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Stat Inquiry (Gibs)


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You may have saw my thread explaining that I was quitting Blops 2 Zombies.


Well... I can't stay away, even if it means suffering through shit sessions with complete incompetents.


I have an inquiry for all the CODZ veterans relating to Career Stats. Something that has been driving me crazy.


One of the stats is commonly called "Gibs". It's far right, middle row. The icon is a zombie hand extended in anticipation of a fresh down.


Word around the campfire is, this Stat represents how many times zombies have damaged you. My problem is, the numbers don't add up.


There is virtually no way in hell, that I've been tagged 21,755 times. There is just just no fucking way... lol. I'm no mathematician, but it's just impossible, period, lol. Especially since I only have 26,902 kills.


My theory on this, is that it actually represents the number of zombie hands you have dismembered. it's the ONLY logical explanation, unless the calculator is severely broken, and counts every zombie hit as roughly 100-200, rofl.



Please help me here... It's driving my crazy.

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From what I understand Gibs represents not just hands but any limb shot off like legs etc.  It's been discussed previously in-depth if you type gibs into the search area.  Mostly was confirmed because a lot of players don't like using explosives and that shows when they have high 10k+ kills but very few gibs while those who love explosive weapons will have a higher than normal amount of Gibs.

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Thank you.


I don't usually use explosives, hardly ever. My dismemberment count must come from my love for headshots. Often when aiming for the head, a hand will get in the way and be blown clean off. I have a fairly high volume of gibs for someone who only really deploys monkey bombs when I have them, or the odd strategic simtex.

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