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Is Broken Arrow the continuation of Group 935?


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Is Group 935 a German organization?
We know Group 935 is an international organization, created to "improve human condition". It has members from all over the world. But the roots of 935 lay in the German Empire, in 1918 or possibly earlier. We know this because in Origins, Group 935 mines element 115 in the trenches in German occupied land. Though 935's (short) history, the leader (dr. Maxis) and the most important members have all been German. Even the symbol of Group 935 looks a lot like the symbol of Group 601, a German organization that focused on atmospheric research and possibly mind control. Nearly every important 935 station resides in German or German-occupied territory (Verrückt, der Riese, Kino der Toten and Eagle's Nest).

And most importantly, Nazi-Germany was the funder of Group 935 in World War 2. In exchange for this, Group 935 tried to help the Axis winning the war, by creating wonderweapons, teleporters and even an undead army. In some universes, Group 935 was directly involved at the battlefront in wars. They built giant robots (Origins), Tiger II tanks (BO3), drones and dragons (Gorod Krovi). They even created propaganda for the Germans in Stalingrad.
By all this information, I think we can conclude that Group 935 was an international organization, but heavily influenced by Germany.



What is Broken Arrow?
Although Broken Arrow is a topic that is theorized and discussed a lot about, we barely know nothing of it.
 1) It is a secret American scientific organization.
 2) It was active during the Cold War.
 3) Russman was an agent of it.
 4) The headquarters have been bombed.
The release of the second comic recently gave us three other facts:
 5) Broken Arrow received their 115 by stealing it from the by war broken Japan. So it is from Shi No Numa and/or Zetsubou No Shima.
 6) They tested the element on various animals. These so called "bios" escaped and slaughtered every member of Broken Arrow, except Russman. He told later that this "Broken Arrow Incident" caused the loss of their 115, hoping the experimenting would never continue.
 7) Broken Arrow apparently experimenting with many things, and not only 115. The part in Broken Arrow that worked with 115 was even so secret, that most members of the organization did not even knew it existed.

It is strange that Broken Arrow receives 115 from Japan, while there is a large amount of it in the American state Nevada too. Didn't Broken Arrow knew that? Didn’t they had the technology to mine it?



Is Broken Arrow a continuation of Group 935?
After Germany lost World War 2, the country was broken. It was divided into a Western and Eastern zone: The Western zone controlled by Great Britain, France and the most by the United States, the Eastern zone by the Sovjet Union. The independent country "Germany" with an own government did not exist anymore. The founder, funder and controller of Group 935. Another problem that Group 935 dealed with was that their leader (Ludvig Maxis) and their most important scientist (Doctor Richthofen) were mysteriously disappeared. Without Germany and a leader, Group 935 was deemed to disappear.


So Group 935 needed another funder, and their two main choices were the new two superpowers: The United States and the Sovjet Union. Which one to choose? During the war, the Sovjet Union was the real main enemy of Nazi-Germany. German troops murdered their way in the Russian lands. They desperately tried to destroy everything not-German, including the people, to create German Lebensraum. The mass-murders of thousands, if not millions Sovjet civilians was the result. While in the Western front, the Ally's and Germans were fighting a battle between soldiers, in the East there was taking one of the most brutal and cruel wars place. Sovjets and Germans destroyed each other: No matter if it were civilians or soldiers. Once the Sovjets had raped and murdered their revengefully way to Germany, they forcefully took German scientists and their inventions under violence (Operation Osoavikhim). They used the German designs for their own inventations, like they used Die Glocke to create a Tokamak (

The US recruited German scientists, under the name "Operation Paperclip", which could peacefully continue doing their experiments, but now under the name of the US. Many German scientists voluntary went to the Americans, to stay out of the hands of the Sovjets. For Group 935 it would not be a hard choice: Their funder had to be the United States. Scientists like Schuster and Groph all went to America.


Many American scientists joined the secret group, and from now on, it had the name "Broken Arrow". "To improve human condition" became "To win the Cold War". They created the atomic bomb (Manhattan DOWN) to bring Japan on its knees, which gave them the 115-supply in the Rising Sun Facility and in the Island Facility. With Group 935's technology they could mine the 115 in Groom Lake, Nevada. The most secret part in Broken Arrow was specialized on experiments with the Element 115. 935's Moon Base "Griffin Station" was now in American hands. They built a teleporter to Richthofen's design, an MTD, in Broken Arrow's station built around the 115-location: Area 51. With this teleporter, the Americans reached the Moon. The Moon "landing" happened. But then, the scientists in Broken Arrow once again discovered the danger of 115.


They awoke the anger of a little lost German girl. In Griffin Station and in their secret lab in the Pentagon a zombie outbreak happened. But the worst one happened in Broken Arrow's base in Washington State: The outbreak of the so-called bios. The only survivor, Dr. Russman, told the parts of Broken Arrow that did not work with 115 that everything was lost. And so, Broken Arrow, the continuation of Group 935, quitted the usage of the dangerous element 115.

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