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Toy Monkey in Rocking Horse

Hobo ManJones

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Apparently if you go into Dark Aether there's a spectral monkey where the toy one fell off the horse that can be sucked up with the D.I.E. which makes the wall glow yellow after. Apparently there's a bunch of them, here's a list found from u/Blaze_of_Fury9 on Reddit from this post:




When facing the entrance to the power room, there's one on a big rock to the left of the tank.

2) In the southeast corner, one appears on top of the crashed truck.

3) When facing the entrance to the living room, one appears on a broken concrete pillar to the left above a barrel.

4) One appears on the telephone pole beside the mystery box.

5) One appears on the generator next to the exfil radio.


Omega Outpost:

Upside down on the ceiling at the base of the stairwell.



On the empty cot halfway between the stairwell and the entrance to Crash Site.


Living Room:

Beside the rocking horse behind the stairwell.

2) If beside the stairwell and facing south, one can be seen next to a hole in the wall on the second floor. (This one is difficult to explain, but basically just look up when you're beside the stairs.)


Penthouse(Top of Nacht):

Appears on the railing behind where the anomoly spawns.


Crash Site:

On the tip of the broken plane wing.

2) On the broken concrete pillar beside the nova gas D.I.E. upgrade box.

3) On the tail end of the broken plane directly above the mystery box.

4) In the top left corner above the entrance to Tunnel.

5) On a tree behind the broken airplane body. (Also difficult to explain, but basically go to where the plane aetherscope part spawns, turn around, and look where the clothes line connects to the tree.)



Inside of the truck that has the D.I.E. fire upgrade box.

2) On the telephone pole beside of the truck.

3) On the tree that has the fungus for the D.I.E. ice upgrade. (Stand near the mystery box and look slightly up the tree)

4/5) Two monkeys can be seen standing on a tree limb. The tree stretches out above the entrance to Tunnel over toward the aether portal.


Nobody seems to have figured out what the monkeys do, but with so many of them and ones hidden with small interactable things like the horse I'm sure there's more like it. I'd bet the teddy bear on the couch in Nacht would be one too, if that hasn't already been tried.

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