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(Yellow) Snowball Upgrade


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Find all 4 of Pablo's sock puppets around the map. 


Locate each puppet and hit it with a snowball


1.) Samantha -  Sunken Path - On the rock in front of the fire, on the broken boat, on jagger rock on the coast


2.) Eddie - Lighthouse - Level 1 on post out window, Level 3 on conduit outside of the window, Level 4 on the broken stairwell



3.) The Margwa' - Geological Processing -on top of machine, on top of electrical box in the dark corner, on the shelf containing 115 samples


4.) Fluffy - Sun Deck - on the zipline crane, on the speakers, on the smoke stack



Find 3 blue flame campfires around the map

Each fire is a soul box (10 souls each). You have completed it when the fire has been put out.


1.) Beach (Original CotD spawn)


2.) Boathouse


3.) Frozen Crevasse




Collect the Spleen

1.) Enter the cliffside facility, head to the upper catwalk (adjacent to geological processing

2.) There is a tank holding Pablo's spleen. Break the glass with your gun and quickly collect the spleen on the ground.

3.) Once collect, you will begin to hear a timer sound . You must return the spleed to the hermit before it gets too warm (If you fail, you can simply go back and pick it up again and try again). You cannot walk directly to the lighthouse, you have to periodically enter the icy water to reset the timer. So, pick it up, run to the zipline down to spawn, take it in the water and cool it down, then take the zipline up to the lighthouse.





The hermit will lower down yellow snowballs and all snowball locations on the map will now be yellow. The yellow snowball is a one hit kill on zombies until round 35. 

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