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    Hello everyone! Alyx here-- It took me a while but I just realized that I forgot to write myself an introduction. So without further ado, here's this. My name is Alyx D., I live in western Wisconsin with my 5 brothers and my dad and stepmom. From youngest to oldest, there's Liam (5), Grayson (6), Mathew (10), Devon (15), and Christian (17). I myself am 15, and one of the only two women in the house I started zombies at a young age, with a small story behind it. My older brother and I used to always run around the house playing "zombies," where one of us was a survivor and the other was a zombie. In all honesty, it was just a glorified game of tag. Anywho, with him and I playing that, my dad got pretty irritated. He sat me down in front of a game called Call of Duty: World at War. I remember quite clearly what he said: "You like zombies? Try this." I had played my fair share of video games before this, but this was a whole new experience. I remember the game starting, and getting the sh-t scared out of me by a dead man with glowing eyes. I was terrified, being stuck in a cement bunker with nothing more than a pistol, but I loved it. Cue the release of DLC packs, and I was hooked. I kept along with every CoD game to feature zombies since then, and became more and more invested in the storyline. It wasn't until BOIII's Gorod Krovi that I realized this forum existed, and almost immediately created an account. I ended up memorizing most of the story, and became a self-proclaimed expert on the Treyarch storyline. Now we're here, with the WWII storyline, and it's giving such amazing flashbacks to how wonderful it felt to find out new things in the 3arc story. I forgot where I was going with this. My apologies. tl;dr: I'm Alyx. I have a bunch of brothers and I loved zombies since I was a kid. If anyone's curious, I'd be glad to answer questions about anything in replies. I wouldn't be too surprised if I mentioned something above and forgot to explain it. ~Alyx
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    @ZombiesAteMyPizza! Thanks, mate. I just did another round and got to 60 flawlessy. Still camped the tower spot, because I haven't practiced the HVK room at all, but will do that shortly. The KRM is a monster against the Panzer. Wow didn't expect that to be honest and the ragnarok is cherry as well.
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    That's great! Have a lot of good luck an fun with your kids. Btw, how old is the older one?