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Dead of The Night easy Scepter of Ra high rounds strategy - 11-12 seconds per horde


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Been trying for round 100 but each game has ended with a crash. Tried this strategy out for the first time and managed a flawless 77 before crashing, which is the furthest I've gotten on this map so far.

I was having some trouble with the other Hellion Salvo strats as I kept getting into trouble when buying the silver bullets - when you use a controller on PC there's a split-second delay when you're buying stuff and you have to actually stand in front of what you're buying for a sec, which when you're wanting to quickly buy something when a tonne of zombies are around can get pretty dangerous.

So I came up with this strategy to circumvent that problem - you camp in the library and then when it comes to buying the silver bullets, you pull out the Scepter of Ra and plant it near the pillar next to the workbench, as I do in the video. This creates a big fire-bubble, the zombies can enter it but once they're in they can't hit you and they move very slowly. It also damages them a lot (you get kills nice and quick if Instakill is on too).

All you do when you're out of ammo is just shoot off a rocket to clear the way a little, then whip out the Scepter and sprint to the pillar - whipping it out and sprinting straight away means some zombies will be knocked out of the way as you sprint, then as you're planting it face the stair railings like I do and you'll be protected from hits as you plant it.

So once you've planted that, if done correctly the bubble covers the silver bullets workbench and you can buy your ammo in safety. There's also the added bonus that if you do somehow happen to go down while the staff is planted, if you crawl into the bubble you'll be quickly revived with all your perks. All in all, it's much, much safer than circling around the room to get back to the workbench to buy ammo, and for anyone having trouble doing that for whatever reason, this strategy is well worth considering.

Once you've got your ammo, you can get some kills in the bubble with the upgraded Alistair's Folly. I'd also recommend shooting a charged shot on the ground in front of your camping spot to give yourself some room to get back in the camping spot.

Note that werewolves can still hit you when you're in the bubble, so look out for them. with no zombies hitting you and only 2-3 shots needed to kill the wolves they're easy to deal with. Also vampires can leap into the bubble and strike you, but once they've landed in the bubble they can't hit you anymore.

The strategy the way I was running it was 11-12 seconds per horde. Not the fastest strategy as Sulky's is 9sph, but this is definitely safer - also, it took me 2 hours 50 minutes to get to round 77, and according to the Zombulator with the 11-12sph speed it'd have taken me 2 hours 8 minutes to go from round 77 to 100 - so a 5 hour 100 is on the cards, which for a map with no dog rounds is pretty fast.

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