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Upgrade T.O.T Weapon

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On 5/27/2021 at 3:01 PM, Patrick Hamacher said:

Is it possible to Upgrade the t.o.t. Weapon at pack-a-punch? I can't do this. 


The T.O.T has two different conditions at least, depending on what you're playing. 

On Die Maschine, you have to do small quests to get each one for the 4 elemental ammo types

and on Outbreak, you simply need to find each of the upgrade boxes around 4 of the maps. 

I believe the locations are. 

Duga, on the Radar Array - Electrobolt

Alpine, on the bottom right of the map near the Highway - Cryofreeze

Ruka, in the burned forest - Thermophasic 

Golova, at Train Loading - Nova 5


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