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[SPOILER] All 14 Perk Icons In-Game Right Now

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Here is 14, good quality perk icons that have been taken from the in-game menus. Yes, some of the icons have changed but are the same thing as before. Electric Cherry for example. Sadly and I hate to break it to everyone... No Jug, Speed Cola or Double Tap. Some may be dissapointed, some may be happy. Feel free to let everyone know your thoughts and feelings on the perks. I will leave the image below!



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10 minutes ago, Spider said:

Speed Cola ?

Your hands are slow, your movements sluggish, your lack of speed, just brings you anguish. Just take a sip, you will move faster. Just try it now! And speed is mastered! Press those lips against the only one that really moves you. Speed Cola speeds up your life! - Chill in peace my friend.


In loving memory ❤️



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