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Free Wunderwaffe DG Scharfschütze


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Guide for claiming a free Wunderwaffe DG Scharfschütze



1). Shoot or melee an icicle and collect it when it has dropped (3 locations)


2). Place this icicle in the pot at the front of the boat (Forecastle)

  • After a few moments the icicle will melt and you will be able to pick up a key


3). Head to the cliff-side facility. If you need a guide on the check step 1-2 on my Samantha Strike guide


4). Interact with the safe in Specimen Storage to unlock the Vril Device

  • Charge the device with 10-15 zombie kills. The device will emit green orbs when it is fully charged.


5). Give the Golden Rod to the Hermit, he will give you a key to unlock a crate on the same floor. The Wunderwaffe DG Scharfschütze is inside and available for one player. 


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