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December Update- what the..??

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Hi all- first post here. Am a zombies veteran from COD WaW days, and zombies would have to be one of my and a few friend's of mine favourite games of all time!


I have been enjoying the Revelations map in BO3, in my opinion the best of this series. Typically our playing technique is to camp whenever possible, and run after camping becomes unfeasible. So in this map we normally camp in the room upstairs and adjacent to the speed cola room area, where there is a crate in the room, trip mines on the wall, a door not to be opened behind you, and two windows in front of you after the stairs.


To date it's gone well – just the other day we got to level 61 (and had to quit as my friend had to leave for a music gig!), but yesterday we played, and as we got to our room, I noticed zombies coming out of the floor, where they never have done so before. In three places also. So now standing at the back of the room you have a zombie coming out literally below your feet, creating a lot of dust which you can't see through unless you have thermal optics on your guns, and for lack of deeper appraisal, it appears the latest update has ruined this part of the game/map. I don't understand why Treyarch would've done this except to make it harder for the players, which it is anyway to be fair.


Now I realise some of you aren't campers, and I appreciate running around as well, but it's nice to find places in maps where you can camp and dig in as it were. Seems Treyarch don't agree, and in the process have made this map less than it was (for us at least).


I just thought to post in case anyone from Treyarch reads this, as my friends and I are not happy campers (pun intended)! Oh, and just in case they are reading this post, we have found another camping area, so you'll have to make zombies miraculously come out of concrete or something ridiculously equivalent to sabotage this camping area as well ??


Unnecessary Treyarch- please revert it back to the previous map version if you'd be so kind.



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Welcome to the site, buddy. So this was not there previously? Well, I guess they knew about the camp spot but I still don't see why they had to remove it. They didn't do that in Der Riese and Buried as well, so why would they do it here. Anyway, glad you've found us. A wise man once told me that this forum was visited by Treyarch employee's sometimes. Dunno if that still is the case, but I guess so. If you have some luck, they'll read your post

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Ah yes the camp in 'Buried' - forgot about that one! Was a good camp too ?? Well thanks for the reply- good to read that people of influence may browse these forums too ?


But to date no 'fix/retrograde'- silly move Treyarch. We have enough hassles with 'Great Crate Rapes' and things to build without needing to have camping spots made redundant ? Especially on good maps too- if you want to modify a crap map like 'Shadows Of Evil' or 'Gorod Krovi' then you have a chance at improving it (since 'the only way is up' in those awful maps), but wrecking good maps is kinda dumb- actually, not 'kinda'- just DUMB.

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