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Outbreak Season 5 Intel


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(R) denotes Season 5: Reloaded

Requiem (20/20)

Audio Logs (5)

(R) "Desperate Measures" (Location: ???) - As their enemies close in, the Requiem Senior Staff discuss a risky move.


Weaver: Apologies for keeping you all waiting...


Grey: Bad news?


Weaver: I'm trying to think of where to start...


Strauss: Beginnings are always good.


Carver: Strauss - just don't, okay?


Grey: What's on you mind, Weaver? We're all friends here... Good colleagues at the very least.


Weaver: The situation in Berlin could have been a whole lot worse than it was, but - thanks to Agent Maxis - we were able to get the strike team home safely.


Strauss: And eliminate that rather nasty threat from the... Nazis.


Grey: Isn't there something else we should be discussing?


Grey: What's going on... with Maxis?


Weaver: No, Not today. Omega are still several steps ahead of us - and I don't like not knowing what's coming.


Carver: I think we all know what's coming... and it's a threat from the Dark Aether itself.


Strauss: The Forsaken. It could well prove to be a bigger threat than Omega.


Weaver: Well that's what I'm here to talk about. Desperate times. Desperate measures. We need to reach out to those with... more 'inside' knowledge.


Carver: I really hope the next word out of your mouth doesn't begin with Rav...


Weaver: Ravenov. He's no friend to Omega, and I think he could well prove valuable to us.


Strauss: There is... another option... Or should I say ‘additional’ option.


Weaver: I know...


Carver: Zykov. He may be the only one who truly knows The Forsaken.


Grey: Are we suggesting we somehow... break this 'lost Russian' out of the Dark Aether?


Weaver: Poor bastard's been in there longer than anyone... and we need all the allies we can get.

(R) "Peacemakers" (Location: ???) - Carver attempts to reconcile past grievances with Strauss, and makes a bold proposal.


Strauss: Ah. Carver. Here to gloat? Do a "victory lap"?


Carver: Not sure I follow.


Strauss: Your outlandish theory has proved true -- and I was one of your most vocal doubters.


Strauss: You were right. Your "Commander-in Chief" presiding over a Dark Aether army. The Forsaken.


Carver: We both know me coming here to gloat would be a waste of time, Strauss: Ah! So what then? Here to celebrate? Regretfully, I am all out of champagne.


Carver: All right. I get it. You and me? - we won't ever see eye to eye. I'm a man of war. You're a man of science. In WW2. my father fought for the allies, while you fought for the...


Strauss: --how dare you. I never fought for anything more than my own research, and, in turn, my whole life has been in the service of men like you, who only want weapons. Violence. Annihilation.


Carver: You got this all wrong. I'm trying to prevent annihilation.


Strauss: Because you have the bigger stick? Nothing is learned through eradication.


Carver: What about exploration? Your research was only possible because my teams protected yours. I'm not the provocateur. I'm the peacemaker.


Carver: And that's what I'm trying to do right now. Make peace.


Carver: The Forsaken is coming. The way I see it, it's going to take your brains and my brawn to stop it.


Strauss: You are proposing an accord?


Carver: A temporary cease-fire. We need to work together if we’re going to stop this thing.


Strauss: I would be amenable to that.


Strauss: Surely you can pardon an old man for being stuck in his ways.


Carver: Shit. You're not the only stubborn bastard in this office.


Strauss: I do fear, Major, that we are already too late. I have been studying the primordial energy from the vortices. They are appearing more frequently, rapidly accelerating the terraforming process.


Strauss: In one month's time, we will no longer be able to contain their spread. As long as the portals remain open, they will continue to grow.


Carver: Well. Sounds like we need to find a way to close the portals then.


Carver: For good.

(R) "Butterscotch" (Location: ???) - Carver pays a hospital visit to Requiem's chopper pilot, Raptor One.


Raptor One: Come on in! Especially if its my most favorite nurse!


Raptor One: Shit... Sorry. Sir.


Carver: At ease, Captain. Mind if I take a seat?


Raptor One: With a Ribbon rack like that, you can do what ever the hell you want.


Raptor One: Shit... You can even have the bed.


Carver: No need... And - while it's not yet official, I think you can expect some of these ribbons yourself.


Carver: I brought you some chocolates.


Raptor One: Well, I appreciate it, Major - Especially seeing how as I just dropped my other ones on the bed. Aww, shit - they're just melting into the damn sheets. What the fuck is Nurse Mary Beth gonna think??


Carver: Captain. You're on leave for the rest of the month.


Raptor One: Wait. What?


Carver: You've done more than any commanding officer has a right to expect. You went through a lot.


Raptor One: Permissions to speak freely, Sir?


Carver: Well, with all the cussing you've been doing, I assumed speaking freely was already a given.


Raptor One: Um... You want a chocolate?


Carver: Sure. So long as it's from the fresh box and not the bedsheets.


Raptor One: Thing is - Sir - I don't want leave.


Raptor One: You like cherry creams?


Carver: Sure.


Raptor One: Good. I can't stand those creamy ones. My favorite's butterscotch - and then maybe the caramel.


Carver: Chocolates aside - May I ask why you don't want to go on leave?


Raptor One: I appreciate you visiting me - and the promise of some more medals - but I spent most of that last op tied up. Much like I am now.


Raptor One: If it's all the same to you, I'd rather get airborne again and do what I do best.


Carver: Hauling our strike team outta trouble whenever they need it?


Raptor One: Absolutely.


Carver: I understand.


Raptor One: Sir - One more thing...


Carver: Yes?


Raptor One: You want a butterscotch?

(R) "Soul Searching" (Location: ???) - Ravenov contacts Weaver with pertinent information about Operatsiya Izbavitel.


Weaver: ...hello?


Ravenov: Still all out of fucks to give, Weaver?


Weaver: Ravenov?


Weaver: You shouldn't be calling. This line is monitored and recorded. Just talking to you could land my ass in a six-by-four at Dreamland--


Ravenov: --you'll want to hear what I have to say, Weaver. As will your Director, who, if I am not mistaken, is also listening in.


Ravenov: I've done some thinking, some... soul-searching. I took what you said to heart. The one made of ice.


Weaver: Get to the point. What do you want?


Ravenov: Omega. Operatsiya Izbavitel. I know what it is. More importantly... I know where.


Ravenov: There is a test site. Used in the early days of Operatsiya Inversiya. It has been repurposed. That is all I can say for now.


Weaver: I'm going to need more than that if you want to get back into my good graces.


Ravenov: Even after all this time, you are still not listening. That is not why I have ever done any of this. It has always been about doing the right thing.


Ravenov: A courier will be delivering a parcel to Requiem's dead drop in Madrid. It contains everything I know.


Weaver: Why don't you come in? We can talk this out.


Ravenov: And end up in that six-by-four in Dreamland? I don't think so.


Ravenov: Review the documents. Then we talk.


Weaver: And in return? What do you get out of all this. Your name cleared? Safe passage to the West?


Ravenov: Nyet. I want you to release Agent Maxis. I have come to understand you are still holding her in captivity.


Weaver: You know I can't make that call.


Ravenov: But, as we both know, there is someone listening in who can. You know who you are.


Weaver: I'll see what I can do.

(R) "Unto the Breach" (Location: ???) - Strauss reflects on his work with Requiem, and the potential endgame that awaits.


Strauss: Oskar Strauss. Personal log. May 12th, 1985.


Strauss: It is late. My insomnia has returned for the first time in years. I try counting sheep, but I end up counting sins instead.


Strauss: Weaver says our conflict with Omega is coming to a head. The tipping point approaches. One final battle.


Strauss: Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more...


Strauss: Two sides in the mix: Requiem, Omega -- each desiring to destroy the other. One wild card in the deck: the Dark Aether, desiring to destroy us all.


Strauss: I cannot say what outcome East and West will bring, but with the Forsaken, there is no doubt: extinction.


Strauss: There is only one way to stop it -- close the gateways. Sever our connection to the Dark Aether. Forever.


Strauss: That would mean the end of my research. The end of Aetherium. But if we do not act, it could mean the end of the world.


Strauss: I recently found myself reviewing old records in Requiem's archive. From the war. I found documentation about a man who faced a similar conundrum. Professor Krafft.


Strauss: A Demonologist. Studier of the occult. A man forced to work for a great evil.


Strauss: Krafft's choice was not unlike my own. His life's work versus potential calamity. His choice speaks for itself, since we are here now to read the story of what he endured and accomplished.


Strauss: I hope I choose as wisely as he did.


Documents (5)

"Dark Aether Vortex Report" (Location: Dropped from Elite enemies or golden crates.) - Energy Research report defining the Dark Aether Vortex and analyzing its potential impact.




02 March 1985


1. DEFINITION: DARK AETHER VORTEX (D.A.V.) refers to any spiral energy current comprised of primordial Aetherium, capable of growing Aetherium Processors.


2. PURPOSE: From what has been observed, the sole function of D.A.V.s is to construct Aetherium Processors at an accelerated rate, increasing the speed at which terraforming can be completed. It can grow Aetherium Processors in one-fourth the time compared to natural maturation.


3. PROCESS: While primordial Aetherium has always been used in crystalline construction, the cyclonic nature of the D.A.V.s causes this energy to behave in unexpected ways. The increased velocity is critical to its ability to grow crystals at a faster rate. It is extremely unstable.


4. EFFECT: As stated above, the effect of D.A.V.s is clear. They are responsible for the increased presence of Aetherium processors, and key contributors to the terraforming acceleration.


5. IMPACT: The Dark Aether is rapidly expanding its presence in the Outbreak Zones. We are looking at a global terraforming event -- the question is no longer "If?" but "When?" While our harvesters can siphon the primordial energy (which causes the vortex to collapse), this is a temporary measure. We need to begin exploring a long-term solution before this becomes a global event.

"Krafft Journal Page" (Location: Dropped from Elite enemies or golden crates.) - A page torn from the research journal of demonologist Gabriel Krafft.


This rune keeps appearing from our digs, it must have a meaning...

-Krafft, 1944


Call of Duty®_ Black Ops Cold War 2021-08-12 20-13-30.png

(R) "Outbreak Expansions Report" (Location: ???) - Field Operations report for Requiem Senior Staff detailing the expansion of Operation Threshold into two new outbreak zones.


March 12, 1985

MEMORANDUM FOR: Carver, Grey, Strauss

FROM: Weaver

SUBJECT: Outbreak Expansions


As you all know by now, Operation Threshold has been expanded to incorporate two newly developed outbreak zones. All departments will be expected to extend their operations in accordance with the guidelines for each region.


The first region is in the middle of the North Atlantic, and our operations will run a little differently. Readings show the Dark Aether barrier is unusually impenetrable, and we have seen no attempts at dimensional terraforming. As a result, Unnatural Sciences will be limited to specimen analysis, Containment & Security will focus on HVT termination, and Energy Research will prioritize Aetherium collection and DAO experimentation.


The second region is located near an oil drill site in the Adrar Province, Algeria. Interestingly, this is the second outbreak at this facility, the first having occurred last fall. All operations viable in this region.


These are two of the larger outbreaks since the Ural Mountains last year. While there is no definitive proof as to "why now?" for either of these events, we suspect it may be in retaliation to what happened in Berlin last month.


I know we're piling on additional work onto an already loaded schedule, but let's stay on task and get this done.

(R) "Operation First Domino" (Location: ???) - Field Operations report for Requiem Senior Staff announcing the approval for Operation First Domino.


May 12, 1985

MEMORANDUM FOR: Carver. Grey. Strauss

FROM: Weaver

SUBJECT: Operation First Domino


We have received approval to proceed with OPERATION FIRST DOMINO. This will be a joint operation between all departments, led by FIELD OPERATIONS, with CONTAINMENT & SECURITY, ENERGY RESEARCH, and UNNATURAL SCIENCES acting in a support capacity. While we are still in the preparation phase, we anticipate deploying our strike team no later than one month's time.


We have received intelligence that Omega is proceeding with OPERATSIYA IZBAVITEL, an operation [REDACTED] We received documentation on this from [REDACTED], who recently contacted our director. We have independently verified this documentation. We have also identified the location of OPERATSIYA IZBAVITEL as [REDACTED] in [REDACTED] with the assistance of Field Asset POWDER KEG. I understand your suspicions, but I am told they are to be trusted in this instance.


Our mission is to intercept and take [REDACTED) into custody before Omega. They are the only one capable of stopping [REDACTED].


We are going to need all hands on deck for this one. If our understanding of OPERATSIYA IZBAVITEL is correct, Omega is putting all their eggs in one interdimensional basket. If we blow up this basket, it's the beginning of the end for Omega and our Aetherium Arms Race - while also helping us prepare for the greater threat that lies ahead.

(R) "Krafft Journal Page 2" (Location: ???) - Another page torn from Krafft's research journal.


Another rune unearthed in Mexico.

Markings are similar to the one found in Egypt.

--Krafft, 1944




Radio Transmissions (4)

(R) "Updates" (Location: ???) - Weaver radios the strike team about Requiem's future after the events of Berlin.


Weaver: Strike team - I just wanted to reach out with some... updates.


Weaver: First of all... Berlin. Your time as Kravchenko's prisoner. You've shown Courage and commitment - even in the face of severe adversity. I couldn't have asked for more.


Weaver: Even though we face an uncertain enemy - or enemies - I think we're approaching the endgame here.


Weaver: Omega is still out there - and truthfully - We don't know w their next play is going to be. All we can be certain of, is that Kravchenko's actions are becoming increasingly desperate.


Weaver: As you know - or I hope you know - Agent Maxis may be our most valuable asset. She's turning out to be something... special... As your rescue in Berlin clearly showed.


Weaver: Her time in the Dark Aether changed her in ways we're only just starting to fully understand.


Weaver: She's been undertaking some... Tests... With the Director.


Weaver: All I ask is that if we - if I - do let her return to the field, that you'll support her in whatever the situation we may find ourselves in.


Weaver: Weaver out.

(R) "Busy Bees" (Location: ???) - Strauss checks in on the strike team and discusses the progress he's made on his latest project.


Strauss: Requiem strike team, Strauss here.


Strauss: My oh my, it certainly has been a minute since we last spoke. You have been a busy bee -- Operatsiya Inversiya, Operation Excision... not to mention your little "detour" with Omega. Quite the global pedestrian.


Strauss: Well, while you were off on "holiday" in Berlin, I've been hard at work on replicating Doctor Zarkova's Aetherium Neutralizer. Admittedly, I haven't had much to go on, as we only recovered half the blueprint.


Strauss: However, as the Dark Aether's terraforming is ongoing and the Phase continues to expand, such a device will prove invaluable for your continued field work.


Strauss: Hopefully it will be available for field testing before too long.


Strauss: Considering the looming threat we now face, we will need everything available in our arsenal to stop it.

(R) "Walking Notso" (Location: ???) - Grey contacts the strike team with an update on Maxis.


Grey: Hey Strike Team. How you all doing? Sorry - just realized you can't really tell me - this communication is one way only.


Grey: Hey, Girl... What are you getting your nose into now?


Grey: You probably knew from the start that I wasn't real military.


Grey: Never did any PT... Never held a gun.


Grey: Don't think I'm cut out for it to be honest.


Grey: Hey! It's just a squirrel!


Grey: Sorry - I'm walking Notso. That's Sam's dog in case you didn't know! You might have thought 'walking notso' meant I was walking in some weird, funny way.


Grey: Speaking of Sam - Maxis - I've not seen her for a little while, but Weaver said she's doing well.


Grey: She's in Block 8... but I guess that's where they take you when you're...


Grey: She's a strong girl. Woman.


Grey: Not just strong... she's powerful.


Grey: Ever since she came back from the Dark Aether, she's had these... powers.


Grey: She can move things - I know we can all do that - but I mean she can do it without actually touching them...


Grey: It's like, if she really, really concentrates - she can just make things happen.


Grey: I think we all wish we could do that.


Grey: I know I do.


Grey: Come on Notso. Time to go home.

(R) "Act Three Time" (Location: ???) - Carver speaks candidly with the strike team about his concerns over what comes next.


Carver: Strike team! Damn, is it good to have you back in the field.


Carver: You know, after Berlin, a few Requiem folks were wondering if you'd be up for redeployment. Not your old friend Mac. Never a doubt in my mind.


Carver: We need you out there, now more than ever. Satellite surveillance shows the Outbreak Zones are expanding. Slowly, mind you, but they're growing none the less.


Carver: It's those damn terraforming crystals. They're shaking up the whole landscape. The Phase is making it uninhabitable. For us, anyway.


Carver: Shit. Wouldn't surprise me if one day soon the Oh-Zees just started collapsing.


Carver: ...look. I gotta level with you. Soldier to soldier.


Carver: Omega, The Forsaken. Something's going down here. General sense around the office is that we're headed towards some sort of conclusion Act three time. If all goes well, the next operation will be the beginning of the end.


Carver: So let me ask you. What about us?


Carver: The shit we're in right now, this... this interdimensional warfare? We're well beyond "classified" here. You don't just get to walk away from this.


Carver: So once this is over, once the good guys win... where are we going from here?


Artifacts (6)

"Frenzied Guard Canisters" (Location: On Collateral, on top of the Drapery in the town area.) - One of several interchangeable canisters for the W.A.N.D. weapon. When used, all enemies target user for ten seconds, with only their armor taking damage.


Call of Duty®_ Black Ops Cold War 2021-08-13 09-01-59.png

"Aetherium Rocket Model" (Location: On Collateral, near the Oil Tanks on some piping.) - A proof-of-concept model of Energy Research's Aetherium Extraction Rocket.


Call of Duty®_ Black Ops Cold War 2021-08-13 09-02-13.png

"Raptor One's Helmet" (Location: On Collateral, at the Helipad down a set of stairs and to the right against the wall that says "Helipad".) - The helmet belonging to Requiem's very own Raptor One.


Call of Duty®_ Black Ops Cold War 2021-08-13 09-02-25.pngCall of Duty®_ Black Ops Cold War 2021-08-13 09-02-20.png

(R) "Toxic Growth Canister" (Location: ???) - One of several interchangeable canisters for the W.A.N.D. weapon. When used. summons a growth of aetheral thorns that slow and damage any enemy that contacts them.



(R) "Agent Klaus Model" (Location: ???) - A model of Unnatural Science's Klaus robot. Created after-hours by Grey.



(R) "Requiem Helicopter Model" (Location: ???) - A model of Requiem's field ops helicopter. Personal effect of Raptor One.




Omega (13/13)

Audio Logs (3)

(R) "Change of Plans" (Location: ???) - In the aftermath of the Berlin incident, Omega Senior Staff discuss a new solution for the Forsaken.


Kravchenko: My report on the Berlin Incident has been well received by my superiors. We are in the clear... for the moment.


Peck: I'll bet. Thanks to my quick thinking.


Gorev: Watch your tongue, Comeback Kid. Before I remove it.


Kravchenko: While it pains me to admit, were it not for Peck's ingenuity with manufacturing the warhead, I do not know that we could have stopped Valentina and her army.


Jager: On that particular topic, perhaps we can discuss the interdimensional-sized elephant in the room? The Forsaken? A solution is necessary. It must be dealt with.


Gorev: Ah, of course, Doctor Jager you are still coming up to speed. We are going to rebuild Peck's inversion warheads. It is the only way to destroy the creature.


Peck: Actually, Gorev, uhm, looks like you're the one still coming up to speed.


Peck: We've moved in a... different direction.


Gorev: ...What are you talking about?


Gorev: Colonel?


Kravchenko: There has been a change of plan, Gorev. Peck and I are developing a new solution for the Forsaken.


Jager: ...is that so?


Gorev: ...Why was I not informed?


Kravchenko: All will become clear soon. Rest assured -- if it is successful -- it will mean salvation for the Soviet Union. Omega Group, all of us, we will be heralded as heroes.

(R) "New Frontiers" (Location: ???) - Kravchenko and Peck discuss Operatsiya Izbavitel.


Kravchenko: -- assume we are still on schedule, Doctor Peck?


Peck: Uh, yes, Colonel. Construction of the machine should be complete in six to eight weeks.


Kravchenko: Not good enough. We must accelerate development. If Requiem gets word of Operatsiya Izbavitel before we are ready...


Peck: I know, I know, but considering the scale of this operation, we're lucky to be on track at all.


Peck: The device to free Zykov was challenging enough, but this machine is complex. We're talking a new frontier. Undiscovered science. The sort of thing they write books about, then debate for decades... maybe centuries. We're shifting the paradigm, rewriting the rules...


Peck: This... this is my... "David".


Kravchenko: Your what?


Peck: Uhm, you know, David? The, uh... Michelangelo? Renaissance?


Peck: ...Maybe that one didn't make it to Russia yet.


Kravchenko: What can I do to expedite, your... "David"? Reallocate resources? Divert personnel to the project?


Peck: That would certainly help. Provided it's not too much of a hassle.


Kravchenko: This is the only thing that matters. Consider it done.


Peck: Thank you, Colonel.


Kravchenko: And the old War Hero? Still planning to honor his side of the bargain?


Peck: We bring him back to our reality, he'll help us stop the Forsaken. He thinks we want to kill it.


Kravchenko: Good. Let's keep it that way.


Kravchenko: Keep me informed, Peck. Without this "David" of yours. there is no Operatsiya Izbavitel.

(R) "Growing Concerns" (Location: ???) - Gorev and Jager discuss the latest developments with Omega's new mission.. and Kravchenko's motivations.


Gorev: Come.


Gorev: Oh. You. What do you want?


Jager: Can one not simply stop by for an unexpected visit, Gorev?


Gorev: I am in no mood to entertain your antics.


Gorev: That... is my grandfather's vodka.

Jager: And I must say, it looks as delicious as the boot it was probably distilled in.


Jager: Cheers.


Jager: So... it seems we are both being kept in the dark.


Gorev: ...So it would seem.


Jager: Like a couple of naughty children. Not allowed to sit at the grown-up table.


Gorev: Is there a point to your goading? Or are you just here to insult me and my vodka?


Jager: I am here because I am concerned. And I suspect you may be as well.


Jager: Peck and Kravchenko, Kravchenko and Peck. It is not like the Colonel to keep his most trusted man out of the loop.


Jager: You were his protégé. The son he never had.


Gorev: Where are you going with this?


Jager: Kravchenko has made his intentions clear. Operatsiya Izbavitel cannot fail. If it does, the man will do whatever he must to ensure his own survival. His neck may escape the rope. But what about ours?


Jager: Ahhhh... you also have concerns.


Gorev: Since Berlin the Colonel has become... reckless. The KGB's patience is growing thin. Should this fail, we will all pay the price.


Gorev: I trust you can keep this between us?


Jager: Ja, mein Freund. We have much more to discuss.


Documents (5)

"Berlin Report" (Location: Dropped from Elite enemies or golden crates.) - Kravchenko's Official statement on Omega's unexpected Berlin operation, and the betrayal of Valentina.


On Spetsgruppa Omega Doctor Aleksandra

Valentina: Viktor Chebrikov, Chairman

of the Committee for State Security


Chairman, regrettably I must inform you that the rumors you have heard by now are true. Doctor Aleksandra Valentina, Lead Researcher for Spetsgruppa Omega Psychotronics, is deceased. I know she was a favorite of yours - a rising star within the organization I can sympathize, as she was like a daughter to me.


The circumstances which lead to this event can only be described as foreign sabotage. Requiem has developed an Aetherium narcotic compound, capable of inducing aggressive paranoia, hallucinations, and schizophrenic tendencies. Valentina, while in the Ural Mountains, was injected with the serum by Requiem's strike team. We captured the strike team during their extraction, but the damage was already done.


Valentina experienced a total psychotic break, believing she was the daughter of Doctor Ulrich Vogel, and that she had been given a mission to liberate a Nazi Army from the Dark Aether. None of this is true, of course; we suspect she latched onto this fantasy as so much of her work had revolved around Endstation's research.


Fortunately, our men were able to intervene in Berlin before events took a turn for the worse. I attempted to reason with her, but after examination it became clear her psychosis was irreversible. I resolved the matter personally. As to Requiem's strike team: after processing they were transferred to Potsdam. We made little progress with interrogation, so I ordered them executed.


Finally, I want to assure you that this incident has not interfered with Operation [REDACTED]. We continue to remain on schedule and expect to be operational in [REDACTED].


Colonel Lev Kravchenko

"Enemy Engagement Report" (Location: Dropped from Elite enemies or golden crates.) - Gorev submits a report raising concerns over increasing encounters with Dark Aether hostilities in the Ural Mountains.


Progress Report:

Ural Mountains Breach - Increased Hostilities


Colonel, I am growing concerned about our operations in the Ural Mountains. Since Berlin, we have seen an increase in Dark Aether activity by more than fifty percent. The horde has doubled in size; our teams have reported more hostile encounters in the last four weeks than the last four months combined.


There is also the growing Phase issue. As new Dark Aether Vortices are reported every day, we are seeing the terraforming process accelerate across the region. There are concerns over how much longer the outbreak zones will remain stable.


We have lost forty men in as many days. I have teams in certain hot zones who are refusing to go on patrols after dark, and I must say, I cannot blame them for their hesitancy. Morale is in a freefall.


I speculate all of this is in response to our actions in Berlin. When we stopped the Forsaken from entering our reality, we may have gotten its attention in ways we did not anticipate. Perhaps this creature expected us to give in and let him take our reality without a fight. Now that we have reacted aggressively, it is reconsidering its tactics.


With the ongoing development of Operation [REDACTED], our forces are stretched thin. I would suggest we reconsider our Ural Mountains operations and assess if they are necessary at this time. The increased hostilities show little sign of dissipation. Without additional reinforcements, we will lose control of this region - not to Requiem, but to the Dark Aether itself.



Spetsgruppa Omega

(R) "Operatsiya Izbavitel Orders" (Location: ???) - Official Omega brief distributed to all departments ordering the suspension of ongoing operations, and the redispersal of personnel to support Operatsiya Izbavitel.


Marked: 18th of April 1985


On Omega Resources: To all

Spetsgruppa Omega Departments per

order of Lev Kravchenko, Commanding

Officer of Omega Group


As of now, all ongoing operations across all departments are suspended until further notice. This includes PSYCHOTRONICS, EXOSCIENTIFIC PHENOMENA, NECRO-ANALYTICS, and TACTICAL OPERATIONS at all Outposts - including the Ural Mountains. All resources and personnel are to be diverted in support of OPERATSIYA IZBAVITEL.


Each department will receive specific instructions shortly as to their new role within the operation. Teams will be asked to redeploy to [REDACTED] by [REDACTED). Each department is expected to complete their transition without delay. Please note that this measure is temporary. If our schedule is kept, all departments can expect a return to normal operations by [REDACTED], Skeleton crews will remain at each outpost with armed support to ensure our facilities remain under Omega control.


I know this move may come as a shock to many of you. As your Commanding officer, I can assure you that this was not an easy decision to make, but it is a necessary one. OPERATSIYA IZBAVITEL will determine the future of Spetsgruppa Omega - it is an effort we must undertake together, united as one. Its success will secure supremacy for the Soviet Union. It will be an honor to serve by your side as we achieve a better tomorrow.


We will face adversity. We will have monumental hardships that must be overcome. But we will persevere. For the Good of the Motherland.


We were the First. We are the Last.


Colonel Lev Kravchenko

Commanding Officer - Omega Group

(R) "Kravchenko Letter" (Location: ???) - Kravchenko writes a letter to his most trusted ally.


14 May 1985




A rift has formed between us. I am not sure how it happened, or what may have caused it, but I do know that since Berlin you have grown distant. Combative. Your unwavering loyalty has been poisoned by doubts and uncertainties. For both of our sakes, I hope it is not too late to fix this problematic behavior.


I am not one to reminisce on the past, but do you remember August '75? Before you joined my team, when you were still working with Internal Affairs. You were investigating my team for "corruption with malicious intent against the State." I was furious. I recall threatening to put your head through the wall. You laughed at that.


You asked me to trust you, that you had proof. Two days later you arrested Private Sidorov - a double-agent who had been delivering intelligence to MI-6 for years. He confessed to plotting my own assassination. I trusted you, and you did not fail me.


I am asking you now to trust me - as you have done all these years. This operation is our chance to get back into Chebrikov's good graces. If we succeed, we will give the KGB a weapon so powerful the West will have no choice but to bow before us and tremble. We will be celebrated as the saviors of the Motherland.


We are so close to finishing this, old friend. Who knows what the future may bring, but for now, be patient - we will deliver greatness to our people.



(R) "Test Site Anna Report" (Location: ???) - Considering the scale of the operation, Peck suggests an old test site be used for Omega's latest operation.


Progress Report:


Operatsiya lzbavitel - Test Site Anna


Colonel, after several weeks I believe I have finally triangulated Sergeant Kazimir Zykov's position in the Dark Aether. Having spent as much time as he has there, he is uniquely embedded deep within the other reality - it's no wonder he needs the help he does to make it back home. This won't be easy; we'll need to harness primordial aether energy to generate enough power to bring him back.


To that point, I believe Test Site "Anna" is our best option to run the operation. If that sounds familiar, it was used as one of our initial test facilities for Operatsiya Inversiya last winter. As such, it's already equipped to handle excess amounts of Aetherium energy and is the only facility with a power grid large enough for an operation of this scale. So I guess when I say best option, what I really mean is "only option."


With your approval, I'll begin preparations to move all necessary equipment to the new facility. We can begin construction of The Machine immediately.


Doctor William Peck

Exoscientific Phenomena

Spetsgruppa Omega




Artifacts (5)

"Valentina's ID Badge" (Location: On Collateral, at the base of the Oil Rig.) - Valentina's official Omega Group ID, from before her betrayal.


Call of Duty®_ Black Ops Cold War 2021-08-13 09-02-44.pngCall of Duty®_ Black Ops Cold War 2021-08-13 09-02-38.png

"Mimic Tentacle" (Location: On Collateral, at Village Dunes in some stacked pipes.) - The tentacle of an undead Mimic, possibly once an Aethernaut at Outpost 25.


Call of Duty®_ Black Ops Cold War 2021-08-13 09-14-31.png

"Boost Module Model" (Location: On Collateral, at Cliffs West.) - A model of Peck's Gravity Boost Modules, used at both Outpost 25 and for Omega's Ural Mountains operations.


Call of Duty®_ Black Ops Cold War 2021-08-13 09-14-39.png

(R) "Gorev's ID Badge" (Location: ???) - Gorev's official Omega Group ID.




(R) "Teleporter Model" (Location: ???) - A model of Peck's gateway teleporter, first developed for use at Outpost 25.





Maxis (12/12)

Audio Logs (5)

"Interrogation" (Location: On Collateral, in the Carpets building.) - After being taken from Requiem's headquarters, Maxis wakes up to find herself in a new facility.


The Director: Wake up. WAKE UP!


Maxis: Where am I? Where's Notso?


The Director: You will answer our questions. Do you understand?


Maxis: Who the hell are you?


The Director: That's not important. What's important is who you are. What's your name?


Maxis: Fuck you!


The Director: Where were you born?


Maxis: Kiss my ass!


Maxis: AARRRGH!!!


The Director: Your name is Samantha Maxis. You were born in Berlin - November 5th. Is that correct?


The Director: Is that correct?


Maxis: I don't know... Everything is different now.


The Director: Oh, I know that better than you...


Maxis: Where. Am. I?


The Director: You're in Block 8! A facility specifically designed to take care of... people like you.


Maxis: Take care of? People like me?


The Director: You are here to undergo some... 'Specialized tests'.


Maxis: What kind of tests?


The Director: You'll find out. Soon enough. The Dark Aether changed you in many ways.


The Director: I just need you to know how much...


Maxis: You don't know anything about me.


The Director: Really? I think you're going to be very surprised...

"Test" (Location: On Collateral, in the Pump Room.) - Maxis is asked to provide a demonstration.


The Director: Hello, Sam.


Maxis: Leave me alone.


The Director: No. We've got work to do.


Maxis: You going to electrocute me again?


The Director: I really hope it doesn't come to that.


Maxis: What do you want?


The Director: I want you to show me some of your powers. Weaver and Grey both saw you do it - why should I miss out?


Maxis: What are you talking about?


The Director: I want you to move something - using only the power of your mind.


Maxis: If you'd come down from behind that glass, I'd move something alright.


The Director: I was worried you'd be like this. Why can't we just get along? I promise you - what I'm doing is for your own good.


Maxis: You're insane.


The Director: Maybe. But I know what you're capable of... I just want to see it for myself.


Maxis: What if I don't want to?


The Director: That would force me into the regrettable position of having to use more 'severe methods'.


Maxis: Is that a threat?


The Director: No. Not a threat... Just an incentive.

"Fifteen Days" (Location: On Collateral, in the Warehouse on a pipe that must be shot down.) - Maxis is provided an incentive.


Maxis: Hello... 'Mister Director'.


The Director: Oh, you heard me come in? You're very perceptive, aren't you?


The Director: Do you know how long you've been here?


Maxis: Not counting bathroom breaks and mandatory exercise?


Maxis: 15 days... As of today.


The Director: And still no breakthrough?


Maxis: What kind of breakthrough do you want? Your only goal seems to be trying to make me angry... but I'm not...


Maxis: Just disappointed.


The Director: You're probably going to be more disappointed when this session is over.


The Director: You do know that none of them really care for you... Strauss, Carver, Weaver... Even Grey. They've barely inquired as to your current 'situation'.


Maxis: That's not true.


Maxis: They wouldn't want me to be here. You're just trying to manipulate me... Test my emotional responses.


The Director: Like you did with them? Do you even know how much trouble you caused for your Requiem friends?


The Director: Going behind their backs on your little 'secret squirrel' mission with Ravenov?


Maxis: I looked Weaver in the eye when I was taken... to be brought here. He didn't want this.


The Director: You like him don't you?


Maxis: Not in the way you think. We just have history. Shared history. Shared... Trauma.


Maxis: You wouldn't understand.


The Director: I do understand. In fact I was very forgiving about the whole thing.


The Director: I mean... Given Weaver's failures and lapses in security, I could easily have had him 'disappeared'.


Maxis: Don't test me.


The Director: Maybe I still should...


Maxis: I'm warning you!


The Director: What on earth could you possibly do to me?


The Director: You really are just a pathetic, sad, little, lost girl...


Maxis: RAARRRGH!!!


The Director: Oh, dear... I suppose we'll have to replace that glass now.


The Director: But... at least we're making progress.

(R) "Thirty Seconds" (Location: ???) - Maxis is forced to act.


The Director: We're going to try something a little different today.


Maxis: What's going on? What are you doing?


The Director: It's your fluffy friend.


Maxis: She's not fluffy. Her name's Not so.


Maxis: Notso Fluffy.


The Director: Cute, I suppose. I just thought you'd be pleased to see each other.


Maxis: We are.


Maxis: But I don't suppose you would know how it feels to be loved.


The Director: Playtime's over.


The Director: Guard - You have your orders.


The Director: Please take aim.


Maxis: What??!


The Director: In exactly thirty seconds - by my watch - the guard will pull the trigger.


Maxis: How dare you - what the fuck is wrong with you?


The Director: Twenty five.


Maxis: She's done nothing wrong!


The Director: Eighteen.


Maxis: What kind of a monster are you?


The Director: Ten.




The Director: You know what I want.


The Director: Five.




The Director: Three.


The Director: Two.


The Director: One.


The Director: Stand down, Soldier.


The Director: Well done, Samantha - you successfully teleported your dog to safety. I can't begin to tell you how proud I am...


The Director: Of you.

(R) "Sixty-Two Days" (Location: ???) - Maxis is told to make a choice.


Maxis: 62 days.


The Director: Sorry...? I'm not sure what you mean.


Maxis: That's how long I've been here - 62 days.


The Director: Is that including bathroom breaks?


Maxis: Honestly?... Fuck you.


Maxis: Sorry. Saying that's just me taking my mandatory exercise.


The Director: What a potty mouth you have...


Maxis: Apologies. What I meant to say was...


Maxis: FUCK YOU!


The Director: Can I direct your attention to the monitor? The one on your right.


Maxis: Elizabeth?! She's asleep! Why-Why are you... Watching her?!


The Director: Not just Grey - I watch everyone.


The Director: Bring in the prisoner.


Maxis: What do you want from me this time? More magic teleporting?


The Director: No. Something much more important. This is a captured Omega agent and I would like to see you kill him - using only the power of your mind.


Maxis: I won't do it.


The Director: Won't or can't? I think the former.


Maxis: You can't make me.


The Director: Take another look at the monitor. Do you see the figure standing very quietly in the corner of her room? The one who's just raised a pistol to Doctor Grey's head?


Maxis: You're sick.


The Director: The way I see it, you have a clear choice - Kill the very, very bad person, or let the very, very good person die. It's simple really.


The Director: Please don't make me give you a countdown, because this time I would actually start on five.


Maxis: I... I can't.


The Director: Trust me. You can. Four...


Maxis: I'm so sorry...


Maxis: Raagh!


The Director: You may not realize it yet, but trust me, Samantha...


The Director: Today was a very good day.



Documents (4)

"Week 1 Summary" (Location: Dropped from Elite enemies or golden crates.) - Requiem report on Maxis's first week at the secretive Block 8 facility.



08 December 1984


Monday - Dec 3: Subject [REDACTED] arrived at BLOCK 8 Testing Facility located in [REDACTED]. Subject had to be restrained and sedated almost immediately; upon arrival they managed to pick their handcuffs and incapacitated two guards in an attempt to flee facility grounds. Apparently in transit there were two similar incidents. Subject was given a shower, fresh clothes, and placed in isolation.


Tuesday - Dec 4: Subject refused both morning and evening meals, yelling profanities at the guards throughout the day. Subject was given one hour to walk the grounds and exercise under armed escort. No escapes attempted.


Wednesday - Dec 5: Subject had initial sessions with [REDACTED]. Session 1 was structured as orientation for the two to become familiar and "establish boundaries" with each other. Session proved beneficial for both parties.


Thursday - Dec 6: Subject attempted to escape cell block, using an improvised lockpick fashioned from a plastic spork. Subject has demonstrated that they cannot be trusted with utensils of any sort.


Friday - Dec 7: Session 2 with [REDACTED]. Initial test telekinetic abilities without coercion. Subject refused. Session terminated early. [REDACTED] has decided to pursue more unorthodox methods to provoke response.

"Subject Rules" (Location: Dropped from Elite enemies or golden crates.) - Requiem report detailing Maxis's treatment while at the Block 8 facility.


MEMORANDUM FOR: Block 8 General Staff




Tomorrow morning at approximately 0800 Subject [REDACTED] will be delivered into our custody, after two-days travel from [REDACTED]. Ahead of their arrival, I wanted to take an opportunity to lay out a few basic "ground rules."


1. Subject is to be kept in isolation ward.


2. Subject is to be given one hour a day outside for exercise and "fresh air." When outdoors, subject must be escorted by no less than three armed guards.


3. Subject is to be provided two meals a day at twelve-hour intervals - 0600 and 1800.


4. Subject is to receive no visitors. This is not an unusual rule for our facility, however Subject is an associate of several Requiem Senior Staff members who may attempt to gain access under false pretenses.


5. No dog.


6. No sharp objects of any sort. Subject is a security risk, flight risk, and risk to self. They are cunning - a trained field officer knowledgeable in spycraft in possession of a wide array of skills. If they have an opportunity to escape - one way or the other - they will take it.


7. During their time at [REDACTED] Subject developed a proclivity for keeping a journal. This habit should be maintained for mental health purposes. Paper and a soft marker are to be provided.


8. Do not interact with Subject unless instructed to do so. To expand on the above point in Rule 6, they are intelligent, charming, and manipulative. They will attempt to form a sympathetic bond in order to facilitate their escape.


9. Finally, Subject must be treated with caution at all times. They are elementally unstable, in possession of undetermined psychic abilities that could be triggered at any moment. They are not in control. Not yet. 

(R) "Weaver Letter" (Location: ???) - Maxis writes a letter to Weaver.


Marked: 14.04.85


Weaver -

I want you to know that I forgive you. I understand now that you had no choice in me being sent here.




They told me that if we made enough progress, I would be able to write to you. We have made [REDACTED], so here I am - Writing to you.


It's taken me some time to realize just how much I've changed - and how much change is [REDACTED] - but I get it now.


[REDACTED] made me understand - Even if his methods were [REDACTED].


I don't know if you were party to it - or if it was [REDACTED]- but he threatened [REDACTED]... He threatened [REDACTED].


He even threatened [REDACTED].


You know I would never intentionally hurt anyone or anything.


I'm not a bad person.


I am a good soul.


I don't just believe that.


I know that


- Maxis



(R) "Grey Letter" (Location: ???) - Maxis writes a letter to Grey.


Marked: 30.04.85


Hi Elizabeth!


Now that I'm [REDACTED], they told me I could start sending correspondence.


Whether or not it will reach you, I can't be sure... Maybe it'll end up in the trash, or worse yet - form another part of yet another [REDACTED].


Regardless, I wanted to tell you that I'm sorry. Sorry for all the trouble caused when I persuaded you to [REDACTED].


It was wrong of me to do that - to put someone like you in that position.


I promise you - I will never let it happen again.


No matter what threats [REDACTED] makes.






I hope you are well. I hope you've been having fun with Notso.


I knew she liked you.


I knew she would be happy with you.


Here's to the future.

I hope I see you there.


Your Friend -







Radio Transmissions (3)

(R) "New Frequency" (Location: ???) - Remember me?


Maxis: Hello Strike Team. Remember me? It's Maxis. First of all, I want to apologize for my recent actions...


Maxis: For... leading you astray during your operations in the Ural mountains. Maxis: I say recent, but in all reality, it was months ago. What can I say... time moves differently at Requiem. Especially for me.


Maxis: We've all been through a lot, but the Director thought it might be 'appropriate for me to reach out to you... Directly.


Maxis: Again.


Maxis: If I could say anything, it would be to say thank you - for all that you've done.


Maxis: After all.. You're the ones who are in the field. Risking your lives.


Maxis: I know how that feels... Believe me.


Maxis: But... I think I'm pretty much done here.


Maxis: Hopefully, they'll let me leave this place soon.



(R) "Understand Me" (Location: ???) - I know I led you astray, but please don't think I'm a bad person.


Maxis: It's taken me some time to understand everything... To understand who I am.


Maxis: I hated him for what he did to me, but he was right.


Maxis: I know I led you astray, but please...


Maxis: Don't think I'm a bad person.


Maxis: I'm not.


Maxis: I am a good soul.


Maxis: But, I have to do what I'm going to do...


Maxis: What I need to do.

(R) "Power" (Location: ???) - I never felt weak, but it's only recently I realized how powerful I am.


Maxis: I've never felt weak...


Maxis: But it's... only recently I realized just how powerful l am.


Maxis: I can move things.


Maxis: I can change the way things are.


Maxis: Sometimes, I can hear people's thoughts.


Maxis: I can open gateways that allow us to move from this place to the next.


Maxis: One place to another. Like I did in Berlin. Like I did at Outpost 25.


Maxis: Maybe, just maybe... I could wish myself into a better world.


Maxis: Anywhere other than here.


Maxis: But something is stopping me.


Maxis: Blocking me.


Maxis: I don't know what it is.


Dark Aether (9/9)

Audio Logs (2)

"Lost Souls: Piotr 1" (Location: Acquired from the trial computer.) - Some manage to escape this place, but the crossing between worlds is dangerous.


Pyotr: It has been a long time.


Pyotr: I can hardly remember before. There is only now. And "Now" is not a time I would wish upon anyone.


Pyotr: This place has changed. It is unsustainable.


Pyotr: Many bow before one. Those who do not are consumed. The rest of us... we cower in shadow.


Pyotr: Some manage to escape, but the crossing between worlds is dangerous.


Pyotr: They arrive home disfigured. Changed into fiery demons. Horrors devoid of humanity.


Pyotr: I hear they are killed almost instantly, when all they wanted was to escape.


Pyotr: But they were no longer human. So the good soldiers bring their suffering to an end.

(R) "Lost Souls: Piotr 2" (Location: ???) - I have found a way through. A way that does not end in death.


Pyotr: I have found a way through. A way that does not end in death.


Pyotr: There are strange mechanical boxes. They move between worlds.


Pyotr: I climbed inside one. When I crossed over, I still changed, but not into a fire demon. Something... more.


Pyotr: I found people. Soldiers. Like I had been.


Pyotr: They do not know I am like them, yet still they help me. You do not see such kindness here. I forgot what it felt like to be helped.


Pyotr: I am grateful.


Pyotr: I try to repay them, provide aid in their battles. It is... the least I can do.


Pyotr: But then... the Forsaken finds me. He does not let me escape for long. He pulls me back.


Pyotr: So l escape again. Doomed to repeat this endless cycle.


Pyotr: Still. It is nice to see home.


Radio Transmissions (3)

"The Machine" (Location: Acquired from the trial computer.) - Zykov and Peck discuss the progress that's been made to bring him home.


Zykov: -- I hope you understand now what is at stake, my friend. The Forsaken. It wields a dangerous power.


Peck: Yeah, no kidding. Valentina nearly cost us all our jobs.


Peck: That, and, uh, almost destroying the world.


Zykov: Next time we will not be so lucky. He has seen a demonstration of your capabilities. He will not make the same mistakes again.


Peck: Hey, with any luck, we'll have him making all new ones. Thanks to you.


Zykov: So your commander has signed off on our proposal?


Peck: Not just yet. But I'm making progress. We'll have you home before you know it, as agreed.


Zykov: And in turn I will honor my part of deal and help you kill the Forsaken.


Zykov: You have received my schematics? For the machine.


Peck: That and the pieced you built yourself.


Peck: Listen, Zykov -- I need to level with you. This is going to take some time to construct.


Peck: Your design... it's a technical feat. I've never seen anything like it. It's... overwhelming. This will take time to wrap my head around.


Zykov: Your transparency is why I know you are the perfect man for the job. You respect the science and difficulty of the task.


Zykov: Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. You are wise not to treat this lightly.

(R) "Broken Trust" (Location: ???) - Zykov acknowledges a certain truth to the strike team.


Zykov: My... friend. Today I am not sure if I should call you that. Friendships are built on trust. And I wonder if our trust is broken.


Zykov: You see, just as I speak with you, I have also been in contact with Omega Group.


Zykov: Whether or not you are already aware of this, it would be worse for me to pretend it is not so.


Zykov: Oh, I am not fooling myself. I know what they are. But all of us face a threat that dwarfs your "cold war." The Forsaken is bigger than East and West. Unchecked, he will end you both.


Zykov: Now Omega has a plan to free me from this place. And I am inclined to accept -- not simply to escape, but to stop the Forsaken. And I can only do that if I return home.


Zykov: So if you no longer wish to be my friend, I understand. Or... if you can bring me home before Omega, so much the better. But whichever side frees me matters less than saving our world from the monster that devoured this one.

(R) "Make This Right" (Location: ???) - Zykov makes a deal with the strike team.


Zykov: You are still listening. Good. I hope this means our partnership continues, despite my contact with Omega Group.


Zykov: And I certainly trust you more than anyone on their side. I know who the "good guys" are. But we are running out of time. Moral purity is not a luxury I can afford.


Zykov: Nevertheless, I will make you a deal. If Requiem can bring me home before Omega, I will join your strike team. We will fight shoulder to shoulder against the ultimate evil.


Zykov: We can make this right, my friend. We can stop the Forsaken together. But first, by all that is holy, you have to get me out of here.


Artifacts (4)

"Empty Deadshot Daiquiri" (Location: On Collateral, at Hazardous.) - An opened can of Deadshot Daiquiri. Likely used by an operator who was ready to quit complaining about their bad aiming.


Call of Duty®_ Black Ops Cold War 2021-08-13 09-03-12.png

Call of Duty®_ Black Ops Cold War 2021-08-13 09-03-23.png

"Demented Echo Head" (Location: On Collateral, at Oasis against the large rock.) - The head of a Demented Echo, seen around the Ural Mountains Outbreak Zone.


Call of Duty®_ Black Ops Cold War 2021-08-13 09-03-31.png

(R) "Empty Tombstone Soda" (Location: ???) - An opened can of Tombstone Soda. Likely used by an operator who saw death waiting and didn't lose their hope.




(R) "Empty Mule Kick" (Location: ???) - An opened can of Mule Kick. Used by an operator who wanted to be strong like a mule, stubborn like a mule, even kick like a mule. EL BURRO!





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