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This is a text format post on Zetsubou No Shima's buildables, the various part locations, Power Switch activation (out of necessity), PaP Valves, and Skull rituals for the Specialist Weapon; Skull of Nan Sapwe. I've recently added the Masamune (KT4 upgrade), and a watering guide at the end. Mostly I will explain the part locations, but some map basics will be included so any new players can get started here.


All of these require opening the Bunker in the center of the map for parts and such, so I will address that. You will be gathering pieces of each as you go along, including doing 2 Skull rituals early.


No easter eggs described here.


All parts can be gathered in any order unless otherwise stated.


#######Parts and info:


(Quick Reference Chart, long versions afterwards:


Workbenches: Labs A+B, Bunker.


Shield Parts: Under Lab A, Trees of Lab B, AA Room in Bunker.


Gas Mask Parts: Propellor Trap Room, Green Water Area, Docks (through Bunker).


PaP Valve Parts: (All in Bunker) Power Room (submerged), Underwater Tunnels by KT4 Lab (submerged), Hanging Corpse Room random cocoon.


KT4 Parts: Green zombie from Lab B general area, Spider Extract at Lab A, Plant from tunnels under KT4 Lab (Bunker).


KT4 Upgrade/Masamune: Spider tooth from Boss fight, Lab B cage part which requires challenges and electric Shield, thrice Rainbow-watered plant from deep hole beneath KT4 labs by Mule Kick. Build at other KT4 Lab table.


See Skull of Nan Sapwe Quick Reference below in SoNS section).




Bucket: To open the Bunker, a Bucket must be located, 115 water must be gathered, and 6 doors minimum must be opened (roughly 6000 points). A lone Bucket spawns in Start Room, (Buckets also load near the 115 water and in the labs for multiple players). The bucket appears as a metal pail with bright, light blue around the rim and light blue inside (regardless of water colors, which are Dark Blue, Green, Purple, or Rainbow). The Generator fill spots in Lab A/B also have this light blue rim for easy location. The actual water color in your Bucket can be seen in inventory, or upper left screen when you change water volume (refill or watering).


Bucket Start Room spawn will be within 5m of the little cliff. Multiple locations at Start Room: Behind mound near water, below cliff, above cliff, by ZNS map + boulder. 1 Bucket, easy to locate.


Bunker opening example: Open door towards Lab A at top of spawn (sign with large A next to it), stay right and open door to Lab A, stay left and go to Blue Water, hold (interact button) to fill Bucket (this is quick and simple). Continue around Lab A path to the Kuda Wallbuy (shield part here), make left into dark steps, stay left and open door. You will see the bunker with 2 red lights above it (Bowie knife behind tree). Pass the tree/Bowie and open door to Lab B. Go up long steps, open up Lab B, pour water into generator (5m from door, blue rim like Bucket). Head back down steps, past Bunker, to Lab A area, stay right past Kuda, fill Bucket in same water as before, continue along path to Lab A steps (near Start), go up steps, open Lab A, pour water into generator, head out opposite side of room and drop off of the wide catwalk between Lab A's 2 buildings. You will land near Kuda. Go to Bunker (both lights green), hold (interact button). The doors will open and there will be 3 zombies, 1 will become a Thrasher though you can possibly kill him before he changes. Bunker is now open permanently. (This does not activate main power).


Often players open Path B first, to get a view of the challenges at the SoNS Altar.




I recommend building this in Lab B due to the workbench's easy access location, or down in Bunker in the Hanging Corpse Room, which is adecent training spot and more of a central location.


Shield Part 1: By Lab A, Kuda Wallbuy. Face Kuda. It may be on same column as Kuda, on left, otherwise turn 180° and it has 2 spots on wall corners (columns) right in front of you. All locations are within about 5 meters. It is Black and square-ish.


Shield Part 2: Go past Bowie to Lab B area, make right. This piece is on 1 of 3 trees; tree on immediate right (from Bunker) by zombie window, the next tree on right by path between Start and Lab B, or pass that tree, pass the next tree, then go through a small wet area and up the hill to a tree at edge of map (by drop off from Path B SoNS Altar, near Trip Mine wallbuy). This last tree piece is harder to see, just walk up to this tree and a prompt will come up. The piece is black. There are not many trees, you'll find it.


Shield Part 3: Enter Bunker to first area (GGm, Juggernog area before PaP Room). Open door on right to AA gun. Go up steps, stay left and pass KN44 wallbuy, check corner on left by seed spot (while going clockwise in this rectangle area), then check corner (across from Spore) on a rubble pile, then check the next clockwise corner on a rubble pile. The piece is black and visible on rubble, less visible at the first spot by greenery, look for prompt.


#######Gas Mask#######


This keeps you from choking on Spore clouds, reduces chances of nearby spores exploding, greatly increases underwater time, and reduces overall Thrasher lethality. If you're new to ZNS, I recommend that you get this before Power Switch and KT4/PaP parts which require swimming.


I suggest building GM in Lab A at the most dangerous workbench as you rarely need to replace this. Lab A, go up rear steps (between Kuda and Blue Water), the workbench is on the right in a corner as you enter the actual building.


Gas Mask Part 1: This piece is in the Propellor Trap Room (abbreviated as Propellor Room often) which is between Start Room and Lab A. Open this door, head right to plane wreckage. This hose coil is on the right as you get to the wreckage, it hangs on some grassy strands (visible enough, or look for prompt on screen), or it hangs on the left side of the exit as you pass through the plane section (easy to see or find prompt), or it is to the left of the ?box location on a rock (easy to see), by a light pole, straight ahead after you exit the plane, past the Pharo wallbuy.


Gas Mask Part 2: By Green Water behind Lab B. From Bunker, entering Lab B area, make left, open door behind Lab B, go up steps by perk machine. By the railing of this catwalk, straight out from the perk is the first location on an open wooden box flanked by air tanks (easy to see but part is small), if not there then head towards the green water to the right side of the green water, on the boxes. This location is hard to spot, look for the prompt (right next to water fill prompt. It is right by the waterside facing Lab B. It is on the edge of the lower of 2 stacked boxes). If not there, continue clockwise (turn right from GW) past seed spot, along the outer edge of this area, you will see a medium size box by a mound (on your right along the left path, in sight of vine-door from Trip mine area), it will be on the box (easy to see but small).


Gas Mask Part 3: Go to Bunker. Enter Bunker, pass Jugger/GGm into PaP Room (this room is flooded in center). Open first door on left to Power Room (Flooded middle, Dead Power Switch on far wall). Open first door (in Power Room) on left again. This comes out to an area named Docks, it is tiny, has a zipline and a ritual spot for Skull of NS (we'll get to that). The 3 GM spots are in this tiny area. First look at either pile of boxes; on the 'near zipline' boxes, or on the 'center' boxes. It is easy to spot on the boxes/crates as a small cylinder. If not there, it is to the left of the wallbuy against the outer edge (this prompt is iffy, get close).




This describes the water task that must be accomplished before activating the Power Switch.


Activate Power: Go into Bunker, straight past Juggernog into the flooded PaP Room, make left into Power Room, get to opposite end of room by Power Switch. Turn 180°, walk down steps in center into water, swim left side to cobwebs (blocked turbine), clear webs (interact button). This will close the entrance and spawn 10 zombies that you must kill to re-open the entrance. Note there are open air spaces on the right side of this pool (if facing out from Power Switch), and a Spore that can be shot for air. Once complete, activate the Power Switch (interact button).


Tips: With Gas Mask, you might need to come up for air into the open-for-air sections once or twice during this task, without GM, you need to come up about every 10 seconds which is less convenient and dangerous. But with practice, GM won't be necessary.


Make sure that you can kill these zombies and stay safe; Bowie Knife (round 9 or earlier) and swim like a shark around the perimeter (rectangular area with middle section), or a hard hitting gun (bullets seem weaker under water), aim headshots or spam shotgun shots, and consider defense like 'In Plain Sight' GG on your first attempts.


When complete, you'll hear a loud sound of the door mechanism and active turbine, quickly get to the entrance as it opens.


When you leave the water, you may have zombies right there, so get out quick, and head right to stay safe if needed, then come back and activate the Power Switch when you have control over the remaining zombies. If you go straight from the water task to Power Switch when learning this, you often get Trollarched by a couple zombies and getting killed right then is a frustrating thing I'd suggest you avoid. 


Pap Valve Part 1 spawns underwater by unblocked Turbine when water task is complete and you've exited the water or poked your head up for air. Go back in and grab it while here. I've edited this paragraph due to confusion, as the part sometimes spawns while I'm in the water and sometimes I need to leave the water to spawn it. It may simply require that I come up for air, for it to spawn, after the task is complete.


Now you can buy Juggernog.


#######Access P-a-P#######


To open and drain the PaP area, you must predictably aquire 3 parts, then use them on the 3 positions surrounding the flooded PaP area to drain it and open the door. Each individual part will be through a different door, of the 3 doors, in the PaP room. (Note that KT4 Part 3 will be near PaP Valve Part 2). Each PaP valve faces the door its part is behind.


PaP Valve Part 1: This spawns next to where you cleared Turbine cobwebs in the Power Room, under water, just after the water zombies are killed, the gate opens, and you leave the water (or just come up for air?). You can immeditately go back in and take it. With PaP Valve Part 1 in hand, head to PaP Room and activate the PaP Valve facing the Power Room.


PaP Valve Part 2 (and KT4 Part 3): Now go to the opposite end of PaP Room from Juggernog entrance, open door, go to opposite end of new room (yellow things), down either stairs, make right, open door to Mule Kick. (Have Gas Mask for easiest success, or shoot spores for air). Go into water, search upper loop (with brownish stone) for PaP Valve Part 2 that looks like a circular valve handle. The underwater tunnel loop is not that long, with 2 breathing holes, watch for zombies. Spiders run around as if on dry land, be wary of them.


(KT4 part 3 is in deep bluish hole. Before diving, breath air in the airhole with the ceiling text cipher (bright area), head quickly down, KT4 Part 3 appears as an obvious plant at bottom of this blue shaft. Grab it, turn around and head up. Zombies don't seem to enter the bluish tunnels, just the brownish tunnels above).


Return to PaP room and activate the next PaP Valve.


PaP Valve Part 3: From entrance of PaP Room, now open the door on the right (the last door, facing the last Valve spot). Go into the room of cocooned hanging corpses and stab them down, they become zombies (hard to reach cocoons are just background, all relevant cocoons are hanging in reach, but some will be on the catwalk above). One of these cocoons will drop PaP Valve Part 3. It is a small yellowish part. I've had it set by a wall and it was slightly hard to find, so if it doesn't seem to be dropping, look around real carefully.


Grab the PaP Valve Part 3 and return to flooded PaP Room and activate the last PaP Valve.


The PaP area will now drain and the door will open. PaP is a small area and you can loop behind the machine.


You can now PaP and rePaP.




This is the Wonder Weapon of ZNS. It fires a single shot (1 zombie) or charged shots (up to 10 zombies) of 2 or 3 bullets. It has a slow 1, 2, or 3 sound shot charge and slow reload. This slowly kills zombies and charged shots effect the ground area, making it harmful to zombies for several seconds. It takes up a gun slot. It is built in the room before the underwater tunnels (KT Part 3 and PaP Valve Part 2). Once built, it will appear in the box for everyone else. It can be upgraded but not by the PaP machine. It can also fertilize plants (See Watering Chart at end of this post).


KT4 Part 1: Go to Lab B area and fight zombies. You will see a light green glowing zombie (it is the part on him). Kill him, pick it up. This zombie may inadvertently follow you elsewhere and drop the piece wherever, so keep an eye out for him/it. It will despawn and reappear on a new zombie though, so don't search outside of Green Water for it as it won't last long.


KT4 Part 2: Any Spider round (or random Spider after second Spider round). Go upstairs Lab A, interact with cage (power required), it will drop. Go below to cage, it will be smoking purple on the bottom which should immediately attract a nearby spider into it. When that occurs, quickly head upstairs and interact with the control again. The spider will be raised and venom extracted, a pink vial can be grabbed from the cage-arm. Pick it up.


KT4 Part 3 (By PaP Valve Part 2): (With Gas Mask for best results) Enter Bunker, straight past Jugger and PaP, straight into next room (yellow things), down stairs, hard right, into brownish underwater tunnels, (grab air) then deep into bluish tunnel to bottom, grab KT4 Part 3 (looks like a plant and is easy to find), turn around and head back to air and out of water. This room just out of the water (below yellow things room) contains the place to build the KT4 (and later upgrade it).


#######Masamune (KT4 Upgrade)


This requires Power, Shield, KT4, Skull of Nan Sapwe, and that the 3 challenges at the SoNS Altar are complete. Recommend a PaP'd gun.


These parts can also be gathered in any order, build at a second table in the KT4 labs. (Bunker, straight through PaP room, into yellow things room, below yellow things room. Mule Kick nearby).


Masamune Part 1a. Prior to collecting this Part, first test the Skull of Nan Sapwe by trying to 'mesmerize' open the hidden wall by Juggernogg and the GGm (front-left side of room if looking at juggs), if it does not work, your SoNS is glitched and it is difficult to unglitch (I'm not sure how I've unglitched it previously, but it can be unglitched. Downed?), so you are most likely stuck if SoNS won't remove the Jugg wall (it is a known bug). If SoNS works, then go to the Purple Water in the Corpse Room (turn right in PaP room) and use the 'mesmerize' feature while standing in the Purple Water small area, on a piece of a building schematic on the broken piece of wall next to the Workbench. You'll see the full schematic appear and you'll hear an audio cue. Now, go to the KT4 Lab, and use the Sewer towards Green Water (500 points). After passing 2 bluish lit areas in the water tunnel, there will be 3 tiny blue stones floating on the right side, hit interact button just before you pass them to get Rainbow Water in your bucket. You pass through a metal ring just before the blue stones and the water speed ebbs slightly, hit interact then.


Masamune Part 1b. Rainbow-watered Plant. Get seed, get Rainbow Water, go down to the bottom of the blue underwater tunnel where you got KT4 Part 3, use SoNS on the grey rock on the right side (opposite spore) to make it vanish, plant the Seed, water it (Rainbow Water). Water it again for the next 2 rounds as well (RW). Then, the following round there will be a Plant, take it. If you screw up or miss a round, you get a dead stick and must start over after the stick goes away.


Masamune Part 2. Spider Tooth. Use the KT4 to clear the blue webs from behind the Blue Water behind Lab A. Kill the Spidergawd by shooting it in the mouth. Go up to its dead face, hit interact button to take the Spider Tooth. This battle could take a little while, but is only 30 seconds with the right gear. Tips: The leg-stomp is the feared attack, but there are spots in this little area where you can basically stand in one spot for the whole battle with minimal damage (I go right, near tallest stalagtite and barely get scratched). The KT4 is not a good choice for this, one PaP LMG will take him down very quick. Baby Spiders often drop max ammo here.


Masamune Part 3a. Before getting this part, you must complete the 3 SoNS Altar Challenges which are seen by looking at the 3 yellow rings of symbols on the column by the SoNS Altar. When completed, come to the SoNS Altar and have the Shield out and wait for a lightning strike which will charge your Shield. The sky will be stormy, stay by the Altar with your Shield out, be patient. If you hit a zombie with the charged Shield, or one hits the Shield on your back, the charge will be used up, so head carefully to Lab B with charged Shield in hand.


Masamune Part 3b. Underground Part: With charged Shield in hand, go to Lab B and Shock the Cage controls (like the Spider cage from Lab A, KT4 part above, but in Lab B). The cage will open, get in and it will take you below ground. Hold interact to aquire the part (in upright skeleton), the cage will raise back up. (Note that in a 2+ player game, another player must lower and raise the cage).


Create the Masamune KT4 upgrade in the KT4 Lab at a table near the original KT4 build table.


#######Skull of Nan Sapwe


(Quick Reference: SoNS


Altar = Open path B at start, open right door by perk location, white Altar. 


Match and carry Skulls to Pedestals in Start Room, Propellor Room, Docks, KT4 Labs, then kill greenish zombies at each, then return that Skull to Altar, grab the next until all 4 are white. Kill keepers underneath by SoNS on a pedestal, pick it up when done. 


End SoNS Quick Reference).


-------SoNS Tutorial:


Skull of Nan Sapwe is the Specialist Weapon of ZNS. Hold both Bumper/Shoulder buttons (grenade buttons) to activate it. Like all others, it recharges by killing things.


Once active, left trigger mesmerizes zombies (they do the head shake, stand and stare) while you hold trigger and the right trigger wrecks them if you hold it for a couple of seconds. Its charge wears down fairly slowly but also recharges slowly.


-------How and where to get SoNS, long version:


In the Start Room, find the white Pedestal near the water and note the cuneiform-ish symbol. Then open path B. In that stone area, open the right-most door by the perk location (the other door is to Lab B). In this opened area you will see the SoNS Altar.


SoNS Altar is a white cube with 4 small skulls that are dark. You can pick up or set down any one of these skulls, one at a time. Each has a cuneiform-ish symbol under it and there is a small white pedestal in 4 spots around the map with matching symbols. 4 Skulls on Altar, 4 Pedestals around map, got it?


(1) Match the Start Pedestal Symbol to one Skull Symbol on the SoNS Altar. Pick up that Skull, take it to the Start Pedestal and place it there.


Green spots will appear and green smoking zombies will come out and amble towards the pedestal and attack it. If they do too much damage to the Skull/Pedestal, the Skull will dissapear for several minutes before it can be found at the Altar again, still dark. The green zombies will cease to exist. You will need to start this individual ritual over.


You must kill these green-smoke zombies and protect the Skull + Pedestal. After killing the green zombies it is done and all remaining greenies cease to exist, the Skull is now pale. In early rounds, I stab exactly 15 greenies with the Bowie to complete this, but if I wait and use the KT-4, I only need to kill about 10 at each pedestal, so I'm not sure what the exact guidelines are. So 10-15 greenies per ritual.


When complete, pick up the newly whitened Skull, but go look at the Propellor Room Pedestal Symbol before returning the Skull to the main Altar.


(2) Set that Skull in its spot, grab the (dark) Propellor Room Skull (match the symbol) and head to Propellor Room Pedestal.


(From Start Room, open path A, open left-most door to Propellor Trap Room. GM part from above was here).


Do Propellor Room ritual, return that whitened Skull to Altar. Now, you have a 50/50 chance of which last Skull to take where, unless you remembered the Bunker symbols at an earlier point in your game, depending on when you work on getting the SoNS' rituals done. So grab a skull and head to these 2 Bunker spots and match its symbol to one of the Pedestals, then do that ritual, then do the last ritual with the last dark Skull:


(3) Bunker Pedestal by Docks: Enter Bunker, pass Juggernog into PaP, hard left (door), hard left (door). This is that tiny spot from Gas Mask above (with the zipline), the Pedestal should be obvious.


(4) Bunker Pedestal by KT4 Labs: Enter Bunker, straight past PaP, straight into next room (door/yellow things), down double stairs. The pedestal is 2/3rds of the way across this room.


(5) Completing the SoNS Ritual: When you return the fourth whitened Skull to the Altar, the tree next to it will leave, revealing a subterranean entrance. Go in and down to the Skull of Nan Sapwe on a pedestal in the center of this room, start ritual (interact).


You must now kill several Keepers who are VERY CLOSE TO the Skull of Nan Sapwe Pedestal. You can not leave until this ritual is done, but it is easy; circle the Altar, turn and kill a couple who are passing the Altar and repeat.


Once complete, pick up the SoNS and it will screech which will break the barrier and you may exit this room.


-------SoNS Tips: The green zombies don't chase you, they go for the Pedestal, so just circle nearby with your last couple of regular zombs, only firing at greenies. The KT4 is perfect for this, but not necessary.


Spiders do attack you, prioritize killing them if you don't have the KT-4. With KT-4, mostly just keep moving to the opposite side of the pedestal so they run through the goo. Many Spiders come on the second Skull ritual, you may wish to do the second one at the Start area for more wiggle room while dealing with them.


The greenies smoke like Vulture Aide zombies (BO2's Buried map) only much less visible. Also similar to Turned.


You may wish to do these green zombie rituals in a different order than I mention here. You must kill 10-15 of them, if you can do that and avoid fighting a ritual-spawned Thrasher, that can make it easier. I like to do one of the last rituals in the KT4 Lab because i usually can avoid the Thrasher (he'll die when ritual ends, along with the rest).


The Keeper fight is simple and the overall acquisition of SoNS is quite easy given ZNS's overall difficulty level. It will give you trouble at first, but you should easily master this.


#######Plant Watering Chart.


(Borrowed from Lauren's post below, she copied it from reddit. Thanks to Lauren, and the original poster, whoever that may be. I've editted it slightly, mostly words that ran together or punctuation).


Unwatered Plant

To grow one of these, just plant a seed, don’t water it or do anything, and it will grow into a basic orange plant. This plant drops a variety of weak items from it. The items that can drop are a grenade, a zombie, mr6, shieva, locus, xm-53, blue blood money (500 points to you only), or a green blood money (500 points to all players).

Blue Water Plant

This is the water found outside Lab A next to the spider boss fight. When grown, the plant acts kind of like an upgraded version of the basic plant and will give you random items. The drops are razorback, hg-40, man-o-war, gorgon, haymaker, brecci, MX garand, nuke, carpenter, double points, instakill, fire sale, death machine, blue blood money (500 points to you only), or green blood money (500 points to everyone).

Fertilized Blue Plant

Same as before, but with using the KT-4 to fertilize the plant while growing it. Shooting the plant after you water it each time will give you a higher chance of it spawning upgraded. If it is upgraded, the pod will have yellow spots on it. There is a chance it will spawn as an imprint plant when fertilized as well. The drops for this one are bowie knife, marshall-16s, ray gun, monkey bombs, AA shell for EE, death machine, double points, max ammo, green blood money (500 points to everyone), or an extra perk slot bottle.

Green Plant

This water is found at the green water room near Lab B. When grown, it spawns a claw that can hold a zombie for you for 10 minutes. Its great for taking a quick break in multiplayer, or doing a couple of EE steps or grabbing parts without the zombie on you.

Fertilized Green Plant

Same as before, but shoot the plant with the KT-4 while watering it. You will know if it is upgraded if it is splattered with yellow. The upgraded version will hold the zombie for 60 minutes instead of 10. This is perfect if you are in multiplayer and need to go do something for a while.

Purple Plant

This water is found in the body bag room in the bunker. When grown, it acts like a monkey bomb when zombies are near it and will attract several zombies at a time, slowly killinthem by taking off their heads. Thrashers can be instantly killed by it if they get attracted to it. This plant is great for training nearby since it can attract some of the zombies, saving you ammo and your life.

Fertilized Purple Plant

Same as before, but with shooting it with the KT-4 each round while watering it. You will know if it is upgraded if it is lined with yellow.The upgraded version will now attract up to more zombies and seems to last for longer before being destroyed.

Fruit Plant

Unlike the other plants, the fruit plant is grown using a mixture of waters. You must water it with one each of Blue, Green, and Purple Water over 3 rounds and there is a chance it will spawn into the fruitplant (83457 edit: Rainbow Water has a chance of doing this). This plant gives you a 50/50 chance of either getting yourself a free random perk regardless of perk slots or throwing up and nothing happens. This plant is amazing because it can give you all the perks if you grow enough of them.

Fertilized Fruit Plant

Same as before but shoot it with the KT-4 each time you water it. The upgraded version of this plant will give you a 100% chance of giving you a free perk. This is AMAZING for high rounds and is a little bit OP. The reason why is you can buy all the perks on the map with the extra perk slots, then have some fruit plants ready to get all the perks. You can get unlimited quick revives with this, making high rounds easy! (Rainbow Water may create this).

Imprint Plant

Another insanely OP plant. You can get this as a random chance whenever you fertilize a plant with the KT-4. The best chance of getting it is to not water plants, but instead only fertilize them with the KT-4 for three rounds. The plant allows you to imprint yourself into it kind of like a time bomb. Whenever you completely bleed out, you will respawn in the plant with the same perks, the same weapons, the same points and everything. Combining this with all the perks makes you have tons of lives. Each imprint plant can give you two extra lives, because when you respawn, you get your quick revive back. You can keep imprinting yourself each time you lose an imprint plant, but you cannot imprint yourself into two plants or it will delete the old one. This combined with the fertilized fruit plant makes high rounds a piece of cake.


83457's watering advice: I'd suggest focusing on a couple of Green Water Plants for zombie holding (grow them where you don't normally train/play). Then focus on Fruit and Imprint Plants when able. The busywork of planting and watering early on is mostly a waste of time, don't get caught up playing zombie farming simulator too much, as there is already a lot to do in ZNS and you end up getting interrupted often, which nets you lots of MR6s for your troubles. Do grow some Blue Reward Plants for the EE's AA Shell and possible Max Ammo, but only a few.




Spider Bait Weapon: Be sure to see the stickied thread below titled "IT EXISTS! Spider Bait weapon!" for a video tutorial thanks to Stop Mocking Me0.





Happy gaming!

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