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Damage differences PC and Console?

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Dear Community,


i would claim i am a relatively experienced Zombies Player and have been playing casually from time to time since Black Ops 1.

I came across a few World Record Videos from Players who manage to reach Rounds 100+. Impressive stuff. But i noticed that (especially in Outbreak) players can kill Zombies Round 50+ with a single shot. 

Me unsing the Hauer77, max Weaponlevel, built for maximum firepower, Legendary rarity and triple Paped can barely kill a regular, unarmed Zombie in Round 7 of Outbreak.


Am i doning anything wrong here? How come people can kill even armed zombies sometimes with a single shot? 


Here is a quick example. Round 1000. Still being able to kill Zombies like on Round 2 # : 




Plus they dont even run as fast as they do in my game. 

What is all of this about?


Thanks for answers!


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They made some significant balance changes late on in Cold War I think.
Maybe this was filmed before those patches?

I know the Task Force barrel attachment got a massive nerf and they did a big buff to max zombie health cap.
Not sure exactly when those changes happened though.

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