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Is the Illuminati Apothican?


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The origins of the Illuminati


The Illuminati, a secret demonic orde who are believed to be involved in anything: The CIA, NSA, banks, governments, media and much much more. They operate from the Catacombs in Paris, the Vatican, the laboratories in CERN and secret Sovjet cosmodomes. In the Pentagon and the Kremlin. They are everywhere and behind everything. Conspiracy believers think they are working hundreds of years towards a secret grand scheme: the establishment of the New World Orde. Everyone knows these stories, so I am not gonna explain that much. Whatever that "New World Orde" is, it will be a cruel and chaotic time with nothing else than suffering. The Illuminati are the ultimate "bad guys".


(The symbol for the Illuminati, a pyramid. A triangle with an eye in it also stands for a god or a omnipotent being)


But where do they originate from? Their origins lay outside Earth. Thousands of years ago, alien-like beings landed on Earth. They built pyramids, their symbol, all over Earth, with the pyramids of Giza in Egypt as the biggest known one. These days, their everyday business are things like anti-gravity, mind control, free energy, creating wars, stargates, the universe and eternal life (undead). That all sounds pretty familar, doesn't it?


(Note that the M.P.D., the device that connects to the Aether, makes the occupant omnipotent, gives power over space, time and life and drives Richthofen and Samantha insane, is a pyramid)


Now the roots of the Apothicans, which goes back to the roots of the Vrill-Ya. Aliens landed many years ago on Earth, in the deserts of Sumeria to be exacly, built pyramids and other ancient buildings, and eventually found and inhabited Agartha, a.k.a. the Aether. The Dark Aether corrupted some of them and the Apothicans were born.


These two backstories are pretty similar, aren't they? But lets move on.


The Knight Templars, Crusaders and the Illuminati


Lets leave the conspiracy theories behind and go to the reality of the Illuminati. The Illuminati was an secret society of scientists, writers and other "illuminated" persons founded to oppose superstition, obscurantism, religious influence over public life and abuses of state power.


The Knight Templars were a (partly secret) Christian military order and the most skilled fighting units of the Crusades. Non-combatant members of the order managed a large economic infrastructure throughout Christendom, developing innovative financial techniques that were an early form of banking, and building ancient fortifications.


(The symbol of the Knight Templars, also seen on the chests of zombies in Origins)


The Illuminati and Christianity were each others arch enemies. The Illuminati was standing for science and against the enermous power of religion: The Church. Not only that, the Illuminati was a threath for the Knight Templar's banks and other secret Christian societies. Therefore, the Illuminati was forbidden. In secret, a huge and very important war was going on: Illuminati vs Church, with the Knight Templars as the most important fighting units. I don't know if anyone has ever seen or read Dan Brown's "Angels and Demons", but if not I highly recommend it. Beside that it is just a good and exiting movie, it gives you a good vision of this "secret war". Both the Illuminati and the Knight Templars did extremely brutal, cruel and unearthly things in this war.


So in Origins, we see Crusader and/or Knight Templar zombies, fighting against the young Primis, who obey Samantha's voice and eventually release the Apothicans. After Revelations, Primis is send back to the Medieval Era, to stand with the Ancient Order of the Keepers and Knight Templars to fight the Apothicans. Is this the war between the Illuminati and Knight Templars?


Richthofen, the voices and the Illuminati


Ever since Doctor Edward Richthofen has used him self as a test subject for the Matter Transference Device, teleporting him to Moon and touching the MPD, the good doctor seems to hear voices in his head. These voices slowly drive him insane, becoming a sadistic grim yet very intelligent person who has a unsatisfying hunger for power. This community has discussed this many times, and the present general thought is that these voices are Apothican, inhabiting the person who touched the Vrill machine. Now since Richthofen's discovery of the MPD, it seems that he has contact with the Illuminati, which Richthofen mentions as his "masters".


At a certain moment, the Illuminati orders Richthofen to kill dr. Ludwig Maxis, causing the whole misery to start. You know the story: Samantha finds her way in the MPD, later Richthofen, the Earth blows up, the Undead terrorizes the globe and eventually, eventually Samantha tells four unknowing heroes in a previous time to release the Apothicans. Ever since the moment Richthofen betrayed Maxis, in order of the Illuminati, the world, what do I say, multiverse started to fuck up. That one moment, caused by the Illuminati.


(Richthofen, just after teleporting Maxis and Samantha away. What's that symbol on his hat?)


But what after this moment? As said, Samantha enters the MPD, becoming Apothican-corrupted too. After the death of her father, her single goal is to destroy everything Richthofen-related. Doctor Richthofen flees Shi No Numa, where he, together with his testsubjects Nikolai, Takeo and Dempsey, tries to survive the endless waves of the undead, send by the demonic girl once being Samantha. While fighting the rotten corpses, he mentions the Illuminati several times.


"Illuminati, I work for thee!"


"Yes masters, one more dies in your service!"

Later, when fled to the Der Riese Waffenfabrik, he also talks about his masters.


"By the power of the Illuminati, I will destroy you all now! Yeah?"


"Good, the service to the Illuminati can continue!"


"The Illuminati will be so proud!"

It seems like Richthofen constantly talks to the Illuminati, and kills zombies in order of them. So could he be talking against the voices in his head, the Apothicans, who pretend that they are the Illuminati?


But Doctor Richthofen says more.


"Thank you, Illuminati"

He says this when he receives the Raygun from the Magic Box. This is strange, because the box is controlled by Samantha, isn't it? Now comes some kind of theory within a theory. Is it possible that, besides the occupant in the MPD, something else is inhabiting the Aether, who also have control over the box? The Apothicans, a.k.a. the Illuminati. I mean, why would Samantha help Richthofen and his crew by providing weapons and power-ups? Perhaps the Apothicans help their Earthly servant, doctor Richthofen, by gaining him power-ups and weapons, in order to give him eventually ultimate power, which in the end leads to the release of the Apothicans. Samantha might interrupt the signal sometimes, and as a saboteur, gives Richthofen a teddy bear, and teleports the box away.


""That dreadful little girl continues to make my life difficult."


After Der Riese, a drastically change occurs. Instead of worshipping the Illuminati, Richthofen is angry at them.


"The Illuminati will never get their hands on me again!"

Funny enough, he says this when he aqcuires a Raygun. After Kino der Toten, he never mentions the Illuminati again.


One time, in BO3, the Giant, Richthofen says: "The Illuminati will never find me here". Is he hinting to the Apothicans, that they never will find him there/in that universe?


Richthofen's promise


During Revelations, the Apothican Shadowman says this.


"You do know that Richtofen is a friend of mine. I say friend, but really he's so much more than that. At one point, I almost considered my... Apprentice. I mean he did stab my reporter friend and steal the Summoning Key. But at one point he did everything I told him to. I keep hoping he'll remember the promise he made to me, so long ago."

So Richthofen once made a promise with the Shadowman. When? Why? Was it when the Apothicans were in his head in the standard timeline? Or perhaps Edward Richthofen actually WAS a member of the Earthly part of Illuminati, a group of scientists, before Origins.


It seems anyway to fit really well in this whole Illuminati=Apothican theory. Richthofen was for real a member/servant of the Illuminati in the standard timeline AND he made a promise to the Apothican Shadowman. Coincidence?




So the thing I tried, and you probably knew already, to say: Are the Illuminati Apothican? I leave that question to you.


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2 different things but Illuminati could"Worship" the Apothicons. Overall in most text you'll find that the illumanti worship Satan aka Lucifer. Now that we know the Apothicons are Keepers that we're exposed to the Dark æther I think it's safe to say there was some worship and offerings to these creatures. Nice post @anonymous 

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