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The Illuminati and the Apothicon Sun


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Hello everybody, today I will introduce you to a theory where we consider the Illuminati as the human branch of the Keepers. I made this thread as a script for a video I will start to work on soon, so I thought: Why not release it on the Forums as well? The Illuminati are considered to be the hidden rulers of the world in the Zombies universe, so how would this connection with the Keepers work out? Why do they do it, and what are the arguments?


The Illuminati as the human branch of the Keepers

To begin with, both the Ancient Order of the Keepers and the Illuminati are referred to as "the Order", with capital 'O'. The Illuminati are clearly aware of the existence of the Multiverse, as they have constructed the laboratory in the Alcatraz pocket to assist Richtofen and keep the Cycle going (and isn't that all what Monty and his Keepers wanted?). What's more, the map of this Illuminati Alcatraz station can be found in the Morg City underground, a site inhabited by the Ancient Order of the Keepers. The Reporter even refers to them as 'a cult', which in my opinion fits better with an obscure organization as the Illuminati than an exotic race of extraterrestrials.


But they do not only seem to act out of the same interests, they even seem to have the same enemies. Is it coincidence that right after Richthofen touched the MPD on the Moon and came in contact with the Shadowman, the harbinger of the Apothicon Elder Gods, he left the Illuminati? And why does the Warden, stating his personal hate to the Illuminati in one of the radios, worship this very same Shadowman and its Overlords? Clearly the Apothicons are no friends of the Illuminati, could this be because of their connection to the Keepers, the eternal arch-enemy of the Apothicons?


In Revelations, Monty has the following quote:  

"The Keepers, an ancient order who've been granted the wisdom to see beyond the limitations of their own realm. Even while the rest of mankind scrabbled around in the dirt, drinking their own piss, the Keepers took the mantle of benevolent watchers." 


From this quote it almost seems like the Keepers were among the humans at one point, even originated from it. Monty notes that they were granted wisdom to see beyond their own realm, whereas the Keepers we know are all-powerful, interdimensional beings themselves already. Could these "Keepers" Monty talks about here, be the Illuminati, a human branch of the Keepers?


The Origins of the Illuminati

Let's go back to the supposed origins of the Illuminati. According to conspiracy theories, the history of mankind began 12500 years ago when we were genetically engineered by aliens out of already existing ape species. These aliens are known under many names, but let us call them the Vril-Ya, to prevent possible confusion. To our ancient ancestors, the highly advanced technology of the Vril-Ya seemed like magic, and the humans of those times worshipped them as Gods, being the origin of our first religions. During this era, ancient cities were constructed such as Shangri-La, Akator, the Pyramids of Giza, Atlantis and Lemuria, but presumably also the city seen underneath Morg City and the pyramid system under Origins' central mount. At a certain point, before or after the creation of men, civil war occurred among the Vril-Ya, eventually leading to the prevalence of the 'Keepers' and the banishment of the 'Apothicons'. Most of mankind continued as hunter-gatherers where our prehistory begins, but a small group of enlightened individuals were contacted by the Keepers and granted the knowledge of the Ancient World. This was the beginning of the Illuminati, whose origins lay in an alliance between humans and extraterrestrials. I assume that along with the knowledge, the human Illuminati learned about the Lost Cities such as Morg City but also Shangri-La, where we encounter Illuminati symbols written in ancient hieroglyphics during the Easter Egg. One could view the Illuminati as the Keepers' human agents, secretly planning and plotting to defend mankind from the Dark Aether and keep the Cycle going.


Illuminati symbols encountered in Shangri-La^


The Illuminati and the Black Sun

Another confirmation for the Illuminati being tied to the Keepers, is an excerpt of GKNova-6 during the time of Black Ops I. This excerpt showed, along with a cipher, a picture of the Illuminati pyramid with on top of it the Black Sun. This Black Sun is the symbol of the Keepers and can be seen worn on their chest, as well as in the Shangri-La loading screen. But what does it stand for?


Illuminati pyramid with the Black Sun^


In the Vril-Ya mythos, the Black Sun is stated to be the center of Agartha, irradiating huge amounts of ethereal energy. We encountered it in the map Revelations, where the Shadowman calls it the Apothicon Sun and the Apothicons name for it, translated, is the 'Shadow Star'. Clearly this is the Black Sun, but if it is located within Agartha of the Keepers, why do the Apothicons claim it? I think the Black Sun is not the property of the Apothicons, and they merely crave it. In the Revelations intro we see the Apothicon Overlords use the Black Sun for collecting rocks of Element 115, which they later blast to the Earth's surface via portals. Now Cal came recently with the idea that it could be a mere illusion that this process has been going on for years: The only amounts of Element 115 that were shot at Earth were being done so in the short time the Apothicons had reached Agartha in Revelations. Through portals, these meteorite impacts were spread across the history of Earth, starting in the year 5 AD and with the most infamous impact being the Tunguska event in 1908.

We are talking about the Apothicons, the most powerful and ...


But before and after the Apothicon outbreak in Revelations, the Black Sun is located in Agartha, protected by the Keepers. This is the reason they act under its symbol: Their most important duty is to secure Agartha and the Black Sun against the threat of the Apothicons, trapped in the Dark Aether. The fact we see that same symbol in an Illuminati pyramid says, to me, that the Illuminati's main purpose too is to protect the Black Sun from the Apothicons.

Keeper | Call of Duty Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikiaimage.png

In Der Eisendrache, the book "Hidden rulers of the World" can be found. A popular conspiracy about the Illuminati reveals that it is a great organization that is behind everything - including the world's governments. This is confirmed by the Illuminati symbols seen in the map Five, the Pentagon, as well as in the Ascension Cosmodrome. But for what reason do they rule the world? It seems, to be, that they are a coalition between humans and Keepers, trying to stop the Apothicons from reaching the Black Sun and seed the worlds with 115. That seems to be the sole reason for their existence, securing the world from demonic forces of the Dark Aether. The Illuminati, while seemingly having a small role in the background of our story, may in fact have a very important role as the human part of the Ancient Order of the Keepers. As soon as Group 935 started experimenting with Element 115, they sent Richtofen as an insider to spy on the process. They were watching us all the time, ensuring that the Cycle will continue and the Multiverse will be saved.

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