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The final reich: Doctor Straub audio logs

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Log 1


The Führer had asked for something exceptional from my staff.

A soldier who does not rest. A soldier who does not fear.

And a soldier who does not shy away from the shadow of death.

I have found that soldier.

Or perhaps it is better to say that I have birthed him.

But I am getting ahead of myself.

I had begun to lose hope in our ability to find artifacts of significance.

But then Divine Providence. The discovery of a lifetime.

The hilt to the legendary sword of the Holy Roman Emperor - Frederick Barbarossa.

The embodiment of German nobility.

German Power.

The Ahnenerbe was sent to reclaim the sword piece for Hitler's personal collection.

And they could not move it... not with chains not with tractors nothing.

When the mountain will not come to -

I brought everything to the mountain.

My tools. My staff.

The foremost weapons expert in the Wehrmacht Gruppenführer Heinz Richter.

Little did we know that we were about to uncover something that would change our understanding of the world!


Log 2


Even without breaking through the magnetic force surrounding this hilt

we have been able to siphon off vast amounts of energy.

And this is where I made my greatest discovery.

During one of my early experiments an attempt to draw power from the hilt

a cable became overheated and snapped.

It struck a pair of guards. They were killed instantly.

They were dead - and then they were not!

I watched as the first soldier began to twitch violently and then began walking towards me.

And the corpse's intent was clear: it meant to kill me.

Luckily more soldiers had arrived by then and were able to put it down.

But I had seen something astonishing.

I had seen death overcome

and I had seen a vision of our Führer's future!


Log 3


Geistkraft - the name I have given this new form of energy.

It can be conducted through the human nervous systems

activating the most primitive parts of the human cerebellum.

The untoten are preserved by the same energy that drives them.

They are machines now muscles and bones driven by their loyalty to their master.

I have found that by triggering the pain receptors on these corpses

I can augment the soldier's strength and speed.

As someone who has extensively studied the effects of pain

it was inspirational!

I have found my purpose here

I am to bring pain to the world.


Log 4


I have been betrayed.

Klaus has been sabotaging my work all along.

He will pay.

And that bastard Richter!

The man sent to assist my work to protect my facility?

He has been seduced by the power of the weapons we can build with the geistkraft energy!

The untoten have broken free. Four... no five times now.

We are so close to mastery here!

So close to building an army!

And what happens when their tanks come into view?

Their mighty war machines?

I am building more than just rank and file soldiers!

I am building something that will tear through the mightiest steel

and knock their fortresses into dust!

I have created the devil himself.


An part of an article by game informer: 

"The zombies in Call of Duty: WWII are based on physics and aspects of the nervous system. The corpses of fallen soldiers could be repurposed and brought back, and often the more disassembled and grisly bodies are chosen – strapping together pieces from multiple bodies in some cases to form aberrant flesh-heaps. These lifeless husks are fueled by the nervous system and supported by base mechanical augmentation like bolts, straps, spinal grafts, and support braces. 

These attachments are not just to keep an arm in place or a head upright, in fact, these zombies are literally propelled by pain – these crude torture implements can be used to induce a surge of power in the zombie. Even zombies that may not have eyes or a full set of traditional organs can sense nearby life, and are programmed to snuff it out."


A quote by Marie Fischer in the prologue, when buying a wall weapon:


The nazis used this energy from the dead to unlock the arms cache, how...efficient.



It is clear: The undead are litterly "tortured" to life. A mysterious force called Geistkraft, ghostforce, seems to be "located" near Emperor Frederik Barbarossa's sword, and can be conducted through the nervous systems of dead human bodies, bringing the primitive parts of the brain back to life. The dead are now "untoten". 

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