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Disclaimer: This is a WaW cheat, works on nextgen, but only WaW, not BO nor BO3 reprints.


This cheat is hard to do on a regular basis, sometimes losing you better guns in an attempt to get 3+ guns. It works great with Bouncing Betties on ZV, SNN, and DR, which I've posted there (there are no Bouncing Betties in WaW NDU). But, if you must have 3+ guns on NDU, this is the only gun cheat on NDU of which I'm aware.


Requires 2 players and 2 guns already in inventory. One Helper player must down themselves, which can lose them a small portion of points, just be forewarned.


Cheat: Helper player downs themself with a grenade at one end of the ?box. (Note that after your grenade explodes in hand you somehow still have it in hand, a simple bug, so throw it far away from the box when down or the Benefitting player may pick it up and it's annoying and potentially game-ending).


Benefitting player opens the box for a gun (950). Stand ready to revive the fallen player, yet also facing the box so that the 'take weapon' verbiage appears on screen. You want to start reviving the Helper just before the box gun pops up to be taken. When the gun is ready to be taken, then release the action button and immediately re-hold it to continue the revive and take the gun. About 5% (1 in 20) times, it'll give you an extra gun and gunslot. Most times, you'll simply trade your last 'gun in hand' for a new one.


You are basically trying to trade the revive item for a gun, but you never lose the revive item. I've never found a way (in NDU) to improve the chances, but maybe you'll have better luck/skill than I.


Happy gaming!

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