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  1. Yeah bro we ain't devs. I'm pretty sure the Activision forums can help you tho.
  2. In regards to number 3, not true. People can't be onions. To be an onion is preposterous. He will never be an onion.
  3. Oh it's a pun on Toten like the Die.
  4. I found one. Behind the barrier on the left most side of Rocky defense.
  5. You have to mag dump it multiple times. There is nothing you are missing the detection just sucks. Hopes this helps
  6. No you do not need Playstation Plus. Just open the app with a wifi connection and it will start to download.
  7. Great Job on the solve. I am betting that one of the characters in Requiem (Carver, Grey, Strauss) will be the mole. Especially Grey I think she is the most likely suspect.
  8. Yes the map is free to download. To download the map you must be online.
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