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    From what I gather, Blundell and the team are getting back to the roots of zombies. More focus on round survival and with the new storyline, they have a clean slate to start with without trying to tie in old maps to the story. I am stoked to see what they have in store for us.
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    Chapter 4: "Fear of The Epsilon" Stacey looks to the Entity, and to the area surrounding, a screen nearby now alight to show a spiking energy field surrounding the Pillars. David and Vincent appear aside her, seeing the screen for a moment, looking towards the Entity. It’s all very concerning, I know. As Thomas phases into the room, Stacey speaks to the Entity. “No fucking kidding, it’s concerning!” Thomas looks to Stacey. “Whoa, whoa, alright. What’s happening?” Stacey points to the screen, and Thomas looks to it, his face shifting from confident demeanor towards a light shock. “It…” “Yes,” Stacey says, “it’s very much distressing. Adeva sent some readings our way from his end, too… it’s just here. Energy spikes are running rampant around the Pillars… and I think we all know what that means.” Vincent speaks up. “How much time do we have?” Stacey looks at Vincent, her face showing her stern, flustered state. “I… don’t know. It’s been going under our radars this whole time… we may be too late to stop it, without it leaking through.” The Prophets, all with a stressed look adorned to their faces, look to the Entity. The Entity, having seen all this, speaks. I can sense it too, you know. It’s coming. Soon. You… should act. Quickly. To this thought, Thomas stands. “...we need to go. Now. Vincent, David, I want you to stay in this room, protect the Entity. Stacey, come with me, we need to go now!” Vincent shouts to Thomas. “No, Thomas! We need to stick togeth-” “There’s no time for this!”, Thomas retorts. “GO! Phase in the weapons box in the main room, give yourselves defenses. We NEED to hurry!” Stacey looks to the Entity. Hearing everything, while hearing nothing, she thinks to it, fleeting only for a moment. With that, Stacey and Thomas rush out of Sanctum Dei, while David and Vincent give themselves weapons, their faces alight. Their eyes, now colored green, pulsate and flash. David looks to Vincent. “Just like the old days, eh?” Vincent grins. “Oh… OH, you know it!” Minutes later, the room is then enveloped by a loud, crushing blast of pure force, shaking the entirety of the Pillars. Vincent utters a warcry, as zombies begin to phase into the room around them. ========================= Thomas and Stacey appear in the main room. Thomas, making towards the front door, phases in and places down defenses, as a weapon box phases in to the right, aside him. Stacey, meanwhile, closes her eyes, and pushes herself out from her body, scanning the room. Towards the front door to the Pillars, she sees a building force begin to build, but… between that, she senses… a bright force. Static. Same. Familiar… Suddenly, she opens her eyes, realizing what that force is, screaming to Thomas. “THOMAS! Get Alex and Vladimir! They’re outside, right in the middle of everything! Quick!” Thomas looks to Stacey, shocked, but understanding, as he phases out to where they are. Suddenly, a loud and powerful boom is created throughout the room. Stacey, immediately dazed from the blast, closes her eyes. //
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    Chapter 3: "Training Fodder" Visions of a deathly scene mask the room. Blood soaks the walls, caressing them like it was meant to be there. Bodies litter the area surrounding the Angels, whom are caked in sweat and stained with the abhorrence of their surroundings. While Alex and Adam are holding guns against their sides, Vladimir and Jeanne both hold out their swords. A silence casts itself across the room, as the four of them take a breath, and quickly brush away the blood from their faces, and some weapons alike. Thomas, on a land mass floating beside them, sits, watching. “Good. You’re doing good. But there are dangers that of which are unknown to you. We have control of one… and we want to see how you act towards it. Go!” At that notion, a green portal opens, as a writhing mass of tentacles reach out from its mass. A large, hulking beast, three heads adorning it, spawns from it, as the Angels back up away from it. The beast walks forth, and Adam acts without hesitation, commanding the group. “Jeanne, Vladimir, get behind it. Alex, go up to get a vantage point. You know the signal. I’ll lead it, go!” Alex, losing not a single moment, uses his Wings to fly to a landmass adjacent to that of the one Thomas sits at. Jeanne and Vladimir use their Wings to jump over the beast, getting behind it, as they use their swords to attempt to pierce its skin. Adam, meanwhile, shoots towards the body of the beast. All of which, to their shock, does nothing to phase the beast, as the swords don’t pierce the skin and the bullets do nothing. “Adam!”, Jeanne yells to Adam. “Nothing’s working! The body can’t be-” Adam intejects. “Keep trying! It’s gotta have something we can-” Having been distracted, the beast lurches forward and hits Adam, sending him flying. He lands, writhing as the pain spikes through his back. Jeanne screams. “ADAM!” The beast comes forward, closer to Adam. It kneels down, and Adam looks to it, seeing its rows of teeth between its every head, before it bellows out an unholy screech, then lurches forward. But before either the beast or Adam can react, Jeanne lurches forward, slashing the leftmost and middle head of the beast, popping them open. Adam quickly moves, and, at the sight of this, makes his move. “Alex! The weakness is the head! Make the shot!” Alex looks to the beast, now distracted, writhing in the pain, as it bellows a loud, painful shriek towards the group, now aside Vladimir. A perfect shot for Alex to make. He grins, before saying a closing thought. “Looks like we’ve come to a head.” Alex shoots, piercing the beast’s last head. The beast lingers, dazed, as it falls slowly to the ground, dissipating into a green mist. The room then changes. Thomas comes forward, as the lights of Ramus Potestatem flicker back, and the room returns to a basic form. “Great work. Simply great. I… honestly can’t talk it down any. You guys have learned a lot, and so quickly.” Vincent appears, aside Thomas. “Pah. They were good. But they’re not ready.” The Angels look to Vincent with confusion, as Adam speaks from this. “What’s that supposed to mean?” Vincent grins, almost chuckling under his breath. “You guys work together very well, but you don’t act upon it fast enough.” He points to Adam. “You let yourself become distracted, and the beast used that to its advantage. Not to mention the fact that, after all the strategy that you’ve built, you pushed yourself to that weakness, you pushed yourself towards that beast getting the opening shot.” He motions to Jeanne and Vladimir. “Not everything can be accomplished through brute force.” He motions to Alex. “Not everything can be seen through the highest vantage.” He then comes back to Adam. “Do you understand?” Adam looks to the ground, opening his hands, revealing them to be dirtied, and bloodied. “...I do.” Thomas comes back in. “Vincent’s right… for once.” To that, Thomas sees Vincent smirk, but does not move to comment from that. “You all have done well, but you have more to learn. You must understand, being built to these quick-thinking strategies will require a cunning, an abject understanding of the fields you find yourselves on. It will take time… but you will understand.” David appears, only to whisper something to Thomas and Vincent. Vincent, at hearing this, phases out of the area, whereas Thomas motions as though meaning to say that he will meet with him momentarily, before David phases out as well. Thomas returns to look at the Angels. “You guys have earned some rest, for today. Any further questions for us?” A silence creeps up, and Thomas looks away. “I… know you guys are concerned, still. Confused. The fact that we can conjure up these same horrors for you to fight against, for training, is very much understandable. That power itself comes from the Entity’s will. But these same powers will be found from the Epsilon. These same horrors will find themselves on that doorstep.” The Angels stand, still silent. Thomas looks down. “I… know that… this is all still new. Believe me, I don’t get used to being in my position in all this for a second. None of us do. We’re all still human, after all, dealing with a matter that is… so much bigger than us. Believe me, I get it.” Thomas conjures up a cigarette, lighting it with a flame put forth from his thumb, before walking to the side, walking around the Angels. “The day that these machinations come for us won’t end without loss, without sacrifice. But we need to be ready. I’m not asking you to put aside your thoughts, I’m not asking you to forget all that you have went through. But I am asking you… to understand. The most powerful thoughts in all of the universe come from that of understanding. If anything… dwell on these thoughts. But let not those thoughts, those fears, consume you. Let them power you.” Adam motions to Thomas. “What… if those thoughts lead us to a road we don’t want to go down?” Thomas chuckles. “Then who are you to not challenge that road?” He then disappears, and the Angels leave Ramus Potestatem. Vladimir and Alex lead ahead of Jeanne and Adam, talking amongst themselves, while Jeanne and Adam simply look to each other, both unsure of their intentions. Adam then speaks up to Vladimir and Alex, now standing outside of Ramus Potestatem. “Alex, Vladimir… you guys go on ahead. Talk among yourselves, and what-not. I… need to talk to Jeanne.” Vladimir and Alex nod, both leaving them. Jeanne turns to Adam, confused, as Adam speaks. “We need to find a place to talk. Follow me.” The two of them then motion towards Lux Hortus. //
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    It's so great to be back to a place that I've called home for a long time. Some of the older members may remember my face Boy what a time away it's been, and have I missed every one of you guys and this great community. I guess it's only rigjt I give you all a little explanation. The past year has been tough, I've really not had much time for gaming as to why I've not been around here. To cut a long story short, I lost a very close family remember and also 2 great friends in the past year and due to this I've had no motivation what so ever. A lot of my time has been spent grieving I guess, and also work. I haven't forgot about any of you, to be honest I've missed the community. With the hype of BO4 I'm really glad to be back just in time to start producing content again and helping out. Thanks to everyone who has ever supported me on here, you are all amazing!
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    My heart just skipped a beat. First I have to say, I am sorry for your losses. It's always a bummer when life get's in the way, but it is infinitely worse when death comes in the way. But I am glad that you are back now. There are a couple of topics where you can throw your opinion in. Would love to read what you think about the maps we will be getting with BO 4. Much love friend.
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    Hello, CoDz. So, it's almost weird that about a week ago I posted Citadel. Not to gush about it or anything, but that has got to be one of the best, most involved, cinematic and overall great map I've done in a long time... but again, I'm basically gushing here, and it makes me sound overzealous. Anyways, that's not why I'm posting this. I've just released Citadel, and the oddity here is that I'm already posting something in The Unity Series. Odd, right? Not entirely, actually. The reality of the matter is that, with the project that would come after Citadel, I just didn't feel that the map concept for it would work as a... well, a map. Henceforth, I decided that it would be best that I take the next particular portion of The Unity Series story and take it to literary form. Essentially an actual cohesive (but not 500 pages long) story. The idea, within itself, is risky, I know. But I have the courage to go ahead and just do it... and, in retrospective to it, perhaps it won't fail and fall through like... certain projects... yeah, talking to you, Chains of Humanity. ...not that I didn't like writing Chains of Humanity. I just thought that it got boring, and people would get bored reading it. Anyways, since I'm speaking of Chains of Humanity, I may as well mention that Intuition will be written like I wrote multi-chapter arcs for Chains of Humanity... which, for those who wouldn't know what I mean... I basically make the initial OP and have a Table of Contents at the top for each chapter, then update it as time goes on with an update to the post through a reply, that is basically the next chapter of the story itself. I found that method of chapter progression to work well. In the case for chapters after it... well, we'll have to see what becomes of it. I'm doing something very risky by changing how I have created The Unity Series since the beginning... sort of... but I hope that everybody that's read my maps before understands that and still appreciates it for what it is. ...that, and those that do read it should prepare themselves, because the next two maps after it are very ambitious - and risky - for what they are. They're also the last two in the series, so... yeah. You guys know me - I like to go out with a bang. (Literal or not? You decide!) Anyways, I would hate to drone on longer about the inner mechanisms of this - I tend to leave the whole "inner mechanisms of stuff" thing for The Unity Series' narrative anyways... since that's what I love to do. The Table of Contents will be below. With that... I wish you well. Per aspera ad astra, -The Meh ---------------------------- TABLE OF CONTENTS: Preface: "Auras Incertum" (literally, you just read it) Prologue: "Drift" Chapter 1: "The Pillars of Creation" Chapter 2: "Will" Chapter 3: "Training Fodder" Chapter 4: "Fear of The Epsilon" Chapter 5: "Eye on the Darkness" Chapter 6: "Convergence" Chapter 7: "Preparation of Prospect" Chapter 8: "Branches" Epilogue: "Conversations With Yourself" Intuition: "L'edizione Prospettiva" (basically the same as Director's Cut - this will be on the main Unity Series post as well when it comes out)
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    Ooohh Lets see where this brings us. Just to let you know I'm a fan of plot twists and paradoxes/mindfuck stuff á la The Prestige
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    The Pack-a-Punch machine, an essence in almost every zombies map ever since it's first appearance in the Der Riese Waffenfabrik, released in 2008. Stick your weapons in the device and it will almost magically be upgraded to bring even more undead maggot scum to peace. Yet it is not merely a game element. Though the presence of the Pack-a-Punch has become normal to us, few people ever question where the hell that machine comes from. And maybe that's the correct answer.....Hell. So far we came across three different types of Pack-a-Punches: The classic machine design, the Skull Stone in Origins and Der Eisendrache and the Apothican Rift Stone in Shadows of Evil. Let's discuss them. The Pack-a-Punch machine So this was the very first Pack-a-Punch ever seen, and seen as the 'normal’ Pack-a-Punch. We used to think the machine was created only by Group 935, and that the technology behind it was merely something mechanic and scientific, like any other normal device. @carbonfibah's reveal of the entire lyrics of the PaP song changed our mind: There might be something magic, extraterrestrial or even extradimensional behind the process of upgrading a weapon. For those who haven't seen it yet, here are the lyrics: First of all: Jeb Brown. He appears to be the real creator of the Pack-a-Punch machine, and not Group 935. The latter merely improved and finished Jeb’s design. This is also accurate when looking at the Timeline. Group 935 didn't start this development, the blacksmith Jeb Brown in the Old West did. They merely continued this development. This all also fits with Richthofen’s mysterious quote in The Giant about a certain blacksmith who had invented the Pack-a-Punch. So let's take a look at Jeb: Who exactly was he? Jeb Brown was a blacksmith in a small town in the Old West. I know I am not the first one who says it, but could it be the Buried town? After all, it is an Old Western town with alot of oddities and mysteries. And a blacksmith! So let's say mister Brown lived his simple yet tough life in this town, day in day out he created the things blacksmiths do. But one day his life takes an unexpected turn: He gets in contact with the so-called 'angels’. First of all: How? A possibility could be that it were extraterrestrials, using their flying saucers to land in the middle of no where and stumbled upon Jeb (after all, the American MidWest has alot of conspiracies and tales about aliens and UFO’s). Another possibility is that Jeb came in contact with extradimensional creatures: beings from the Aether or Agartha. While these beings could teleport themselves to Earth and reveal themselves to a person, as they did with Samantha, it could also be Jeb who unintended made contact with these beings, instead of reversed. What if the Buried town used to lay in Groom Lake? We know that Broken Arrow mined to Element 115 here, and Jeb could have stumbled on this mysterious element as well, just 100 years earlier. I can imagine that he, as a blacksmith, would be interested in strange and unknown types of metal, especially those that emit energy. Have you ever seen a photo of Area 51 taken from the air? It lays next to a huge salt flat, almost looking like a big chunk of dirt plus everything laying on top of it has been...disappeared. Have you ever heard of the Philadelphia experiment? It's a conspiracy theory about the American navy secretly performing a scientific experiment that resulted in teleporting a large destroyer ship away, resulting in the crew being 'molted' into the ships interior and other mysterious and unbelievable things. Imagine the US continuing this kind of experiments, later performing it on a Old Western ghost town at Groom Lake. A possibility is that the Buried town laid on top of the salt-chunk at Area 51, and that the Temporal Rifts simply teleported this landscape away to a mine in the futuristic Angola. I'm getting to far of my point: Jeb might've encountered Element 115 near his town, which enabled him to came into contact with an Aetherial species of some sort: Were it the Keepers or Apothicans, I don't know. Jeb calls them the angels. Did you know that in the lyrics of 'Always Running’, the Easter egg song of Buried, there is also something said about angels? The angels. The angels within….what? Within the world within the world? Within Agartha? Within the Aether? Within the Element? Maybe I have a tunnel vision. We are coming back later on the identity of these angels. Thing that bothers me is why they helped Jeb to create the Pack-a-Punch. Of course they have to have an agenda behind that as well… The Apothican Rift Stone The origins of the Apothican Rift Stone, an ancient stone tablet filled with Apothican symbols and with a Lovecraft/Chtulu-style tentacle coming out of it, is no big secret: it's Apothican. And yet this is the Pack-a-Punch type that holds the most mysteries. Why, for example, is it located in a Keeper undercroft underneath Morg City? Why can it only be activated with four gateworms, harvested by rituals? And how can this create a tear in space-time that allows the enormous Apothican 'World Eater’ to enter that dimension? Is it, as some say, the MTD of this dimension? Questions that are discussions worthy, my friends. The Skull Stone This type of Weapons Upgrading 'Machine’ appeared for the first time in Origins, Dimension 63, and later in Der Eisendrache, Deceptio Fracture. So in what way are those two maps connected? Both maps are created in a Medieval style: Origins takes place in the excavation of a medieval tomb, built to honour the fallen soldiers in the Great War against at the Demons: the Apothicans. The location is also house to the single largest 115 deposit of that dimension. Der Eisendrache takes place in Group 935’s 'Eagle Nest’: a rocket station built in a 1200’s castle, which has been built by the Wolf King, a noble knight who has fought in the Great War as well. Here must lay the connection: the two Skull Stones must be some kind of medieval type of the Pack-a-Punch machine, possibly built to assist the Keepers and humanity in the Great War against the Apothicans, upgrading their weaponry. After all, the original Pack-a-Punch machine is built with the help of 'angels’. Maybe this Skull Stone 'Pack-a-Punch’ is the ancient weapon upgrade 'machine’ of the Keepers. So if we follow these theories, both the Apothicans and the Keepers have their own type of weapon upgrade artifacts. But which one inspired old Jeb Brown to create the original Pack-a-Punch machine? In other words, who are the angels? My own hypothesis: The Apothicans try to create chaos with Element 115, let humanity doing experiments involving it and fuck up their universe, opening gateways for the Apothicans to consume it. Because that is, as Monty says it so simple, just their thing. In fact I think it has everything to do with the Apothicans wanting to set all positive matter and energy to negative matter and energy -the Dark Aether- , spread their influence and to enlarge the change of survival, one of the universal laws of nature, but 'because it's just their thing’ summarises everything correctly. Thing is, it wouldn't make sense for the Apothicans providing help to Jeb in the process of creating a wondermachine. After all, it were the matter transference devices that created tears in space-time though the Aether and started messing up the multiverse. The Pack-a-Punch is a pretty innocent utility concerning the chaos-spreading of the dark Apothicans. The Keepers, or possibly merely the one who calls himself Doctor Monty, have/has a better motive for wanting the Pack-a-Punch to exist: to help Ultimis, Victis and Primis surviving the living dead during their voyage through time and space and let things pack out the way they should pack out. Think of it: without the Pack-a-Punch Ultimis might've died already in Der Riese, even before they could start their Reise and set the basic of the events that Victis and Primis will follow, eventually saving the universe and enprison the Apothicans back to their infinite Hell underneath existence. The Keepers and Monty knew that, since time for them is merely a manipulative thing and they could see everything either in the Kronorium or from Argartha. They knew assisting Jeb Brown would result in a Keepers victory. Possible prove for this theory is @RadZakpak's remark of one day that the Blacksmith in Buried, possibly Jeb, is also home to customisable weapon chalks. We know Monty placed the weapon chalks in most other maps, so could he have been the one who helped mister Brown in this as well? At least, thats how I see this. Other perspectives and discussions, perhaps? Likely. Oh and friendos (please let me steal that word one more time, @InfestLithium, I adore it) sorry for my inactivity. The last three months I've been to Greece, Aruba, Mallorca and Portugal. And work to fund it. Gah, I sound like a spoiled beat, which I probably also am. Just enjoying my life. Thing is, I've also been busy with finding a room for my study, and over two weeks my introduction week already starts. It's all busy in the good way, but still busy. Hope you can understand that. But it caused my activity to heavily decrease. Just keep in mind that even in these inactive times for me, I will never disappear from this great place. Dont even dare to think such things. And that I LUV YOU ALL
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    My personal theory is the Keeper/Apothicon PaP and box designs were only present at Origins from the great battle. But perhaps near the end of the battle the PaP was destroyed, and its pieces were taken to the King’s new castle and left there. I believe this since in Der Eisendrache to acquire the PaP you have to go to 2 of the 3 pads and teleport the pieces back together. So the pieces were taken to the castle after the Great War, and when 935 took over they used teleporter technology to create a device to reassemble the pieces in their original form. In Origins in 1918 we even see the PaP is broken when you start, but with enough power from all the generators, it can reassemble itself, while the box is fully intact and may have never left the dig site.
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    Let's discuss this cutscene and what you guys think it means. Maybe it's just the hype but it feels like my favorite zombies cutscene in a while. RadAustins27 discussed on his podcast potential theories behind the scene, and I'm of the belief that the Richtofen there when they arrive is from Post-Revelations, while Primis that shows up is after Zetsubou No Shima. This is an alternate version of the events of the timeline, as Richtofen notes the change in the pages in the Kronorium. They also pointed to the significance of his "Opening the gateway, a vessel for Maxis" line when Primis arrives. The Richtofen there is clearly distressed by something to have just happened, and any time this line is said in Origins, the Giant, and I believe Gorod and Revelations, Richtofen is stressed and trying to regain his mind. It is ptentially the effect of him traveling so much through time, as it deteriorates his mind, and he has to reframe his thinking to the place that started it all, his time in Origins. This would point to the Richtofen already there having just done something to alter time or stress him in some way, perhaps killing the version of himself that was guiding Victis into the pods. Or perhaps he killed him even earlier, and built the lab in a different area of the prison, hence why Primis arrives further away than expected.
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    Let The Trolling Begin Unfortunately, I just read an article that said this: "You’ll have more options for customizing your Zombies experience this time around, as well. The perks you find in the maps’ “Alters” will be chosen by you in advance, and you can give your Mystery Box prize to a teammate instead of using it for your own character." https://www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/call-of-duty-black-ops-4-roundup/ I can see how this is going to be the bane of players playing with randoms. Hopefully, it is an action to defer to another play, rather than having your payed for weapon open for the world. What are your thoughts on this new revelations? Welcome Addition OR Potential Pitfall
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    Nice thread. Maybe link the trailer as well? Where did you get all this info from? Sadly I can't give you some brains/likes... but I guess I could pin the topic. I already said it a bunch of times, but I am glad Treyarch seems to focus on something new. (In regards to story and gameplay.)
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    Chapter 5: "Eye on the Darkness" Alex looks out, a cosmic splendor surrounding him. Outside, at the entrance to the Pillars, he and Vladimir look on. Most of this time, they’ve been discussing the past few days, joking around and bickering ever so little, but, at this moment, they both lay silent, looking beyond, at the nebulae surrounding them. Breaking the silence, Vladimir speaks. “Well?” Alex, confused, looks to Vladimir. “...well, what?” “Well… what do you think? Looking at it, up close.” Alex, realizing what he’s referring to, chuckles. “Oh, yes… this place… it’s… beautiful. You know, I never actually expected I would get to see the Pillars up close. I always believed them to be the most beautiful of all nebulae, and… I used to see myself gliding across its expanse, sometimes. In dreams. I never believed I’d be standing up close to them in such a way...” Vladimir, at this response, chuckles. “Ah… da, da, yeah… very fair.” Silence creeps up, for a moment, as Vladimir turns towards Alex. “I… am an old man, Alex. I… used to be like you, you know.” Vladimir looks away. “Young… full of wonder. Curiosity. I looked to the stars, then, myself.” Vladimir clenches a fist, a passive wave of emotion flying through him. “I always believed that I could never reach them. Never… reach that apex of creation. Vladimir closes his eyes. “I never thought I deserved it.” Alex looks down. “...but you did. They chose your intellect, your knowledge. They believed you would be of their benefit.” Vladimir stands, turning away from Alex. “Isn’t that so crazy, Alex? What’s so special there, huh? That one crazy circumstance led me to meet all of you… and led us… to where we are today.” Alex, to this comment, looks to the stars outside the Pillars. “There’s so much. All we had been through, and yet that made us be who we are now. In a way… it’s humbling, no?” Alex turns to meet Vladimir’s eyes, as he continues. “I don’t even think I’d bear staying here if you weren’t here for me to feel that humanity again. We’re not anomalies in a cosmic scheme. We’re something bigger, all of us. It’s stressful, and I know you feel the same way about it.” Alex looks away, as his eyes become ever so slightly lightened. “But you’ve been around all this time, and you’ve given me all this hope, all of the belief I need to move forward. I… owe you a lot.” Vladimir looks to Alex. “You’re a good man, Alex.” Alex smirks, and puts his hand forward in an embrace. “Well, you know the adage… smart men stick together. To achieve greatness.” To that, they chuckles, and shift back to look back towards the stars. Vladimir, in that moment, looks back to the Pillars, and realizes that, among them, the stars around them are disappearing. “Alex… Alex, turn around. Look at the Pillars...” Alex, to that, looks to the area surrounding them, noticing that the area around them is becoming darker, the stars seemingly being… erased. “What… what’s going o-” At that, Thomas appears beside them, grabbing them. “Sorry to interrupt, but we gotta move.” To that, Thomas phases out, taking Alex and Vladimir with him, as the doors to the Pillars blast open and a loud boom shatters the surrounding area. ======================================== “I… owe you.” Adam walks, the hallway into Lux Hortus adorned with cosmic lighting surrounding. Jeanne walks next to Adam, close by. “For?” Adam motions forward, with a slight grin to his face. “Well… for what you’ve done. There’s… a lot of things I could say to make that statement make more sense, but… that most recent save from you, definitely takes the cake.” Jeanne chuckles. “What can I say? I acted out of my intuition.” Adam sighs, stopping, looking to Jeanne. “That’s not it.” The area surrounding them morphs, opening to reveal a garden of vegetation unlike anything seen to either of them. Jeanne, looking to it, is shocked at the sight, basking in the splendor. Orbs of light flash about, lighting the area, showing a living, breathing environment. A being, akin to a butterfly, flies around, as Adam holds his finger out for the butterfly to land. As it does, its wings flash a green color, before flying off. Jeanne looks to Adam. “It’s… beautiful.” Adam looks to the sky above them. “...yeah. It is. Y’know, I wanted to bring you here before. To show you what I saw. Now that I have a reason to… here we are.” Adam steps forward, continuing. “I… don’t think that I ever was able to tell you how much I appreciate what you’ve done for me. All this time. You’ve been here for me more than anyone else. You’ve been one of the few people that I feel believed in me.” Jeanne, to this, blushes. “Adam…” Adam continues. “No, I need to tell you. You come into these situations better than everyone else, you have better cunning than everyone else, and yet… you don’t act like you realize it.” Jeanne looks to Adam, somewhat shocked. “You look to us, and I don’t feel as if you see the potential within yourself like you see in everyone else.” Adam puts his hand on Jeanne’s shoulder. “But you should know… we all believe in you. We all think of you highly.” Adam motions to hug Jeanne. “I… personally… owe you my life, Jeanne. I… can’t thank you enough.” A silence consumes the area, Adam holding Jeanne, static in motion, as Jeanne looks to Adam, before embracing him back, breaking down into tears. The embrace continues as Jeanne falls to her knees, Adam following in motion. … Moments follow, and Jeanne looks down to her legs, her jeans torn at the knees. Adam’s words shocked her. She… never thought that he would think that way. She… never would have thought to believe what he had told her. All this time, she dwelled on her thoughts, believing, but not seeing them for what they were. She denied herself of being held back before, yet let herself become held by one final chain, a chain she never could have known about. Stacey’s words returned to her. For a moment, she could hear it. Silent within a realm of its own thought. She could hear the universe… and it was gearing her to act. “...Adam…” She looks up to him, now seeing him for what he was… perhaps seeing more than just that, too. She leans to place her head to his legs, laying there, looking up to the skies around them, looking to the insects surrounding them. “You… did quite a lot of work to set this up, didn’t you?” She looks up to Adam, grinning. Adam looks to her, before chuckling. Joining him, they both begin to laugh, almost losing control of it. Suddenly, their laughter is interrupted by a blast of force shaking the room. All insects and living things scatter at the sound. Both of them, their smiles now fading, shuffle to stand up. “What was that?” Jeanne says. Adam motions to leave the room. “I don’t know… but it sounds bad. We should go!” To that, she nods, as they rush off, back into the hallway, as the room masks itself once more, the lights in the hall flickering. //
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    In the build up to DLC 3's The Tortured Path, lots of juicy intel has been released by WWII developer Cameron Dayton. Most of the intel (aside the trailer which didn't get released until right before the DLC itself dropped) shows a backstory of the BAT agents and lots of backstory towards the current story. ==========TRAILER========== ==========TWITTER INTEL==========
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    Chapter 2: “Will” The Entity shines bright in the center of Sanctum Dei, in all its curvatures and brilliance. Stacey paces around it, a stern yet disturbed face plastered onto her. “We have all been through a lot… and we need to be ready…” ...and yet the proportions of the universe are nought enough for your understanding, Stacey. Stacey, sulking slightly, sits and looks to the ground at her feet. “But… I need to know more… I need to know why.” To understand the world is to understand yourself. Whether or not you choose to believe you understand yourself is arbitrary to the correlated goals you desire, yes, but you must understand why your search for foresight is a form of suffering, no matter how you decide to placate or juxtapose its meaning. Stacey feels the Entity pulse. “...I just… I worry for our safety.” I know. Frankly, this is the constant of the universe… but, you knew this already. So… why must you seek your safety for the future if the betterment of that future lies in the present? Each step you take is right, no matter how wrong it feels. Embrace the shake, and you will prosper. Complacent, Stacey nods. Soon after, she hears footsteps - Vincent must be leading them here. She stands. “The Angels are coming… so, uh… yeah. Do your thing. Don’t showboat.” Stacey feels the Entity gleam a sort of humored light. When do I ever? Stacey grins while phasing to another place in the Pillars. As she leaves, she looks to the Entity. “You’d be surprised.” With that, she is gone, as Vincent, Thomas, and the Angels enter the room from the dim-lit hallway. Vincent senses that Stacey was here before they were. Not sure how to respond, he shrugs and quickly mutters to himself. “Stacey… you really need to give yourself time to let go…” Vincent turns towards the Angels, who all appear to be distracted by the Entity. “Don’t go looking too long,” he says, as they adjust their sight to Vincent. “You’ll go blind.” The room is silent. Thomas, at the corner of the door, grins a little, but doesn’t make a sound. Vincent adjust his posture. “Heh… right. Well, this is what you are here for, guys. This… is the Entity. The sole remnant of creation, left behind from eons and eons of Cycles past to protect the universe. A little preachy sounding, but… it’s true.” Vincent looks to the Entity. “Not much for introductions, I know. Speak to them. They’ll want to hear you.” After a moment of silence, the Angels become aware of an irregular breeze surrounding the room. A bit like the Entity is… breathing. Not very long after this insight, the Entity speaks. I’ve… been expecting to meet with you for what feels like ages now… they did right to locate you. Ah, yes… I can see the breath of eternity in your hearts. You are indeed who we are looking for. Adam looks to the Entity, with a face wrought of awe and slight confusion. “So… what do you expect of us?” The Entity chuckles. There is a lot I expect, but it is arbitrary. No, what is important is that you are here. Now what comes is an understanding. You must learn to harness your newfound powers, and the Prophets will help you along that journey itself… Thomas moves closer to the Angels. “Yeah… we’ve got a lot of stuff to teach you, and with no time to lose. Honestly, we should-” The Entity attempts to interject Thomas. Now hold on, Thomas… Thomas retorts, with a slight twinge in his eyes. “No, Entity. I’m sorry, I am, but you know how important they are. They need to be ready. We’ve got no time… what time we had left was spent a long time ago.” A silence enters the room, as if all the oxygen in the room was stripped. Then, the Entity speaks. I understand. You four, you want to protect that which you hold dear. You want to live in solace knowing your cause was as just as it always has been. But look at what we’re dealing with. You aren’t questioning if they accept this path, nor are you showing them it in a way that is correct. You work a man to the bone and all he’ll want to do is start a war. Believe me. I should know. Thomas stands silent, looking towards the Entity. He then turns his head away, looking to the ground, feeling shame. Now, you’ve all been through a lot. I get that. You should know, that no matter how wrong I make Thomas sound, his virtue is just. We are running out of time. There is a chain of events that, inevitably, will be set in motion. We - all of us - need to be ready to see to it that these events are avoided. The fate of all reality is at stake. That being said… you deserve some rest. Give it a night. You will begin your training when you wake. Be ready, and rest well. You need it. Thomas stands tall once more. “...yeah, you’re right. I’ll, uh… I’ll show you guys around a bit, then, help familiarize you to the place. It’s nicer than it looks, really.” As they begin to walk away, the Entity speaks. ...and, Thomas? Thomas looks up to the Entity. Leave Jeanne here for a moment. I want to talk to her in private. Thomas nods, and looks to Jeanne, who has a look of confusion painted to her face. Adam, close behind, almost looks the same way, but perhaps… in a more worried fashion. “You better listen to him. The Entity’s not exactly a huge fan of waiting.” Thomas, with the rest of the group in tow, walks down the corridor, Adam looking to Jeanne with a look of slight concern, one that she reciprocates before turning towards the Entity. He’s a noble one, that Thomas… always looking towards the future, preparing and arming to make it the better, but always missing the present when it’s the most important. The Entity chuckles. It can be amusing sometimes, really. A short silence persists until the Entity, somewhat sternly, continues. So… I imagine you’re taking all this in and have… a few particular questions. Jeanne nods. Yeah… I wouldn’t really mind you asking them, truly. But… I think you, of all of them, understand more that those aren’t questions that have answers you’re truly seeking. No… there’s something else. Jeanne stares to the Entity. “I don’t think I understand.” The Entity scoffs. Honestly, I don’t really expect you to believe you understand… not yet. There’s a lot of things you have left to learn… but I see that there’s more in you than that. Another lesson to be learned. A small spark needed to light your heart on fire. If Stacey coming here before me is any sort of implication, I’d assume that’s what you’re thinking about so heavily. What she means. She’s a passionate one, that girl. “You act for the Universe.” Jeanne stands, positioned in a state of apprehension and nobility. “You probably speak for it too. You know what it says. Can you tell me?” The Entity hums… ...that is for you to seek. There is a voice inside, yes… but perhaps, maybe that voice isn’t so far away. It’s been with you for a long time now… it would be best to learn how to respond. Yes… I am certain you will find your way. A wave of air moves to the corridor, as if the Entity means to motion Jeanne in its direction. Now, I’d prefer to not keep you waiting. You all will have a chance to talk with me again, certainly so. For now… just relax. Go catch up with them. Jeanne motions towards the corridor, and begins to walk away, as the Entity recollects. Oh… she will see. //
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    Chapter 1: “The Pillars of Creation” [WRITER’S NOTE: This is a disclaimer about something that I should probably mention before I see anything said about it… so, figuring out Latin for these kinds of things can be bad at times. Considering the use of Latin heavily within the corridors of the Pillars, I figure I should warn that I’m not entirely positive of its accuracy. Else than that, though... enjoy the chapter. I'll elaborate more on this issue in a comment after this is posted.] =================== The Angels find themselves awestruck by the architecture before them. Marble columns make up the infrastructure of the expansive hallway before them, the ground below shining from its red and beige hues and patterns and the ceiling seeming to be almost infinite in its height. Small trees, bushes and ferns dot the area surrounding the large marble pillars, with stone benches and fountains lining the walls to their sides. The area itself feels almost reminiscent of Greek and Roman architecture, but they know it to be so much more than that. Four hallways dot the walls beside them, two on each side, with names above them - “Lux Hortus”, “Ramus Potestatem”, “Gratia Somnium”, and “Vapor Serenitatem”, - likely regarding certain areas around the actual place. Perhaps, the most ominous of which, would be the one in direct sight of them, titled “Sanctum Dei”. Below this room’s title, it also says, “Per aspera ad astra, nos vivere et spirare hic vi aeterne in quibus et nos texant.” “It’s quite something, isn’t it?” Stacey starts, appearing instantly in front of them, her usual hazel hue - akin to the other Prophets - now absent, leaving her to a human form. “I assume you have many questions.” Obligant to her words, Alex slowly steps forward. Glancing just about everywhere at once, noting everything around, he begins to speak. “I… think it would be safe to assume we all are wondering how this place is even possible,” Alex says, glancing to the others, who nod in approval of his words, “So… yeah. How exactly does this place… exist?” Stacey smirks, chuckling somewhat under her breath. “To be honest, I was assuming you would ask something… different… ah, doesn’t matter. If you want the more simplistic explanation… you are standing in a plane that rests itself within a barrier between existence and non-existence.” Stacey begins to slowly twist herself in a circle, waving her hands to show the area around them. ”The Pillars act almost like a doorway - the actual plane itself is more of a… mosaic, perhaps. Imagine, if you may, a cup of sugar, diluted into water. Its form changes when reaching that which causes it to recreate itself.” Stacey faces the Angels again, staring deep into their inquisitive eyes. “Humans don’t know this place - they can’t comprehend it. All of us, though? We have essentially transcended, and therefore travel between is simple. You see that which the brighter universe cannot, and that makes you very special in its will.” Jeanne interjects. “How are we special, though? You could have likely picked anyone else in our place -” “- and yet nobody would have done exactly what you have.” Stacey continues from this statement. “I find it fascinating that you don’t already see it, Jeanne! You would have loved it any other way, I’m certain. You would have probably been content with your death, but the universe would not have been. The universe kept calling you, all of you, telling you, urging you to move forward. It cannot live without the gears that make it as special as it is. Listen to the universe, listen to it cry out for solace! The universe needs you… and, we searched for you, for a very… VERY… long time. So… at best, I believe you should look at this in retrospect… think on your words and actions.” Stacey turns around, walking further towards Sanctum Dei. Vincent appears next, at a column behind them. “Don’t let her get to you too much. As true as her statement was, it wasn’t supposed to be as abrasive as it was.” Vincent smirks. “She’s just… worried, is all.” Vincent walks ahead, then waves his hands over, urging them to follow. “Well, I don’t see any reason we should keep “Him” waiting too long. Follow me, alright? You need to meet “Him”.” Standing at the door of Sanctum Dei, Vincent tries to open the door, only to find it unmoved. Relatively agitated, Vincent knocks. “Hey! Thomas, what’s the deal? This door’s never locked!” An echo of Thomas’s voice reaches through the corridor. “Yeah, sorry! That’d be Stacey. Just a bit of a security measure on her part, I suppose… it’ll just be a minute.” Vincent shrugs. “Ah, hell. Well, take your time then, Thomas. Believe me - we’ve got all day.” Vincent looks to the Angels, showing a condescending smile after a moment’s notice. “Great stuff, right? Not exactly sure why Stacey’s concerned, if I’m to be honest with you… although, she pretty much is what keeps the group together and working well, for us. She’s had the most time with “Him”, getting to know the most on the dangers to come. She knows more about the future than she lets off, but… in any case, I’m sure it’s for a good reason.” Vincent glances towards Adam, who is farther behind the rest of the group, looking around the room. “Hey, Adam, what’s your deal? Still in awe of this place or something?” Adam turns. “What? Oh, yeah… for a place that doesn’t exist, it certainly looks accommodating.” Vincent grins. “Ha! Yeah. If you think that’s impressive, you should see the Gardens, down the hallway labeled Lux Hortus. Pretty amazing stuff. Also, Vapor Serenitatem might be to your interest, but… I’ll leave that up to you.” A screeching sound shouts through the corridor, as the doors to Sanctum Dei begin opening. “Ah, took long enough.” Vincent states, turning towards the entrance. “Great stuff, Thomas, thanks! Anywho…” Vincent turns, quickly, and with a smile, looks to the Angels as the end of the hallway ahead of them begins to shine with a bright light. “Welcome to Sanctum Dei, the birthplace of all causality, the epicenter of all creation! Follow me - it’s time you meet your maker.” //
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    Prologue: “Drift” The trial. The test. The gateway. The fire and brimstone. The darkness. The fall. The blinding white light. All pass by as memories between the crew. The revelation of their fate has borne its seeds within them, and they know that. Gliding through the ebb and flow of space, they recollect on the events preceding them. Before the journey through the Citadel, Adam had faced his own form of regret. He had wished that he could have chosen a different path in life, that he could have just told his family that he did not want to follow in their military idealism, yet he could not muster this courage. In trial, he realized his lack of courage was not without reason… and yet, just the same, a part of him felt he could have told them off. Adam comes back to reality, hearing the flapping sounds of his and his group’s angelic Wings, which, compared to the Citadel’s, were flesh and bone. Looking to his right hand, he looks over the bull, Taurus, that now is embedded as a mark in his skin. To his left, he sees Jeanne, looking back to the stars that flow like stones in the water down below them. In this, he realizes that this was the fate that was set before him. He was always meant to carry on this torch, this lifestyle. He was meant to be a pure embodiment of the human strengths, and bravery. Not for the future of his family name, but for the entirety of Earth. It is this notion that he holds dearest. With his newfound confidence, he glides forward. Jeanne watches as Adam flies past her, catching up to the Prophets’ close trail. An elegance grows as she feels the heavy weightlessness around her. She remembers the visions that beset her mind and wrought her inner pain. In her recollection, she saw herself throw away the lifestyle she wanted to adopt, realizing the will within her. She understands that, confided in her, she has the power to move worlds… renew them, maybe. The Eye of Horus, imprinted to her hand, stares back at her as she glances at its intense effervescence. Waving her hand around, she sees each forceful push around it. Slightly, and yet so beautiful in person. Looking ahead, Jeanne sees Adam conversing with one of the Prophets… the one they call Thomas. Jeanne then decides to glide ahead. Vladimir and Alex both had been attempting to converse throughout the entirety of flight, yet the sheer feeling of flight itself had taken them. Flying to the others, Alex audibly can be heard, enjoying himself as he spins across the stars. Vladimir, sticking slightly further back, chuckles at Alex’s excitement. The group then soon stops. The Prophets stare forward at the nebulae that is the Pillars of Creation. Vladimir looks, in awe. “I… it’s-” Thomas interjects. “More beautiful in person?” Vladimir nods. Thomas chuckles at the response. “Yes, we thought so too. “He” picked quite the surreal location to hide away from outside forces.” Jeanne floats forward slightly. “You guys keep saying “He”. Not that I don’t admire this innate sense of confusion, but do you mind telling us who “He” may be?” A momentary silence, and then the Prophets begin to laugh. “Oh, you are something, Jeanne,” Stacey says, “but you should know.” The Angels look to each other, all of which are confused. David, seeing this, interjects. “Maybe you don’t exactly see it the way we do… look at the Pillars again.” The Angels look to the Pillars, and are shocked to find the Pillars are something more. An almost splendorous marble temple, larger than life, appears amid the view of the Pillars behind it. Almost immediately after this, they seem to find themselves at the large doorway into its depths. The Prophets had disappeared from their sight, and the Angels were worried on what to do next. Then, the door ahead creaks open, and… Vincent, in a corporeal form, pops his head outside of it. “Well, don’t just stand there! Welcome… to the Pillars of Creation!” //
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    I know I have been away for a while, but it seems like I am not the only one. Where is everybody? This site used to be a bustling hub of content and conversation. We potentially have the greatest Black Ops Zombies Epic about to drop in our lap and I am not feeling as much hype. I hope that everyone gets back in time for the theories and gameplay that drew me to the site. I miss the good ole' days!
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