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Hello and welcome to a text tutorial on DE's Buildables: the Shield, Ragnaroks and the basic Bow (Quick Reference only for Wrath of the Ancients). I won't cover the bow upgrades here (yet), as that would be a fortress of text to attempt. 


I'll do a quick reference chart followed by longer text descriptions.



Quick Reference:


Workbenches: 1. Above Double Tap 2, 2. In the Church, and 3. Opposite the dragon head by the pyramid underground.


----------Shield Parts:


Shield Part 1: Dragon Courtyard, all near Double Tap 2. 2 in courtyard, 1 on steps by 'power door' above that blocks the steps.


Shield Part 2: Church Courtyard: 2 in courtyard, 1 in clock tower.


Shield Part 3: All 3 locations on the walls around the pyramid. Requires low gravity and wall running.


-----------Ragnarok Parts:


Ragnarok Part 1: From Panzer Soldat upon his demise.


Ragnarok Part 2: From activating the Bastion Electric Trap, then use Wundersphere to grab part from up in the air. (WS in Church courtyard, or WS above DT2).


Ragnarok Part 3: Teleport to (Rocket Test) Launch Pad, activate LP switch during rocket test, activate switch inside by TP after rocket test. Part on TP pad.


----------Wrath of the Ancients (Basic Bow):


Feed zombies to 3 dragon heads until they leave; 1. Courtyard past Double Tap 2, 2. In Church, 3. By Pyramid underground. Then, go up steps from Pyramid towards Church, halfway up, by the knight's tomb, you will find the Bow. It takes up a gun slot. There won't be a longer description of this, as it is pretty straightforward.




Shield Longer Description: You may open Start Room from 2 sides, so I'll describe Parts 1+2 from both Start, and from the Power Switch, so that you can follow either way.


---------Shield Part 1:


Shield Part 1 from Start Room: Open the Start Room door near the GobbleGum Machine (GGm). Go up and left by Double Tap 2 Perk Machine (DT2) to the iron gate door. Open it to the "Dragon Courtyard". 1. On your immediate right is a zombie window with boxes. SP1a may be on those boxes. 2. From door by DT2, go left to the base of the steps in the courtyard. SP1b may be against the base of these steps. 3. From door by DT2, go left, go up steps (from 2, above), make hardest right up more steps. SP1c may be on the left of the steps by the 'power door' which opens with the Power Switch.


Shield Part 1 from Power Switch: (Facing Power Switch, go left to 'Power Door' which opens to Bastion (Electric Trap, PaP location here). Stay left, go down steps: 1. SP1c may be on your right, just after the place where the 'power door' on these steps lowered (you can see the location even when open). 2. Continue down to the landing pad on the balcony, turn hard left down steps towards the window. SP1b may be at the base of these steps. 3. At bottom of steps, go right to window by the gate door by DT2. SP1a may be on the boxes by that window (a couple of meters from the GGm).


-------------Shield Part 2:


Shield Part 2 from Start: Open Start Room door by Quick Revive (QR), go in and right to round "void bow room", open door to courtyard. 1. Turn right, walk to steps by Clock Tower, SP2a may be at the base of these steps, by the zombie window. 2. Go up Clock Tower steps and into the CT. SP2b may be by the desk across from the entrance. 3. Walk back down the same steps to the courtyard, and walk across and stop in front of the Church entrance. SP2c may be to the right of the Church door, in the courtyard, against the boxes there.


Shield Part 2 from Power Switch: (Facing Power Switch, go left to 'power door' and out). Stay right and head down steps to Clock Tower (Wunderfizz and Landing Pad just before the CT), go in CT. SP2b may be by desks, across from entrance. 2. Come back out of CT by WF/LP again, head left down steps to courtyard. SP2a may be at the base of these steps on your right (by zombie window). 3. Head across courtyard and stop in front of Church. SP2c may be to the right of the Church entrance, in the courtyard, by the boxes there.


----------Shield Part 3:


All 3 SP3 locations are by the Pyramid in 'the undercroft' below the Church. Once power is on, enter from "dragon courtyard", Start Room (upstairs by Jugger), or head down from the Church by Speed Cola.


Activate the 4 square panels on the floor around the pyramid by standing on each for 4 seconds (it turns blue, audio cue). Once all 4 are active, low gravity will start, and then it will oscillate between on and off over time. During low gravity, jump at and push towards a wall in this area and run forward to wall run. Wall run or jump to these locations:


SP3a: Above workbench on fancy metalwork that surrounds the Pyramid (but up on ceiling). It faces the workbench, but towards the "church steps" side (left and up if facing away from the workbench).


SP3b: Above PaP location on reverse side of structure from dragon head.


SP3c: Above door to the Teleporter to the Landing Pad.




Build at Pyramid, or above DT2, or in Church at Workbenches. This depends on where you train or camp. I find the Pyramid bench to be generally easiest to get to during rounds.




--------Ragnarok Parts: (Just touch these to aquire them).


Note that you can use the Bastion electric trap to ensnare the Panzer Soldat (to shoot him easily) and get 2 Ragnarok Parts almost simultaneously.


Ragnarok Part 1: Kill the first Panzer Soldat. He drops RP1. If you miss the part somehow, the next PS will drop it.


Ragnarok Part 2: Activate the Bastion Electric Trap. Then look up when it is done to see the part in the air. Use the Church Courtyard Wundersphere, or the Wundersphere above Double Tap 2 to retrieve it. (The Church WS takes you almost to the DT2 WS, that is a good path to take if you don't know which to try). If you miss it somehow, simply activate the trap later. It may rarely appear at one of the other Wundersphere paths, but this very rare.


Ragnarok Part 3: Go down by Pyramid and locate the door to the Launch Pad. This door is near the PaP location (facing PaP, look right). Go in and teleport to the Launch Pad.


At the Launch Pad teleporter, turn right and head out to the actual LP, stay left, you will pass the Trip Mine wallbuy, continue along the left and you will see a red switch (below the PaP location on the pad above).


When the Rocket Test begins, throw that switch ASAP, and hurry in by the Teleporter before the doors close and the Rocket Engine fires (it will kill you if outside).


Now you will fight or avoid the burning zombies as well as the current round's zombies. I suggest simply circling them near the closed LP doors, between the 2 zombie windows until the Rocket Test is complete.


When you hear the audio cue that the Rocket Test is complete, hurry to the Teleporter in here and activate the green-light switch to the left of the teleporter AS SOON AS THE 3 LIGHTS TURN GREEN. Pull the switch, then RP3 will be on the TP.


360 (last gen) note: This last step, it is very hard to activate the switch at the end. When the 3 green lights come on, you often cannot activate the switch until the last milliseconds before it turns red again. This is a very frustrating bug. I suggest In Plain Sight or Idle Eyes GG so that you are not being pressured by zombies at this tiny window of opportunity. Next gen works fine.


Note: While at the LP, remember to activate the landing pad by VMP, and the PaP location on the Launch Pad.




Happy gaming!



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