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Solo "Breakthrough" Dark Ops guide


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Thought I would throw together some quick tips to help solo players complete "Breakthrough" (complete 10 objectives and exfil).
Bear in mind there are some players who have got far higher than round 10, these tips might not be the best but they helped me.


The Hauer is the best starting weapon in the game hands down.
Kit it out with the Task Force barrel and chuck Dead Wire on it and you're good to go.
Shotguns V and Dead Wire V are great options and really help taking down bosses and hoards of zombies.

Late game I would recommend picking up the Ray-K.
The Ray Gun is another good option but it's the slowing ability of the Ray-K alt fire which pushes it above for me.
In the 5-10 Escort mission things can get a little hairy, and the ability to slow Specials will make it so much easier to take them out without getting swamped.


Field Upgrades

I exclusively use Aether Shroud tier V.
Other good options are Frenzied Guard and Ring of fire.
But the 2x activations of Aether shroud will really help especially in the holdout.

This was by far the most difficult objective for me between 5-10.
The Hauer will keep you going for the first couple of minutes.
But in the last minute or so you will need to rely on your Aether Shroud and preferably a death machine.
If you get super lucky and get Alpine for your final holdout (like I did) you can cheese it by running around the room killing zombies blocking your path with the Hauer and ignore the Megatons.
They will group up in the middle as you continue your circuit and won't hassle you too much.
You just need to survive so don't worry about killing them

Anyway that's all I have.
I hope these tips help.

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