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KGB Archivist 13/14


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I need one more piece of intel for the kgb archivist and I will have my Die Maschine Report Master, it’s the last player card and I will almost be 100% finished with zombies. But I can’t find it anywhere, I’ve played onslaught do I need to keep playing onslaught and see if more will drop or is the game bugged/glitched 

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Hi there! As of right now (last I heard anyways) Omega Group Intel for the main game is stuck at 13/14 with the last one unavailable currently. They plan on adding it in later on, which has happened a few times already with various intel among the different groups.


Onslaught Intel is in a separate bracket of Intel and has no progress towards the calling cards, but they're also stuck from being fully acquired because 3 of them are obtainable on Raid Onslaught which isn't live yet. (Should be coming at the mid-season!)


Hopefully this helps! 🙂

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