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The best dollycam BO4 montage youve ever seen?!

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I remember when the High Noon mastercraft for the Outlaw came out, and I thought to myself goddamn that would look sick in Gideon's hands in a montage. So I made one!! xD Took a little while to get it unlocked, but I love BO4 so grinding for the camo wasn't much of an issue lol. Originally I planned to use exclusively the Outlaw, but it ended up including a lot of the Argus (hot damn that flip tho) and revolvers. Also going against the plan, some of the clips that would've made it in had to be scrapped because the gravity was reversed for the majority of the replay -_- I didnt even have the Newtonian Negation elixir in my loadout, the theatre mode is just buggy as fuck. I'm definitely happy with how it came out tho! :) It was actually a lot of fun crafting this thing from start to finish. Not my song btw, I just paid for it. xD In fact, I installed iTunes (bleh) just to get this m4a because everywhere else on the internet only had it in mp3, and I'm a bit of an audiophile. B) Not tryna monetize this. :)

I stream Fridays and Saturdays 8-12:30 EST, as well as during the week sometimes. We usually do Realistic easter eggs.

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