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Heat Pack Guide


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I see the heat pack as the single most important buildable for TDT. The heat pack allows unhindered movement when traveling through water (walking or swimming). With the pack equipped you will not freeze in the water and more importantly stop the character reactions from going off every damn time you enter the water.



Prerequisite: Make sure the Lagoon, Frozen Crevasse, and Sunken Path areas are open


1.) Head over the the Facility Entrance. If you need a guide to get there check out step 1-2 on my "Samantha Strikes" guide.. 



2.) Collect the Gearbox that is adjacent to the Outer Walkway Flinger.



3.) Head to the top floor of the lighthouse (level 4) and place the broke gear box on the hermit's pulley

  • After a few moments the hermit will lower a repairs gear box



4.) Return the repaired gearbox to the flinger on the Outer Walkway

Stand on the Left, Middle, or Right side of the Flinger to be flung to one of three destinations. You will land (and subsequently break open three crates) and be able to collect three parts. 

Left - Frozen Crevasse

Middle - Lagoon

Right - Lighthouse Cove



Craft the Heat Pack at any of the buildable tables

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