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Does the non-paped Crossbow need a buff?

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I got the crossbow today and was trying it out.

And damn is that thing fun to use when you get it paped.
Just amazing, really love it.

But using it before Pap is just painful.
It takes so long to reload and you have to hit a headshot to one shot zombies.
It takes longer to rechamber than a shotgun but yet it can't one shot to the body like a shotgun can?

I really wish they could give it a bodyshot buff so it one shots until say round 6 or 7.
It doesn't even have piercing until you pap it so it wouldn't be overpowered at all and would still be slower to kill than the hauer.

Thoughts anyone?

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This is a really early April Fools joke xD

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1 hour ago, Rapt said:

No, I just want a reason to use something other than the Hauer 😂

Well, in that case, I’ll try to put it this way:


I think the return investment is far worth it comparatively. I think having that few seconds of reload trouble makes it interesting for early rounds.


So, honestly, I don’t have an issue with it.

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