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Safe side easter egg


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This guide will show you how to unlock the safe in the colonel's office


1. Progress the main easter egg until you get to the part where you gain access to the essence traps

2. Find Sergei's head (it'll glow gold) and carry it to the field hospital and place it on the charging plate that's on the table next to the machines with dangling gloves

The locations that I've seen so far are near to the cruise missile in Jungle defense and down the right-most path in scorched defense (where the portal would spawn during assults) next to a burning tank, apparently there is another one in some bushes in rocky defense. There might be more locations for it.

3. You need to use the essence trap to trap a mimic or normal zombie and bring it back to the field hospital, it will give you a prompt to insert the trap into a machine next to Sergei's head. After Sergei's head says a code proceed to the next step.

4. Go to the colonel's office then over to the safe and it will give you a prompt to open the safe, this will give you a free perk and a cipher intel

Note: a bunch of hellhounds will spawn the moment you open the safe so be ready

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