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A short summary of the multiverse, dimensions, rifts, fractures, timetravel and the Aether

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First of all, if you have time, PLEASE watch this video.


It takes only 11 minutes and that guy explains everything so good. You will notice that after watching that video you will look entirely different to the world around you. If you want a short summary, here it is. And watch out, it takes us beyond the physical and imaginable. Try to be sweet to your brain and stop reading if you cant handle it anymore:


So let us start with the 0th dimension. This is really nothing else than a dot. Well, actually even less than that, since a dot has a width and a length, while the dot has not. It is really nothing more than a coordinate in a graph. A theoretical location in space-time, existing of no components. Everything “lower” than this 0th dimension is beneath creation.


The 1th dimension is fairly easy: You have two 0th dimensional “dots’ and connect these with each other, creating a line. Mind you, this line exists of only one component: length. It has no width.


Moving on to the 2th dimension is to connecting two 1th dimensional lines with each other, adding a second component: width. We now have a flat entity, without any depth.


From this dimension, it is only one component away from our 3th dimension: Adding depth. Everything you see around you is 3D, existing of length, width and depth. However, there is a second, more interesting way to look at our 3th dimension. Imagine a 2D world, with an infinite flat 2D insect walking over an infinite flat 2D paper. The insect is standing on the edge of the paper, not able to walk further because that’s just the end of the paper. Now we, as 3-dimensional beings, interfere with this 2D world and bow this paper into the third dimension. The insect is now able to walk further over the paper, as he pops away from the one edge of the paper and appears on the other edge. The paper itself remains 2D, but the insect has basically travelled through the 3th dimension to travel to another location in the 2th dimension.


Are you with me so far? Then we’re continuing. Because now we are getting at the more complicated stuff. Moving up into a higher dimension than the third sounds very odd, but it actually isn’t that hard to understand. The 4th dimension is, like every X dimension can be depicted as two X-1 dimensions connected with each other. Connecting two 3D objects, let’s say cubes, with each other, creates a hypercube, or tesseract.



Still understandable, yes? Now it is getting more complicated: What if we don’t take a cube but another object, existing on location A at time=1 and on location B at time=2. What if we take, for example, a human. His entire life, from the moment he existed till he died, is the fourth dimension. The fourth component is TIME! The hypercube is nothing else than a visualisation of this.


A 4th dimensional human is his entire life, connecting two places in 3D space-time and everything between it, seeing as one entity. Again, I heavily recommend watching that video I linked, it explains it so much better than I do.


Following the principle of the insect walking over the 2D paper bowing itself through 3D space, we can also bow 3D space through the 4th dimension and in that way create a Wormhole from any point in space AND time to another point in space and time. A reminder: This is only in ONE universe. I think this is the basic principle behind the Matter Transference Device.


So the fourth dimension is a timeline. The 5th dimension is like having multiple “timeline hypercubes” connected with each other: like having multiple possible timelines. There is one in which you can become a professor and one in which you cannot, depending on your choices of your life-timeline. It are all different spits, or like the zombie community likes to call it: Fractures. However, you cannot travel between these timelines and you there will always happen only one of such timeline. This isn’t the case if you connect such 5th dimensions with each other and create the 6th dimension. You are now able to freely “walk” around between the timelines as we can walk around from 3D space-time location A to 3D space-time location B. You just travel from the non-professor timeline to the professor timeline if you feel like. You can walk through an infinite amount of timelines, yet all bound to the very same beginning of each timeline: The Big Bang. The 7th dimension does not deal with this limit as it consists of various 6th dimensions. So there is a timeline in which the Big Bang happened, but also timelines in which everything started with something else. The 7th dimension exists of actual different universes. Connecting all these with each other created the 8th dimension. So that are all possible timelines with all possible beginnings combined. The 9th dimension is where you can actually travel between all these timelines.


The 10th dimension is all of the above. It includes everything, and scientists therefore believe that the 10th dimension is the highest and the end of our interdimensional voyage. This is it. The infinite. Everything.

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