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BO4 Zombies Guide - All Aether Solo Low Round Easter Egg Strategy (Classic Elixirs Only)


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I made a video guide about ALL Aether Easter Eggs (Blood of the Dead, Alpha Omega & Tag der Toten, not including Classified for obvious reasons...) and in this video I show you some general tips & tricks and low round easter egg strategies for all three of the EE's using Classic Elixirs Only. This video is nearly 17 minutes long and contains 3 EE's.


In the video I say it's more likely a what to do on what round guide than a deeply explained video since I already have videos about most of the EE steps. Of course you can do each of them on a lower round if you use common, rare, legendary or epic elixirs and talismans, but I wanted to make this reachable for those who don't have these items ingame so I used classic elixirs only. BUT I show an image before every strategy about the rarer items which can make easier the EE or can even lower the rounds

With my strategies I completed:
Blood of the Dead - Completed the Seagull Step on Round 11. Boss fight reached on Round 18 (finished on Round 19, flawless)
Alpha Omega - Finished on Round 9, flawless
Tag der Toten - Reached the Lighthouse lockdown on Round 9. Finished on Round 15, for flawless runs I highly recommend the Hellion or use the Undead Man Walking (I know I said classic elixirs only, but the last step is insanely hard without one of these) 




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