plot. If it's letter tomorrow it might mean they will be putting out a letter tomorrow with some kind of information in it.
  2. http://www.gettyimages.com Confirmed, look at the font of their logo in the top-left corner. Those words are just a watermark.
  3. I'm pretty sure that's just the y from Getty Images, which would just be who they got the image from.
  4. Which parts of the brain aren't lit up? Asking because I'm wondering how specific this is, if there are a lot more parts of the brain then this is specific but if that's most of the brain this doesn't mean very much, right?
  5. Frank Woods was voiced by James C. Burns, not James Woods. I didn't write it. I just forwarded it. Not my mistake. He also calls the new bad guy by the wrong name twice, I corrected the first but missed the second. (I will correct it all when I CBA) Regards Alpha. Sorry if I came off wrong, I wasn't saying it was your mistake. I just thought that since I noticed it was incorrect I should point it out, just trying to help.
  6. Frank Woods was voiced by James C. Burns, not James Woods.
  7. that means the flag or/ and the medals dont belong to this person, because you are given the flag when a relative is KIA Everyone thought Woods was dead in Black Ops, including Mason, Hudson, and Weaver. Maybe Woods now has his own flag, just a guess.
  8. I suppose, but it seems that their reveals this time are way less in-depth than GKNova6 was. Almost like this promotional event is done by a completely different group of people than GKNova6.
  9. Definately not solved. There is much, much more to this image. Besides, we think it's Woods, not Mason Until there is confirmation, then this image is not 'solved'. Keep plugging away, there is still a long way to go -Jolteon What makes you think that? (that there is much, much more) I think if it is Woods then that's it, they just wanted to show us Woods makes an appearance in the game.
  10. [ You beat me to it. Hmm... what the hell could this be? The picture isn't a picture, it looks like as if a veteran framed his medals... That could explain the hand looking old, maybe it's a character from Black Ops or World at War, in the time of Black Ops II?
  11. Looks like the game might start with a person in a chair again.
  12. the site call of duty I checked the site after you posted, it still said "Unlocks April 30th" for me. You get things before me
  13. What's that from? Nvm, it updated for me now.
  14. Maybe that's his actual arm because he's an android. (lol)
  15. This reminds me of a time I was playing Black Ops, and this kid said we should believe him about something because his grandma makes sandwiches for Treyarch. Lol.