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Requiem (15/15)

Audio Logs (4)


"The Zakarpatska Oblast" - Ravenov reveals to Weaver the location of Operatsiya Izbavitel.


Weaver: Ravenov.

Ravenov: Ah, good. I was getting worried you actually did end up in that Dreamland cell. I trust our mutual friend is listening in?

Weaver: Nothing gets past you.

Ravenov: You can never be too sure these days. Trust is in short supply, especially among allies. You have received the Madrid drop?

Weaver: We're still combing through it, but so far we've been able to corroborate everything in there. There's just one thing missing. Operatsiya Izbavitel: where will it happen?

Ravenov: Quite the undertaking, isn't it? A massive particle accelerator, and a specialized machine built with a single purpose -- to find, and extract a needle from a haystack.

Weaver: Zykov.

Ravenov: The Lost Russian. A man out of time, buried so deep within the Dark Aether, special equipment is needed to free him. But where to house such an operation? You need space, power... privacy.

Weaver: Enough, Sergei. Where is it?

Ravenov: And what of my end of the bargain? Agent Maxis.

Weaver: Once we have Zykov, she'll be released. I have the Director's word.

Ravenov: I could care less about his. Do I have yours?

Weaver: ...you have it.

Ravenov: There is old Spetsnaz Training Facility. At the Zakarpatska Oblast, in the Ukraine. It was given to Omega for early Operatsiya Inversiya testing in '84. We called it 'Test Site Anna'. You know it?

Weaver: ...I have friends who did. I didn't know it was repurposed.

Ravenov: With for good reason. It was shuttered after an incident in '81. I trust this is all you need?

Weaver: I'll keep you informed when we make our move, Ravenov.

Ravenov: I'll do you one better: I'll be there.

"Symbotic Relationship" - Strauss records his findings on three particularly unique crystals - and their special ability to forge an ancient aethereal weapon.


Strauss: Throughout my studies of Dark Aether crystalline structures, few have intrigued me as much as the symbiotic relationship shared by three particularly unique and rare crystals. On a molecular level, these three are codependent. While each can survive on its own, they are exponentially more powerful when unified. There is the Polymorphic Crystal Core, which has developed the most fascinating survival technique -- it can reconfigure its form at will. There is the Energetic Geode, a highly volatile crystal that can evolve when impacted with high concentrations of Aetherium. And there is the Tempered Crystal Heart -- the name is no misnomer, it is quite literally the heart from a Dark Aether species, extracted only when exposed to extreme heat. When all three are submerged in an Aetherium pool, they coalesce, forming an ancient Aethereal weapon. The Tempered Crystal and Geode are both naturally occurring. But considering its function-driven final form, I believe the Polymorphic Crystal is manufactured by something in the Dark Aether, enabling the symbiotic relationship between the three. As to who created it, we may never know. But their creation speaks for itself.

"Russian to Russian" - Weaver formally introduces himself to Zykov - and makes a deal.


Weaver: How the hell... how did Grey turn this thing on?


Weaver: There you go.

Zykov: Hello? Who... who is this?

Weaver: You don't know me. At least, I don't think so.

Zykov: You are... Requiem? Or Omega?

Weaver: From your point of view, I bet its hard to tell the difference these days.

Zykov: Ah: so Requiem. Omega would not possess such self-awareness. But you are... Russian. And you side with the Americans?

Weaver: I think you know it's never that simple. My name's Grigori Weaver. Special Operations Officer at Requiem. For the last seventeen months, you've been in contact with my team. You've helped them survive. You've tested them. All with a singular purpose: coming home. Yet we're not the only ones you're talking to. You've been playing both sides.

Zykov: You both want the same thing: to stop the Forsaken. I just want to come home. How I accomplish that means little to me.

Weaver: Pretty selfish. Needs of one over the needs of millions.

Zykov: You do not know the Dark Aether the way I do. You could not possibly understand what I have done -- what I have sacrificed -- to survive this wretched Hell. If you were in my shoes, you would not be so quick to judge.

Weaver: Maybe. Here's what I know. Omega is planning on bringing you home. I know where and I know when. I just need to know one last thing: if we recover you from Omega, will you side with us? Will you help us?

Zykov: Yes.

Weaver: You will help us stop the Forsaken. I want your word, Russian to Russian.

Zykov: You have it.

Zykov: It is funny. When I speak to Russia, I talk to American. When I speak to America, I talk to Russian. Your world is... confusing.

Weaver: Always has been.

Zykov: No, Grigori. It was simple once. Once upon a time, you knew who your enemies were.

"For Health" - Weaver and Carter share a late night drink and discuss the future.


Weaver: Major Carver. To what do I owe the pleasure?

Carver: Well, considering we're on the verge of victory... I think I'll take that drink now.

Weaver: About time. Grab a chair. What's got you in such a good mood?

Carver: I could ask you the same thing.

Weaver: At 1500 tomorrow, Operation First Domino will be underway. Our team touches down at the Zakarpatska Oblast. Within an hour, Kazimir Zykov will be in Requiem custody. And Omega begins to crumble.

Weaver: Na Zdorovie.

Carver: Cheers.

Carver: And Kravchenko?

Weaver: If we have the opportunity, we engage, but Zykov is priority number one. You know this.

Carver: That's not what I'm asking.

Weaver: If our operation is a success... Kravchenko will have no more moves left to make. Omega will be finished. Chebrikov will decide his fate. When you work under the Soviet hammer, it always ends the same way.

Carver: You get nailed?

Weaver: Exactly.

Carver: So. We finish this, Omega is defeated, Zykov helps us stop the Forsaken. Then what?

Weaver: What do you mean?

Carver: I dunno, I just... can't shake this feeling. During Apache Snow, I took part in... let's just say I haven't forgotten it. It came back with me. I couldn't wash it off. We called it "The Stick". Requiem, the Dark Aether, this whole op? We can't just wash this away, either. We know things most can never imagine. So what happens to us?

Weaver: One day at a time, Mac.


Documents (6)

"Ancient Parchment" - A Dark Aether drawing of a deadly Aethereal weapon by the Zealot Sparagmos.


The Chrysalax
Forged in the pools of Aetheria, two forms the Chrysalax shall take.
The Savager, sharp as the mountains in the Badlands of Dipsarax.
The Storm, powerful as the winds on the Ocean of Zophoria.
For if you are to defeat the one who is many, it will take both to tear him apart.

The Devoured shall be reborn.
Their scattered ashes shall be reformed.
The Forsaken's torment will be undone,
When the Old Ones reign once more.


"Collapse Report" - A document discussing the environmental collapse and terraforming of several Outbreak Zones around the globe, including the Ural Mountains.


May 21st, 1985

SUBJECT: Ural Mountains Outbreak Zone Collapse

This afternoon several Outbreak Zones, including those in the Ural Mountains, experienced a catastrophic collapse in environmental stability. At approximately 1700 the Phase began to rapidly expand, raising Aetherium radiation levels by five thousand percent in a matter of minutes. Doctor Grey and Doctor Strauss are still finalizing their reports, but both believe these areas are now completely uninhabitable for life from our reality.

An immediate evacuation was ordered for all Requiem personnel. So far eight science teams have reported in, but three are MIA. We are still holding out hope, however Energy Research Team Deimos II and Unnatural Sciences Team Charon I were closest to the hypocenter of the collapse -- they would have less than a minute to react. Requiem Strike Teams had just touched down for Charlie shift when the event began and were successfully extracted moments later.

Reports from both Containment & Security and Energy Research have stated for months this was inevitable, however their timelines did not predict any event until 1987 at the earliest. While Aetherium terraforming crystals have been present in the Ural Mountains Outbreak Zones since formation, it is believed the Dark Aether vortices contributed heavily to the acceleration of the terraforming process.

This event was precipitated earlier this month when Aetherium radiation began interfering with my Strike Team's radar and biometrics, forcing the operators to take additional security precautions when in the field.

Since this evening, we have measured an expansion to each Zone by .25 inches. Doctor Strauss believes the only way to reverse the terraforming effects now would be to sever the connection between the Dark Aether and our world. Without a source to feed from, the Aetherium radiation would be unable to flourish and would dissipate in time. It is his recommendation we consider this possibility.

"Ancient Parchment 2" - Documentation of the crystals required to forge the Chrysalax by the Zealot Sparagmos.


Created by the blast of the three-headed beast, the Geode's sharp edges could cut through Inviktor's Shield, let alone the flesh of mortal or unmortal. The Chrysalax Savager cannot be forged without it.

Ripped from the chest of a Tormented Soul, the Crystal Heart burns with such vigor it could power the cannons of Norticus. Be wary, for its fire must remain lit for its potency to be assured.

The Polymorphic Crystal can shift its shape seamlessly -- the source of the Chrysalax's transformative prowess. A crystal of my own creation, ensuring the weapon cannot be forged without my guidance.

By my hand shall the Forsaken be undone.
He may have enslaved my Disciples but he shall not enslave me.


"Requiem Neutralizer Blueprint" - The design for field construction of an Aetherium Neutralizer, if an operator is compromised by the Phase.



If you find yourself compromised by the Phase, please refer to this guide for field assembly of an improvised Aetherium Neutralizer (provided you can procure the necessary parts).
- Strauss

Scrap metal can be used to assemble the housing unit that will power the device.

The Monitor need not be fancy. Any will do, provided it can broadcast updates to the user.

Please note: due to volatility of catalyzed Aetherium, fuel tanks msut be disk or saucer-shaped for adequate fluid stability.

Approved: Oskar Strauss
Date: 04/03/85

Post-It Note:
Recovered from abandoned Requiem safehouse.
Could be useful if Aetherium levels rise.



"Memorandum for the Board" - A memorandum from Requiem's Director discussing the events of Berlin and his involvement.


February 8, 1985

MEMORANDUM FOR: [REDACTED] - Board of Directors
SUBJECT: Berlin Event

Since Berlin, many of you have approached me about my involvement. I will make my intentions clear on the matter - then we will move on and be done with this.

Berlin presented an opportunity to acquire a pertinent piece of our puzzle. Instead of capitalizing on it, I chose to deploy countermeasures to ensure that the gateway would be closed. The choice seems to have perturbed more than a few of you.

Initially, my plan was to utilize the American forces on site, but their incompetence shone brighter than the sun. A communication from an Omega contact revealed they would be deploying Requiem's strike team in Berlin. Given their success rate up until this point. I knew the operation would be in the most capable of hands. I laid a trail of breadcrumbs and they eagerly followed, none the wiser to their role in my plan.

As you all know, and to my vexation, have repeatedly mentioned this week, we had the prized goose being offered to us on a silver platter - yet I chose to send the dish back to the kitchen. While I shouldn't need to explain myself, for the sake of discouraging further irritating lines of inquiry, I will put this simply: it was not the right time.

If we are to achieve our goal, we must do so at the proper time and place, when all the appropriate arrangements have been made. We were not ready to proceed when Berlin happened. We will not rush this. A single misstep here would be catastrophic for our work - not to mention life on Earth. And if that's not scary enough, you should also know it would be disastrous for your pockets and the shareholders. Perhaps those are stakes you can sink your teeth into.

Project Janus will proceed. When the time is right.

And worry not - Maxis will be dealt with. In fact, she is quite important to what comes next.

"Progress Report" - A progress report for the Director regarding the progress of another operation.


June 1st, 1985

FROM: Secretary, Executive Office
SUBJECT: Progress Report Week 10 - Test Site [REDACTED]

It was a big week down here in West Virginia. Our cover story went live in the town of [REDACTED], where the citizens were informed the nuclear power plant had experienced a tower failure and was leaking.

At this time, most of the town has been evacuated and placed in lodgings one county over. We've established a "Disaster Relief Fund" in coordination with the local government (the County is thankful for generous donation from "Jerry's Kats for Kids Foundation"), we expect relocations and payments to begin in two weeks.

As you predicted, a few locals weren't exactly keen on giving up their land and were asserting their "Rights as American Citizens" to protect their property. We'll see how they feel once we start construction on The Wall.

Three additional "venture companies" have been established so we can begin to move supplies in, including a shipping company at the West Virginia Public Port Authority, which is crucial to the 5,000 tons of steel we are expecting to be delivered next week.

We are still dealing with a shortage of boring machines on the East Coast (which is surprising, we are in Coal Country), which is now impacting the build schedule for our tunnel network. I'm seeing what we can do to acquire machines from the Midwest (Milwaukee and Indianapolis still owe us a favor), but it will take time to arrange.

Lastly, this week was orientation week for our latest batch of new hires - 53 scientists, 32 military personnel, 18 operations personnel, 4 custodians, and a partridge in a pear tree. We'll see how many make the month - our retention rate is up to 30% after the latest round. Improvements!

That's all for now. Looking forward to your arrival, sir.


Artifacts (5)

"The Chrysalax" - Forged in the pools of the Dark Aether, the Chrysalax combines three crystals, creating an Aetheral weapon that can transform at will between two forms.



"Housing Unit" - A sufficient housing unit for constructing an Aetherium Neutralizer in the field.



"Monitoring Device" - An adequate monitor for an Aetherium Neutralizer assembled from spare parts, capable of broadcasting status updates to the user.



"Fuel Tank" - A makeshift fuel tank for an Aetherium Neutralizer, saucer-shaped to stabilize the volatile catalyzed Aetherium.



"Aetherium Neutralizer" - It may not be professionally constructed, but this field-assembled Aetherium Neutralizer will still provide all the necessary protection from areas with high levels of irradiated Aetherium.




Omega (13/13)

Audio Logs (4)


"Fully Operational" - Kravchenko pays an unexpected visit at Test Site Anna - and informs Peck of an alarming schedule update.


Peck: --to the left, the left! NO, your OTHER left! Jesus Christ, this is why we use the imperial system --

Kravchenko: Doctor Peck. Hard at work, I see.

Peck: Colonel?... I wasn't expecting you for another week.

Kravchenko: Relax, Doctor... how is your "David" progressing?

Peck: My... what? Oh. Heh. We're proceeding on schedule, Colonel. As anticipated, your reallocation of resources has accelerated our timeline. We're looking to be fully operational by the end of June.

Kravchenko: Hmmm.

Peck: Uhm, that was what we agreed upon? We set Zykov's extraction for July 4th.

Kravchenko: Plans have changed. Zykov's extraction is now June 4th.

Peck: A month?? You gotta be shitting me. You can't reasonably expect us to move up the schedule by a whole month?? We won't have adequate time for testing. I'm not even sure the particle accelerator will be ready by that date.

Kravchenko: I don't want to hear excuses, I want to see results. As does the Chairing Committee.

Peck: Pardon my french, but this could fuck us. We are trying to extract a single person inside a dimension filled with billions of creatures. A single miscalculation could turn this place into its own fucking outbreak zone. You can't just throw a dart at a calendar and declare a deadline. Science. Takes. Time.

Kravchenko: This is not a discussion. Operatsiya Izbavitel is the crowning achievement of everything Omega has done until now. Once we have captured the Forsaken, he will be a weapon of unparalleled power to do our bidding. He will destroy the West in one fell swoop. We will be heroes. You will get it done. And it will work.

Peck: SHIT! What are you lookin' at, Mr. "Metric System"? I said to THE LEFT!

"Deja Vu" - As Kravchenko and Peck run their eighth attempt to extract Zykov, a catastrophic miscalculation is made.


Peck: This is Dr. William Peck. It is the 4th of June, 1985. 9:32 AM. This is test number 8 for dimensional extraction--

Kravchenko: --must you start with that every single recording?

Peck: Deja vu. All over again. All teams are in position, ready to proceed. Colonel?
Kravchenko: Activating resonator. Beginning magnetic amplification. Well? What does it show?

Peck: Dimensional barrier identified. Proceeding with scan. Barrier membrane is fluctuating. Increase voltage output by ten.

Kravchenko: Anything?

Peck: We're picking up something, I'm just not sure what.

Kravchenko: It's him. I know it.

Peck: We can't be sure--

Kravchenko: --Increasing voltage output by 20--

Peck: --by twenty?? What are you, insane?? Don't you dare--

P.A. System: Warning. Dimensional Breach in progress. Proceed to safe zones and await further instructions.

Peck: DAMN IT!

Kravchenko: Captain, get your men into position, I want the treat neutralized now!

Kravchenko: Captain??

Peck: Shit. Shit, shit, SHIIIT!

Kravchenko: Redirecting alignment. Proceeding with second scan.

Peck: Wait, what are you doing? We need to close that gateway immediately--

Kravchenko: --we will do no such thing--

Peck: --Aetherium levels are spiking across the facility, your men--

Kravchenko: --my men are loyal to Omega. "We were the First. We are the Last." That portal does not close. Not until we have Zykov.

"The Agreement" - Peck makes another phone call.


Peck: --I'm just telling you the date has changed, all right? June 4th, if you want him, you'll have to move fast.

Peck: The Forsaken's cage has been completed to your specifications. Once Zykov gives us the creature's location, we'll extract him directly into our captivity.

Peck: Kravchenko is blinded by abject loyalty and his determination to appease his superiors. You know this. Ever since you first told him about the Forsaken--

Peck: Don't bullshit a bullshitter. I'm not stupid -- I know it was you. I'll admit, at first I thought it was Strauss... maybe Weaver, but it's been you this whole time. You're the Requiem mole. I just want to figure out why.

Peck: Hey, remember: you came to be at Outpost 25. You told me to get rid of her, despite Kravchenko's orders. I threw her in the Dark Aether for you. Just because you didn't anticipate they'd get her back, that's not on me.

Peck: All I'm saying is, you want this thing: the Forsaken. You want it so badly that you don't care which side gets it for you, as long as you get it. If you're gonna pull this off, you need me.

Peck: So we have an agreement? Clean slate?

Peck: Good. I'll let you know when. Have your men ready.

"The Magnificent Two" - Gorev and Jager form a tentative accord should Operation Izbavitel fail.


Jager: So... we have an accord.

Gorev: Provided events transpire as you predict... then yes.

Jager: I will not let that man catch me with my pants around my ankles.

Gorev: An image I did not need.

Jager: So, to recap. First: Kravchenko and Peck free Zykov. Who, in turn, points them to the Forsaken's location.

Gorev: Once they have that, they'll extract it from the Dark Aether and place is securely in their prison box.

Jager: At which point we scoop in with our hind, as instruced, to take the cage to the facility outside Moscow. That is... if everything goes according to plan. If things fall apart?

Gorev: If things fall apart... Plan b.

Jager: Plan B, indeed.

Gorev: Your contact, he can guarantee our safety?

Jager: We will be granted safe passage -- and possibly employment, depending on how we play our parts. We are privy to a world of secrets few know even exist. In the right hands, we are more valuable alive. But, in Kravchenko's...

Gorev: I understand.

Jager: Cheer up, Gorev. We're the heroes in this. Like your Spaghetti Westerns. Ja? I'm Steven McQueen, and you're... well, you're the other guy.

Gorev: Yul Brynner.

Jager: Exactly. The Magnificent Two.


Documents (9)

"Operatsiya Izbavitel Approval" - A letter from Chebrikov, giving Omega Group authorization to proceed with Operatsiya Izbavitel.


11 January of the year 1985

On the authorization of Spetsgruppa
Omega Operatisya Izbavitel: To Colonel
Lev Kravchenko per order of Viktor
Chebrikov, Chariman of State Security

Effective 11 January 1985, KGB Spetsgruppa Omega has approval from the Chairing Committee to proceed with Operatsiya Izbavitel. Approval has been granted for the following procedures.


1. The recovery of Sergeant Kazimir Zykov, of the 1st Guard Tank Army, from the Dark Aether dimension.


2. The construction of a Particle Accelerator, the intended purpose of which is to breach the Dark Aether to recover Sergeant Zykov.


3. The construction of a Dimensional Amplifier, the intended purpose of which is to identify Sergeant Zykov's exact location in the Dark Aether.


4. The interrogation of sergeant Zykov to identify the location of the dimensional entity identified as The Forsaken. Omega is authorized to use any methods deemed necessary to acquire this information.


5. The delivery of Sergeant Zykov to our holding facility in Moscow for further interrogation, and to undergo "cultural reassimilation".


6. The use of the Particle Accelerator and Dimensional Amplifier to acquire The Forsaken from the Dark Aether.


7. The construction of a Containment Chamber to hold the Forsaken for secure transport to Omega's Moscow Facility. The entity is to remain in containment until subservience has been achieved through reprogramming.


8. The deployment of the Forsaken as a weapon to target our enemies in the West. Locations will be identified at a later date.

It should be noted that the approval for this operation was not unanimous. Those who voted against cited the exorbitant costs of Omega's operations, as well as their limited success rate. Although Omega has had more successes than failures, the costs of each failure has been higher than that of any other department.
Additionally, multiple members of the Chairing Committee have expressed concerns about Omega's greater mission. They feel that, despite the technological potential offered by Aetherium, these last eighteen months have demonstrated the risks of investing in the Dark Aether outweigh the reward.

In short, Colonel -- the future of this department is staked on this operation. Do not fail.

"Order of Operations" - A memorandum from Kravchenko to Omega Department Leads, reviewing the order of operations on the day Operatsiya Inversiya is to be executed.


28 May of the year 1985

On the order of Operations: To All
Department Leads per order of Lev
Kravchenko, Commanding Officer of
Omega Group

With the day nearly at hand, I felt it prudent to provide the finalized order of operations for 4 June to my Senior Staff.

3 June 0900: All senior staff members will take their positions. I will join Doctor Peck at Test Site Anna. Doctor Jager and Gorev will proceed to [REDACTED] Airfield. All other Senior Staff members should proceed to [REDACTED], our security facility in Moscow.
4 June 0300: Doctor Peck and I will activate the particle accelerator and the Dimensional Amplifier. If all goes according to schedule, Sergeant Kazimir Zykov shall be in our custody by 0500. He will be taken to the interrogation chamber where he shall be kept in isolation until 0900.
0900: I will personally interrogate Zykov until he divulges all information needed regarding the location of the Forsaken in the Dark Aether. He will then remain in isolation until the entity is captured.
1200: I expect Zykov will break by 1200, at which point we proceed to Stage 2 of the operation. Doctor Peck and I will reactivate the particle accelerator and the Dimensional Amplifier. Once we have identified the Forsaken's signature, we will pull him from the Dark Aether. Private Alekseev and Private Kuzmin will man the Aetherium Gun Turrets. I will inform both they have volunteered this evening.
1300: By this time the Forsaken will have been subdued and forced into the Containment Chamber. Once he is secure, Doctor Jager and Gorev will use their transport helicopter and airlift the containment chamber to our facility in Moscow.
1500: The Forsaken arrives at our facility. Containment Chamber will be taken to Sub-Level 2 of Hangar 7, and placed in Vault 12-B, which has been retrofitted with subsonic Aetherium Resonators. The pressure from the amplification should render the Forsaken incapable of movement.
1700: Sergeant Zykov is escorted to his vehicle transport. At 1730 vehicle transport will be ambushed by "American Soldiers". Both the driver and Zykov will be executed in what will be declared an "attack against the Soviet Union". This will be used to advance Omega's agenda in the coming weeks and months.

As a reminder, only the Senior Staff is aware of our mission parameters after Zykov's capture. General staff will be informed of Stage 2 at 1200. This is to avoid anyone having "second thoughts".
Our moment approches. We were the First. We are the Last.

Colonel Lev Kravchenko
Commanding Officer - Omega Group

"Test Site Construction Blueprint" - The design specs for the particle accelerator and the Amplifier tunnel at Test Site Anna.



Construction of the particle accelerator must match design specifications of the cyclotron at Endstation. Amplifier Tunnel must be lined with the Aetherium harmoning resonators to ensure accuracy of dimensional aperture.

Approved: Dr. William Peck
Date: 22 January 1985TestSiteConstructionBlueprint_Intel_OmegaGroup_Forsaken_BOCW.png

"Containment Chamber Blueprint" - The design specs for the Containment Chamber for Operatsiya Inversiya.



[Peck, what the hell is this for?]

Containment Chamber has been designed to the appropriate specifications required to hold The Forsaken. Height, width, and length must be exact -- based on our information, this is the approximate size of the entity. Walls of the chamber should be coated with an Aetherium primer, which should nullify any of the Forsaken's unnatural abilities.

Approved: Dr. William Peck
Date: 28 March 1985ContainmentChamberBlueprint_Intel_OmegaGroup_Forsaken_BOCW.png

"Location Targets" - Kravchenko discusses his thoughts on potential targets once Operatsiya Inversiya is complete.


29 March of the year 1985

To: Gorev
RE: Location Targets

Regarding our conversation last night, a few additional thoughts:

Washington, D.C.: Unleashing an interdimensional entity on the "Capitol of the Free World" certainly has some "punch" to it. However, I suspect both myself and Chebrikov have similar feelings about this target -- it demands retaliation. In the interest of self-preservation, we should find a target that encourages fear and submission, not anger and vengeance.

New York: Similar feelings. Unless we wish to encourage the wrath of the Western Bloc, we should avoid targets that are too high profile. To that end, perhaps it would be best to avoid targeting the United States directly.

London: While an island target certainly has its attraction, I am not convinced London would make a grand enough statement. Oddly, it does not feel high profile enough.

Berlin: This is interesting. Given its ongoing role in the conflict, the decimation of West Berlin would certainly be a symbolic victory. Further, if there were any potential remaining loose ends related to Doctor Valentina, this would be our chance to tie them off. However, after the death of that US Army Intelligence officer last week, there are currently too many eyes on the city. Perhaps it will subside by the time we are ready.

Afghanistan: Considering our ongoing involvment in this region, as well as the recent events at Ollamd, there is certainly a statement that could be made here. A decisive victory in Afghanistan would be a strong show of leadership from our newly elected General Secretary. We should discuss further.


"Aetherium Gun Turret Blueprint" - The design specs for the Aetherium Energy Gun Turret, to be used as part of Operatsiya Inversiya.



Powered by Aetherium Crystals, the Aetherium Gun Turret does not need to be reloaded, however a cool-down will occur between bursts so the weapon can recharge. Capable of heating up to over 2760 degrees Celsius, the energy beam can melt steel and liquify Aetherium Crystals. Should provide an adequate countermeasure for neutralizing the Forsaken.

Approved: Dr. William Peck
Date: 28 April 1985AetheriumGunTurretBlueprint_Intel_OmegaGroup_Forsaken_BOCW.png

"Forsaken Photograph" - A photograph of the Forsaken, taken in the Dark Aether by one of Omega's Aethernauts.


[Forsaken on the move with his army. Had only a moment to take photo. Saw many uniforms that were familiar - but they were altered. Cursed.]ForsakenPhotograph_Intel_OmegaGroup_Forsaken_BOCW.png

"ARC-XD Blueprint" - The design specs for the ARC-XD, a remote-controlled vehicle, carrying an Aetherium payload, capable of distracting undead enemies.



A support utility weapon, the ARC-XD emits a unique audio frequency that attracts certain undead speciments to its location. Continually generating a localized energy pule, the remote-controlled vehicle is lethal to enemies who may wander too close. Detonates on impact or when the Aetherium crystal has destabilized.

Approved: Dr. Hugo Jager
Date: 13 April 1985ARCXDBlueprint_Intel_OmegaGroup_Forsaken_BOCW.png

"Anton Note" - A note written by Omega Officer Anton, discussing recent happenings at Test Site Anna.



Something is wrong. I can feel it. I know you will say my "paranoia is acting up", but that is not the case. Not this time. They are lying to us. Or misleding us, at the very least.

What is our mission? Here at this facility, I mean. They say we are here to rescue a Soviet trapped in the Dark Aether. All of Omega's resources diverted, all to save one man? He must be very important.

Unless he is not why we are here.

Observation #1: With each passing week, I see more soldiers at the facility. Why the increase? Is this Soviet dangerous? I can already see you waving your hand, and saying "Anton, they are here for our protection, in case the enemy shows up". Yes, maybe this is true. I will give you that, but...

Observation #2: I spoke with my supervisor and asked if we should dismantle the helicopter. You know, the one hanging from the rafters, from when this was a training facility. He approved. Two hours later, Doctor Peck himself comes over and yells at me. He orders me to stop and rewire everything. He goes so far to order me to verify it works. I am happy to oblige, but why would he cares about the helicopter? What purpose could he possibly want it for? Again, I already know what you are thinking, "Anton, maybe it is also here for our protection. What does it matter anyway?" What does it matter? I have worked with Peck before, he does not concern himself with facility security. He believed it is beneath him. If someone else had stopped me, you would have a point, but for him to stop me? He wants to use it, in case something happens. What will happen? Well...

This brings me observation #3: I saw on the manifest a gigantic security cage to be delivered in two weeks. Pavel, I saw the dimensions -- it is bigger than my apartment building!! What do we need this for? For one man? No. I tell you. There is something they are not telling us.



Maxis (4/4)

Audio Logs (3)

"My Control" - Grey vists Maxis at Requiem's Block 8 facility.


Grey: Sam... there's someone here to see you.

Notso barks and runs towards Maxis.

Maxis: Hi Baby! I've missed you so much! You've gotten so big!

Grey: The Director said we could break from the 'no vistors' rule today, but..

Maxis: Not just a social call. Is it?

Grey: He wants a second opinion - mine - about your... state of mind.

Maxis: He wants to be sure I'm in control... of myself.

Maxis can be heard using her powers.

Grey: It's floating! The television is floating!! How can you do that?

Maxis: I can do a lot of things.

Maxis uses her powers again.

Grey: Oh my God... you're floating!

Maxis: Thank you for everything, Liz. You've been a good friend. More... more than a friend.

Grey: Sam... it sounds like you're saying goodbye.

Maxis: The Forsaken is almost upon us, and I might be the only one who can stop it.

Grey: I don't want you to do this.

Maxis: This is my choice, Liz. So... what are you going to tell the Director?

Grey: I'm going to tell him that you are in control.

Maxis: You will look after her, won't you?

Grey is heard sniffling as she cries.

Grey: Of course I will, Sam.

Maxis starts laughing.

Maxis: I was talking to Notso.

The laughter turns to sobbing, which soon stops.

"My Orders" - Weaver calls Maxis before Operation First Domino.


Maxis: ...Hello.

Weaver: Hello, Sam. I'm not allowed to visit in person, but I just wanted to... check in.

Maxis: Before the operation tomorrow? Be there... or be square.

Weaver: I know I can't tell you what to do - you wouldn't listen anyway - but seriously...

Maxis: I know my orders, Weaver. I assist with the infil, but then...

Weaver: You stand down. We can't risk any mistakes. We both now how badly things can go South if we act... impulsively.

Maxis: You're talking about the boy, aren't you?

Weaver: And the mother.

Maxis: It wasn't your fault.

Weaver: It wasn't yours either, Sam.

Maxis: Thanks for calling, Weaver. I'll see you in the morning.

Weaver: Goodbye, Sam.

"My Choice" - Maxis records her final personal log.


Maxis: I'll see you soon. Real soon. Weaver wants me to sit this one out, but he's not really calling the shots anymore. Maybe he never was. The Director is the one who knows what needs to happen. Maybe he always has. But... this... this is my choice. I know what must be done. I you... if you do run into the folks at Requiem... tell them I said... hello.


Documents (1)

"Maxis Approval Memo" - A report from the Director authorizing Maxis for Operation First Domino.


May 28, 1985

MEMORANDUM FOR: Requiem Senior Staff
FROM: The Director
SUBJECT: Maxis Approved for Operation First Domino

After consulting with Doctor Grey and Officer Weaver, I have decided to approve Maxis for Operation First Domino. Over the last several months she has learned much about her powers - and how to control them. She is ready.

Unfortunately, she has not been approved to return to Requiem at this time and will fulfill her obligations from our secure wing in Block 8, where my team can monitor her and ensure she is not at risk of injury (to herself or others). She may not be in the field, but rest assured she has a role to play as [REDACTED] and [REDACTED].

I know you have questions, and I appreciate your patience through this time. I understand what she has come to mean to you, and you only want what is best for her. Just know that in our house, she is safe.


Dark Aether (4/4)

Artifacts (4)

"Polymorphic Crystal Core" - Created by the hands of Sparagmos, the polymorphic crystal core can shift its form - the source of the Chrysalax's transformative powers.



"Energetic Geode" - Highly volatile, the Energetic Geode is created from a Dark Aether Crystal impacted by an Aetherium energy blast.



"Tempered Crystal Heart" - The fiery crystal heart of a Tormentor.



"Catalyzed Crystal Shard" - When assembling an Aetherium Neutralizer in the field, catalyzed Aetherium crystals create an acceptable replacement for the Aetherium Orb, if one is not available.




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