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2.0 Zombies Storyline

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Before you start reading this, I have written this all by myself so if there are any mistakes please message me thank you.


The story begins with Samantha and Eddie (The children) are playing in Samantha's room when the teleporter siren goes off to inform that someone was arriving at the house. This person was the 2.0 Edward Richtofen. Richtofen has a conversation with maxis which then leads up to maxis asking Richtofen to find a book called the kronorium. This books contains the location of a ancient device called the summoning key he said that the device will set things right. He seeks off on his journey to find the summoning key and finds out the location of it is in a place called morg city(Shadows of Evil). He acquires it after the shadows of evil easter egg is completed by snatching it out of the keepers hand, Richtofen was unaware that the Shadow Man was in the Summoning Key. After getting the Summoning Key he goes back to house and maxis tells him he needs to acquire the souls of the 1.0 characters, Richtofen uses the MTD in the house to travel to the Giant to and meets up with the other 2.0 characters. Richtofen kills his 1.0 self but does not put his soul into the summoning key as Dr Monty says “Richtofen already been in the house for ages”. After the events of the giant the 4 characters travel to near Werfen Austria (Der Eisendrache) to find the the 1.0 Dempsey they acquire the soul of the 1.0 Dempsey after sending a keeper to bring the MPD to earth from the moon, they straight after blowing up the moon which was done to eliminate Dr Groph and Dr Shuster erasing the events of the map timeline moon. They destroy the castle and move on to the island of Pompeii (Zetsubou no Shima) to the unveil the Japanese  Division 9 facility and find out experiments on dragons by Group 935 and Division 9. They successfully require the soul of Takeo 1.0 and put it into the Summoning Key. Just before leaving for the next location the crew takes a quick pitstop to Alcatraz island (Mob Of The Dead) where they acquire the blood of the 4 inmates As Richtofen quotes them as“An insurance policy, just incase they don't like where they end up.” They arrive back to Zetubou Shima. Then soon leave for Stalingrad Russia (Gorod Krovi) where again the main goal is to acquire the last soul of there quest which was Nikolai’s. while here the crew is told by Sophia to eliminate Dr Gersh and to free sophia. The crew also become aware of a great battle that took place centuries ago, they learn this by a message on Gorod krovi by a Mexican test subject named Pablo Marines there is a picture of his spleen on the Der Eisendrache castle. In his message he says he was a warrior from the great battle and was almost eaten by a great beast when all of a sudden four people holding ultimate staffs wearing tunics appear out of no where from what we know Pablo is describing the Primus crew arriving to fight and defeat the beast at the great battle. (This battle is displayed at the pack a punch room of shadow of evil.) After acquiring the soul of Nikolai 1.0, Richtofen sends the souls of the three 1.0 characters (Excluding him as he is already there) up to the house. The main reason as we find out in revelations we need the 1.0 version because they are the souls of the children inside the house, We see the 5 children all playing with toys in Samantha’s room (Eddie, Samantha, Takeo, Dempsey and Nikolai) they are all playing in her room just like Eddie and Sam were in the origins ending cutscene that we saw in black ops 2, so we end up finding out that the 1.0 crew are the children. The 2.0 characters arrive at the house after finishing the quest of acquiring all the souls. While going through time it and changing the past and future it had altered the way things looked and that is why revelations Maxis looks so young compared to origins Maxis even though they are the same people (The house alone also alters time and thats why the characters are children instead of adults)(Something else to note is that Maxis’ soul is not in the house because we did not have the Summoning Key to require it in origins so we sent up his brain using the Maxis drone). So straight after arriving to the house maxis and Richtofen decide to destroy the MTD so that no one else can travel back and fourth through time to make sure no evil can get inside the house. Because Maxis has no soul in the house he is venerable to many evils including the Shadow Man inside the summoning key (The crew brought the Summoning Key inside the house unaware the shadow man was inside of it) which tricks Maxis to go to the Summoning Key and release the Shadow Man. The Shadow Man then releases the Apothicons, Zombies and other evils into the perfect and pure universe created by Maxis and Dr monty. The 2.0 characters are left to defend themselves and the house all alone from corrupting and destroying the children. We soon find out that the Shadow Man is the God of the Apothicons and intends to destroy the perfect world. After acquiring the bones of Sophia and Getting the Summoning Key with Maxis still inside, they transform into one by morphing into each other and fly straight into the heart of all the evil (Element 115) and destroy it from the inside, sacrificing themselves during the process. The universe is saved and everything goes back to normal back to how everything was. Except for one thing, Takeo, Dempsey, Nikolai and Richtofen weren't fading out existence like they were supposed to, (This is due to the blood vials being from Mob Of The Dead, A dimension that had already been destroyed therefore having an item from a destroyed dimension creates a paradox). Dr Monty has the idea of just completely wiping them out of existence which of course the characters didn't agree with, but then, Richtofen had a different idea of sending them to another place in time. Monty agreed with this idea  and goes fourth with that it by sending them to the dark ages into a great war where they were wielding ultimate staffs and wearing tunics Thus creating a looped cycle which will go from start to finish and then so on and so fourth.

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